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Under review / for export
August 28, 2011, 15:22:44
may I express a wish? I like that you can export tracks directly to an online service as gpsies. Unfortunately I use instead. Would it be possible to add other export drains as well? Or what's with google maps?
OK so you use a standard method provided by android? This might be information enough because there might be a description of this.
Weird thing. Unfortunately I am not able to install Winzip here at work. We use 7zip. But I will try it at home. May you give me some information about the zip-encoding you use? Then I will try to get help from the guys of 7zip.
thanks for your quick reply. I added a file I just exported. It does not matter whether I export a single track from the track list or multiple tracks via the export button.
Troubles & Questions / has errors
August 12, 2011, 10:13:00
today and yesterday I tried to export a track and share via email or dropbox. Unfortunately the file seems to contain some kind of error. Freecommander and 7zip are not able to unpack it at all. With the Windows built-in zip-manager I can open the zip file and unpack the file via drag and drop. But this method produces an error, too. But at least I can get the track file out of the zip-file. Does somebody else has this problem? Is it already known?
It seems that I have to wait a bit before I get the Android 2.3 Update. I just read that the rollout began on 4th May. I hope I get the update soon. And then we will see.
Hi, here I am again.
I bought Locus Pro several weeks ago because it is really a great app.
Today I went out geocaching and tried the augmented reality again. Under clear sky I lost the gps fix everytime I startet AR. Und Locus and GPS Status everything was fine. The distance value given was about 14km and changed with the zoom button. I noticed no white dots, but a red line on the screen (I think this was the guide to my next waypoint). But here in front of my computer I saw one white dot in the radar (not in the direction of my test poi). But looking around in this direction there was no POI.
I tried with POIs further away and some nearer: I saw neither  :cry:
So, I just checked again: I have a GPS fix.
One question: In the AR screen there is a distance given in the lower left corner. What does this mean? Are just POIs shown further away or nearer than this value?
I think so, but I am going to doublecheck this after work.
I seem to be too stupid to use the augmented reality. Can anybody post a how to? I added a POI near me by long pressing on the map. Than I tried to view it in the AR but it was not shown. Do I have to activate anything else?
My phone is a Desire HD with the standard ROM.

Best regards,

I use the standard HTC-Rom. As I said it does not happen all the time. When I switch it on and exit and immediately start Locus again everything is fine. But maybe the next day or so it is'nt on any more
hand up for this idea
unfortunatly for me the suggestion to leave GPS switched on in Locus does not work all the time. I understand that it should be a mapping software. But mostly I would like to see a map of the world around me (yeah I am sometimes an egoist  :D ). That's why I would like to have GPS on by default. Maybe you can add a setting for this.
I would go for the menu in the rotation button because it is the fastest way to switch between the possibilities. And as I see from golgots post I'm not the only one who would need such a quick switching.
Maybe the button for switching would be placed well directly on the compass screen (maybe with direct connection to the setting in the settings?)