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Hi there,

Lately I acquired two sets of Assioma Duo Shi power meter sensors, a pair for the MTB and one for the Gravelbike.

The sensors are mounted and the first ride was recorded:

You cannot view this attachment.

As the sensor is a dual model which measures power of both legs individually, it should be possible to also record both legs independantly. This allows to monitor disbalances between the two legs.
But it seems Locus Map doesn't record both value series?

Has anyone any experience with this topic?

I'm looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards

Hi All,

Meanwhile I purchased a set of Assioma Duo Shi powermeter which allow connection via both, BLE and ANT.

Now I figured out that Locus only supports powermeter sensors via ANT  :-X

Why ist this?

Could Locus in the near future also support powermeter sensors via BLE?

This becomes more urgent as less and less devices support ANT!

Figured out now after a second check that powermeter sensors are also supported via BLE.


Best regards
Hi Guys,

I did a minor extension of the Elevate and Elevate LE themes provided by OAM from their webpage and for usage with the OAM: I added some lines which allow to switch on a new option when selecting maps layout. The new option is called "MTB+Hiking routes" and it does what you would expect: you can have the MTB layout where you enable and display hiking routes additionally.

The files are availble from my webserver in two flavors:

To use the modification, simply download the zip file and extract the content (2 folders) into /Locus/mapsVecor/_themes/ on your device running Locus Map. The files could be easily used in parallel of any other themes. Enjoy!

Please let me know what you think about the modification.

Best regards


Update Feb 18, 2018:
Updated the files base don latest OAM Themes released on Feb 13, 2018. Latest maps required to benefit from all updates!