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Quote from: menion on April 03, 2015, 07:05:02
4.4. Well ... let's root our devices, which is best possible way how to get rid of this crap feature.
you can't hope or expect an ordinary user to root their device; I don't do that because it voids warranty
Just browsing the GH code, a tremendous amount of effort has gone into the project, so a big bravo to the developers. An amazing effort. I hope they continue to improve GH.
Slightly off topic but after some email discussion with dev Peter from GraphHopper, I find a more important distinction between BRouter and GH - BRouter routing rules/ costs are heavily determined via a profile script which a user (non-programmer) can modify/ tweak or substitute, whereas GH routing rules/ costs are currently determined solely by the Java code within the packaged APK, meaning a non-programmer can't modify/ tweak or substitute other than choosing one of the 5 Locus profiles (fast/ short car, fast/ short bike, walker). I have found GH favors "dirt track" over "primary road" for a Locus "fast bike" profile however I have no control over this. I'd like to stay on the sealed road if possible. There is no current way to alter this logic, so I revert to using BRouter, even if Compute Instructions are not available.
Quote from: Paul Keizer on September 27, 2014, 11:27:52

A few weeks ago I first tried GH. I downloaded Netherlands and Belgium.  Worked well.
Last week I transferred Locus to SD-card.
And this morning I downloaded GH France.
And I tried tot navigate in France. No go!
Back to GH Add-in, to select France. Seems to work. But not the navigation.
Back tot the GH add-in. He, it is still on Belgium. Select France again.
Leave add-in, and start it up again. Hé, Still Belgium is selected.
Try to select Netherlands (worked, a few weeks ago). Leave add-inn and start again. Still Belgium.

Ergo: Selecting an other country does not work anymore. Has it to do with the Locus transfer to SD-card? What can I do?

Paul - did you get GH routing working again? I can see no other suggestions or further discussion in this topic. GH routing works for me in my native country - Tasmania/ Australia. But when I swap maps to France, ile-de-france.osm-gh, I get a Locus error displayed, possibly same as you? I am using GN 0.1.3. Routing works fine with BRouter. Both points are on the same map, and only 3km apart. I have tried points further and closer together.

Whoops - I worked it out ::) - I must manually run the "Locus GraphHopper" app & explicitly select one of the GH regions I have copied to the GraphHopper folder. My mistake.
Thanks for that tommi - I was completely unaware of the difference - interesting.
Quote from: Christian on February 28, 2015, 21:46:39
Quote from: tommi on February 28, 2015, 21:30:24
... it is the only offline routing possibility in Locus.
How about BRouter - latest update 19th Feb. Latest GraphHopper data 8th Jan.
I have only just come across this forum -
Up until now I thought all discussion had been at That's where I had created all my topics.
They appear to serve the same purpose.
What is the difference?
Tools / Re: [Function] Live Tracking Test Service
February 19, 2015, 07:35:17
Hi Gynta
Please send me an invitation, nickname "AndrewHeard". Where do you send this invitation?