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That sounds OK. If you need anyone for testing, just ask.
Quote from: "menion"hmm you won't believe me, but I already spend on searching for a way how to programmatically turn on a screen, more then few hours and without success. So in case of Locus, it's not a problem of lazyness etc. but for me a problem if inability to do it... for now :)

Hi Menion,
sorry when it sounded like I wouldn't believe you this. I know how many features you developed. Maybe you can ask the guys from GTasks for a hint how they managed it?
Quote from: "berkley"Very nice feature!!!
Definitely. And I think Android has all the possibilities to enable this feature. For instance, I use GTasks as ToDo-App. It's notifications are placed infront of the lock screen and switch on the display. That's the behaviour I would like Locus to do.
Quote from: "tommi"An easy introduction for Locus users you can find here:
Thank you very much for this link. This might come handy in some situations. Usually I plan my tours by hand. Maybe I should think about this procedure.
OK, just tried it. I used the Text-to-Speech notification when switching to another point. And in my simulation it seemed to work quite well. Unfortunately this notification came at almost every trackpoint. The new algorithm used by GPSies addes fewer waypoints at the more important locations. Therefore I see two solutions: One would be to improve the notifications by Locus so they will just appear when I really have to turn. The second would be to change the guiding funcionality so that it hops from waypoint to waypoint instead of trackpoint to trackpoint. So the quite well working algorithm from GPSies could be used to mark the important way points automatically.
The next test will be brouter, as I came across it during my search for solutions numerously.
As you already mentioned the missing notification when the track was left should be added. Because when you miss a turn you get no information about having done anything wrong.
Quote from: "tommi"Did you try ... gs:guiding Tracks/Notify when switching to another point.
I must admit, that I did not try this.
But Yesterday I found GPS Route Simulator. This enables me to test the guiding functions comfortably. So this will be the next to try.
today Klaus Bechtold from GPSies announced a new feature: ... -erstellen (sorry, I just found the German version). So when you download a track from GPSies you can set a option to add waypoints giving turn instructions. So in a GPX-file you have the normal track points and special way points with remarks for turning.
This whole thing got me thinking about my usage of Locus while heading aroung in the woods with my mountainbike. Usually I have a normal track, set "Guiding on" and when I think I need to know where I am and where to go I get the phone out of the pocket and have a look. But I allways wanted to try the guiding sounds or anything else reminding me of turns. So is there a way to just notified for the waypoints added by GPSies and not every trackpoint? My tracks are usually detailed and do not have just trackpoints at the turns.
Beside this: A collegue of mine had an Nokia N8 with an outdoor navigation software which turned on the display whenever a new waypoint came near. So he mounted his phone on the handle bar and saw the map at each waypoint. This would be great if Locus could do this as well.
I like Locus a lot, but because of the huge funcionality I really get lost. Maybe all this works, but I am currently not able to set it up. My main problem is, that testing of guiding is not so easy because you have to move around.
Maybe someone can help me.
Hi menion,
thanks for your new update. But I am afraid to tell you, that it does not solve the problem mentioned here. Today I tried to use Locus for navigating me to the start of my hiking tour. Meanwhile I wanted to log the way I was driving with the car. For testing purposes I enabled the option "Enable Periodic Updates". But I forgot to set the phone screen to allways on. So the phone switched the screen of while I was on the motorway. After reactivating it, the phone had stopped logging and tha navigation function of Locus had stopped as well. Not very satisfying.
Finally I reached the start of the hiking tour, switched the option off again and was able to track 3h of hiking without any interruption. So there must be another bug. Shall I transfer this description to getsatisfaction?
Best regards,
The last two days I kept on testing. Yesterday I tried logging the track with MyTracks through Locus. This was stopped, too. So I played around with the setting during the tour and then found an option that seemed to work. So I went out today and tried again. Guess what: I was able to log my full track without any interruptions.  :) The option causing the problem on my phone is "Enable Periodic updates". I had to switch it off for the logging to work. Unfortunately now I miss the live map feature of the geocache pluging.
I did another test today with the option for automatic stopping while not moving set to off. Unfortunately there are 300m of my track missing. But I regonised another weird thing which might be helpful (or not) for bug detection: I started the tracking in Locus and just hit the Power button to turn off the screen without going back to my home screen. When I checked again after several kilometers I was on a homescreen after switching on the phone screen. Changing to Locus it seemed that it was loaded again (the status bar from the beginning appeared). The weird thing though: The track was recorded up to the point where I was standing (with the above mentioned 300m gap several hundred meters before). And the rest of my tour was tracked as it should be.
Another thing I want to add here: Could you add a feature that I can set a track coloring which is applied to a newly saved track? Maybe you could just use the coloring I can choose for the track while it is recorded.
I tried once the auto-off feature to safe battery, yes. But I was not satisfied with the resulting track, as there were many points way of the actual way. So I now tried again with auto-off off. Thats why all the stuff written in this thread is without the auto-off feature.
When you are going to fix this with one of the next versions: Is there any workaround, as I would like to track meanwhile?
Today I tried again to log my way while biking. This time it is really weird as it stopped tracking at several points and started again at other points. So I now have a track with several gaps of up to 1km. Can there be something wrong with the option that stops tracking when I am not moving? I just disabled it and are going to test it on the next ride.
I do have a similar problem. I tried to record two tracks. One while running and the other during biking. Both stopped at a certain kind of random point.
While the biking track was recorded I also used the guiding function. This was turned off as well. What's going on here? I am using Locus Pro 2.2.2 on a DesireHD with Android 2.3.5.
I doublechecked the settings and did not find a clue for this behaviour.
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
October 04, 2011, 10:12:24
First of all: Locus becomes better and better. Sometimes I start to wonder whether more features should be added, because it might become too many. But by now i love it.

With the last update (1.13.3) one question was raised: It says that the several navigation sources have pros and cons. Is there any list of them? Maybe someone can list them in a post / new topic. After that a link could be added either to the market description or within locus.
Under review / Re: for export
September 06, 2011, 13:52:18
Sorry that I did not respond for a long time. It seems that I missed the mail notification.
It is too bad that they do not provide an open API. So maybe I will have to switch to gpsies instead.