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Quote from: 0709 on May 08, 2015, 09:25:50
Locus recognises only 3 out of 16 Garmin PointTypes.
Should I therefore convert to only those 3 point types? This suggestion doesn't seem correct/ doesn't explain my experience today because I did a separate short walking test today where every 30m I had a bear/turn/sharp left|right navigation point. All icons were displayed correctly (only the straight was displayed as "generic"), and each was handled properly within the navigation system. Is it more related to the overlapping tracks than the point types?
This bug may already be fixed. I am running 3.8.2, not a later beta. I notice when I have an "out and back" track, that is the track goes in both directions in some locations (eg on same road), that the navigation mode doesn't work correctly. Here is whole track in Training Center - out & back + loop:

I used BRouter without Computing Instructions, then I converted 14 points to navigation waypoints. Only the first was ever displayed in navigation mode (maybe because the track didn't overlap yet). After moving past the first point, the purple track was shown thin in both directions, and Locus displays question mark for distance to next waypoint (note arrows in both directions below):

Once I got to the loop I cancelled the navigation, then restarted, and the remaining navigation worked OK.

Also when I was editing the track, converting points to navigation waypoints, once I got to point #682 (finish the loop, and back along same road) tapping the right button would start moving the cursor back around the loop again instead of moving towards the end, so I had no way to convert anymore points.

I've attached the TCX too.
Fascinating, thanks for the discussion. I didn't realize GH provided street names back to Locus. There are so many things that are only discovered the hard way because there isn't a comparison table. I gave up with GH because it chose a silly route along a gravel track of the same length as a quiet paved road right next to it. When I asked the GH developers they showed me where in the Java code to modify behavior, and agreed that bringing that logic out to a script would be nice, but no time soon. Hacking the BR profile for our local laws & my preferences was a great step forward.

Planning the routes online is a dream compared to offline. I wish it were easier.

I am finding the same comparing navigation and guiding modes - subtle differences that are not documented in just one easy to compare table. I've got a 1200km cycle sport ride in France in August, but the track planning was definitely not done by a routing engine. Every turn would have been physically planned & checked. I have a dyno on the front wheel, so batteries aren't a concern to me ;-)
I have just done a new simple test with 3.8.2 navigation mode - straight 300m track with single U-turn navigation point at the end. I enabled navigation mode perhaps 200m before the start of the track. I wonder whether there is a bug with the navigation instructions and timing.

A) I while walking about 1m/s. The first announcement with display turned on nearly 5 minutes and 494m before the waypoint. The big icon incorrectly says 287m to U-turn whereas small "Distance to target" field correctly says 494m.

B) The second and final announcement with display turned 28s/ 39m before the waypoint - this is pretty good. The big icon correctly says 39m to U-turn whereas small "Distance to target" field incorrectly says 246m.

TCX also attached FWIW.
Very interesting post Tomáš. Why did you choose GraphHopper instead of BRouter? For me offline BR with Locus has the advantage I can (with support from clever people) modify the selected fastbike.brf profile to suit local conditions (eg. cycling allowed on motorway, add more cost to gravel track) whereas with offline GH with Locus the rules & costs are not modifyable by an "ordinary" user, and there is no script customization possible. The script ability of BR has made its routing choices near to perfect.
Quote from: menion on May 06, 2015, 16:10:43
@more people: incorrectly turned screen on during GUIDANCE, issue probably found, so in next beta

@Andrew Heard: issue also happen to one once or twice, not a big problem when you know ;)

