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@menion we've discussed GPX trkpt not containing a time element a few times. I can see in 3.18.1 that nearly all saved tracks are now displayed correctly. BUT I have one track where list view shows huge total time, but detail statistics now show I guess the proper time. How can I upload screenshot with Android phone? It ignores the upload button. Hope you understand anyway.
@menion a month ago maybe you made a change so that if satellite signal drops out you now automatically stop GPS then restart it. I have now seen this restart a few times, it works perfectly, thanks.
Quote from: menion on June 26, 2016, 15:25:13

@Andres Heard & &john_percy .. sun on compass is current sun position. It has nothing to do with sunrise/sunset
ok thanks for clarifying
Quote from: john_percy on June 26, 2016, 15:09:05
Moon rise is not the same as sunset!
I didn't say moon rise? I asked if icon for sunset, because there is icon for (I guess) sunrise.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Skyplot legend
June 26, 2016, 13:17:33
Good questions, I've never seen description of skyplot icons either.
Do I miss something? Compass screen has sun icon for direction of sunrise but I don't see any moon icon for sunset.
@menion sorry for delay, am cycle touring, Android Chrome won't allow to attach any file strange, as I said before simple to reproduce, just delete any (time) XML from GPX, my test file then has 407000 hours.
@menion yes just did same test in latest beta- export to 1.0 GPX, delete single time, import, confirm total track time is huge number.
Sorry if this has already been discussed. I have noticed that any track point that doesn't have a timestamp results in displayed statistics Total time of  100,000s of hours. Simple to reproduce - just edit GPX file, delete time, import. Can I suggest these tracepoints are ignored for this time calculation?
@menion - no worries on changed track record button, I've now deleted my right side user button and now assume if left button hidden then recording is stopped. I was just reporting a change since Pro.

Regards start navigation - no, I started using tap track>navigate. Today with has been OK thanks.
@menion - I would like just one track recording button, but the left side one hides when not recording.

With navigation - do you mean a setting? It was good again in Pro, but beta was again unreliable. I haven't changed anything.
In latest beta when start navigation from existing track I notice again that Locus has trouble to start navigation and uses guidance mode for no apparent reason when I view map.
In latest beta the bug with redundant track recording button on LHS when user has own button on RHS has returned. Previous workaround to not have user button last no longer works. Can't provide screen capture as touring for 2 months.
3.17.1 & 3.17.2 have same release notes?
Quote from: Christian on May 22, 2016, 16:32:59
wer kann mir sagen, wo die Einstellung "wieviel Meter vor der Kreuzung soll eine Benachrichtigung kommen"?
@Christian - Versuche in der Datei config.cgf den Wert für navigation_announcements_times zu ändern.
Ich verwende navigation_announcements_times=20

[EN] try editing config.cfg, I use setting navigation_announcements_times=20.