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When you tap on the "Add offline map", you firstly get a screen with a visible list of what you have already added!

khmm... I am an addicted Locus user for about 5-6 years;) I wouldn't bother anybody with such basic things. As recently maybe I wasn't clear enough about this screen, and it's quite interesting what I see, maybe for you too - so please have a look at the ss.

_split has done it, thank you!

I have no idea why there are different paths to this folder. What's another strange thing is - when I use 'Add offline map' I get the screen Offline map saying "There's nothing here yet" - although, of course, there are plenty of maps there...

So, my two suggestions for improvements:
-add option to folders - to choose for user if they're should contain splitted or merged maps
-there is the screen you see when you try to add offline map and chose from the menu 'Local drives', showing ext_sdcard and Internal memory. Please remove this option from menu and let user (who tries to add a map from SD card) to get there just by moving up folders or touching the SD card icon - it's terribly not obvious to look for the SD card in menu, I spent like an hour trying to add map from SD card.

Menion, thanks for the reply. Of course I tried all sorting options, right at the start of my tries to solve this problem. I guessed that this part of LMPro and LM4 are supposed to work exactly the same way, but for me it looks like I've described and pictured before and now again. If you don't have any idea how to solve it, than I'd have to go with putting all of those maps each in it's own folder - which is a bit uncomfortable and frustrating.

In Locus 4, contrary to Locus Map Pro, all maps of one type from one folder show as 1 map, instead separately, in one folder. So I cannot see each map separately, they are all displayed at the same time. I cannot find any other way than to put each map file in the folder with it's name - and that's not how it should work.
It concerns only sqlitedb maps. Vector maps were foldered correctly
I have offline maps on SD card and sqlitedb maps have been read by L4 automatically, I didn't add them to application manually.
Is it a problem with L4 or I am doing something wrong?

Troubles & Questions / Re: GPS deactivated + sidebar disappeared
« on: February 07, 2017, 11:30:12 »
I got the same problem - right side panel disappears sometimes and GPS in Locus switches off. To see the right panel again I need to get to settings -> maps -> buttons&panels -> set function panels. GPS need to be switched on manually too.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Dynamic elevation -problem
« on: February 07, 2017, 11:22:11 »
I got the same problem - dynamic elevation disappears. Sometimes (now it works, but whole weekend in Tatras it didn't) it shows up, but usually, mostly when I need it most, it doesn't work. My friend has the same situation. Previously, like few months ago, it was always fine.

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