> incorrectly turned screen on during GUIDANCE
excellent, thank you

>not a big problem when you know
big problem for me, I wasted lots of time deleting "special" characters & re-post, because otherwise I may have lost all my typing efforts; unfortunately doesn't allow recent personal posts to be deleted
Free chat / forum problem
May 06, 2015, 12:34:51
sorry for all the identical posts - each time I click "Post" I got this stupid error below

some special character in the post text? does it happen to anyone else?
Quote from: 0709 on May 06, 2015, 08:26:31
@ Andrew
Screen turns on continuously when stop at waypoint ? I did not observe  that behaviour ? What is triggering this ? Your set up ?  (Btw. 50m:5m/sec = ? sec)
@0709 - while using guiding mode (I believe you mainly test navigation mode, maybe different?) - when you are reaching the next navi waypoint, and the display is automatically turned on, if you then manually turn it back off Locus will just turn it back on again, about every second or two, until you have gone sufficiently past the waypoint; so - if you stop at the waypoint (or end of track) there is no way to turn off the display except to cancel guiding; this is not so good because it takes quite a few taps to re-enable guiding - when cancelled the track is hidden, so go to Data > Tracks > Folder > Track > unhide > or maybe guide

a navigation/ guiding pause feature would be nice :) then you could go "off track" for a while then resume navigation/ guiding a little later

>Btw. 50m:5m/sec = ? sec
I was just quoting another person, not my maths, 50m @ 5m/s = 10s - did I pass?
Quote from: Joachim Buhl on May 05, 2015, 22:16:31
One instruction 20sec before turn with display on at this time (at 5m/s it would be 50m before turn), display off 15m after turn.
+1 with proviso if stopped at the waypoint the display is not continually forced back on like - at present the only way to turn off display is to cancel the navigation - really annoying
I have a different bug with 3.8.2 pro that I don't think anyone else has mentioned yet. In guiding mode the "next waypoint" is one ahead of what should be displayed currently making it useless. You can see below I have created a simple test track, and converted 3 points to coursepoints, and manually changed the text. I have annotated the screen capture with the navigation text - "turn left", "straight" and "stop". The "turn left" text was never displayed, the "straight" text was displayed when I was close to "turn left" but you can see that the 3rd & final point "stop" is displayed in the screen cap & I haven't even reached "straight" let alone "turn left". I first noticed this on a proper cycle trip a few days ago.

I have made a simpler track with 4 navigation waypoints which I named 1 through 4 in Garmin Training Center then re-imported (the labels in the screen capture are added by hand, not in Locus).When I enable guiding the navigation text briefly displayed "2" then skipped even further ahead to "3".
Quote from: skwal on March 02, 2015, 21:16:18
download down

reupload possible?
ZippyShare says this file no longer exists. Can you place in more permanent place?
Quote from: ta-ka on April 27, 2015, 10:16:13
Quote from: Hadubrand on April 27, 2015, 09:38:41
But it would be great, if the line style might also be set in this context to have a possibilty to indicate the direction (e.g. any arrow style, because is often difficult to read the display of the smartphone in light surroundings quickly.
I also want line style setting for arrow type. If this idea is adopted, please take care to reverse arrow direction for reverse guidance.
Information / forum - helpdesk
April 10, 2015, 01:19:58
It would be nice if Locus just had one "forum" instead of reading duplicate/ parallel discussions in two different "forums" - and I know was first. Maybe a phase out of this somehow, with everyone having to move to after certain date? seems better in all functionality respects.
Quote from: 0709 on April 04, 2015, 08:43:13
Andrew. No manual, no specialised group ( a moderator ?). In non technical words so mine:
Courses(tracks) and Coursepoints(waypoints) belong to .tcx files. Garmin system and terminology (edit)
Thanks 0709. There is a manual discussing points, tracks - Does it just need improvement? I assume Locus staff are the moderators? Good doco hopefully means less questions, less support, happy knowledgeable users, more sales.
Quote from: gynta on April 03, 2015, 23:40:10
How about a separate forum group for Navigate, Guiding, Routing, TTS, Voice,... aso ?
And in the longer term the online manual could do with a lot more information in this area too, maybe some doco+video in tutorial style in additional to the existing reference manual style. Several terms like coursepoints, waypoints are often discussed here but never fully described that I can find. Then there are the "invisible" points along a track that BRouter creates, what are these called?