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3.9.3 track export confirmation message needs fixing:

Quote from: john_percy on June 21, 2015, 09:04:35
Tap on the scale. The display cycles through three options.
Thanks John - so many hidden features. I did a search in the manual for "scale" & "ruler" - no useful results I could see. @michal? The ruler is pictured in but no other description.
Quote from: menion on June 20, 2015, 07:08:54
So any better, more logical and easily findable place? Because even after few years, I have no idea :)
I've never seen mention of this new online dark map before - nice. Does listing inside offline tab makes a bit more sense than online tab?
Quote from: Bucky Kid on June 20, 2015, 04:21:35

How is this zoom level and percentage enabled in the ruler?

Quote from: menion on June 18, 2015, 08:09:09
New Beta version is out. Feel free to test it any report every tiny issue you find? Otherwise probably tomorrow or in Saturday will be published new version on Google Play.

@Andrew Heard: I believe, issue was because of export/import and incorrect times in these files. Try it with next beta version, it should be a lot better.
I don't believe the incorrect times in export files was because of export/import. The track(s) were created with Locus track editor, and the problems happened before any export. Some bug (maybe) related to 2 navpoints at same location/ different trackpoint, and when merging/ splitting tracks, but anyway I haven't been able to reproduce the error this week, so I can only wait for now until/ if it happens again. Thanks.
Other features / Re: Offline POI database
June 18, 2015, 12:00:29
Is there a way to filter/search for all "offline POI" + ideas + popular? I see 226 results for "offline POI" - 10 pages - too difficult to view but 226 topics suggests lots of interest.
@makanaku - when I import locus_2015-06-15_17-47-33.gpx into Garmin BaseCamp I see 66 good points from 12:47AM to 1:02AM, distance between each point of 10..100 metres, mostly 10 seconds between points, quite erratic speed between 10 and 50km/h but otherwise all good, all correctly following roads. The one problem I see is point #67 has invalid timestamp 1/1/1970.

Some more evidence of my experience with navigation commands announced at the wrong time - eg. both out and back navpoints get announced at the same location. Attached is a GPX & TCX of a track created in Locus (not an imported or recorded track). All 22 track points (with associated course point) have non-unique timestamp 1969-12-31T13:00:00Z. Every other track point has non-unique timestamp 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z. None of the timestamps are correctly ascending in time. Each course point has non-unique timestamp 1969-12-31T13:00:00Z. How could Locus create such a bad track? It is rejected when loaded into other editors.

Long story, but the attached 40km track had been split into three sections, I deleted a 1km middle section. I created another middle section, and merged the three sections back into a single track. I thought maybe this was the problem, so I have tried to reproduce this data corruption by merging 3 simple tracks but the result was correct, so no luck so far in an explanation.
Quote from: menion on June 11, 2015, 09:10:58
@Andrew Heard: hmm then I think that it works exactly as should :). "idle time" is time, since nothing happen. No notification, no touches from you as a user. So if you enable notification 20 s before nav point and "idle time" on 5 seconds, that you will really have display enabled only in time 20 - 15 s before navpoint. Try to set "idle time" to 25 s and it will work as you expect.
OK, this idle time with navigation works a bit different to what I expected. (hint manual needs more description) However before I can test properly, in first test of new settings today more bad news - with a standard "out and back" track along the same road, at many of the points where I set navpoint for both outward & return trackpoints, I observed that both navpoints are "announced" together (few seconds apart) during the outward navigation. This has never occurred before. The only difference for your consideration is that I create track on tablet, then export as V1.1 GPX, then import onto phone for navigation. Previously I just create track on phone, no export/ import. I can produce a more simple GPX with instructions tomorrow if this will help in debugging.
Typo in quick settings - Change Map Screen Center:

I'm using & have never seen this problem before, so I am assuming it is a beta issue. While doing track edits all of a sudden none of the map is repainted. I tried panning, zooming in/ out, switching maps, nothing forced repaint until I hide the map then unhide again.

@Michal - the navigation advanced settings ( need updating. There should be a description of "strict route navigation" & other recent changes. I was trying to find out the exact difference between strict & not-strict route navigation.
@Michal - maybe a suggestion for navigation/guiding - I read somewhere you try to keep each topic in just one place, however I was trying to get some information on navigation mode, so I first went to because there are no "top level" topics in the contents. It mentions "about...routes, "route planning & editing" but none provide a link into navigation mode which I found confusing. So then after a search I learnt that navigation/guiding is under "functions" - that's fine, but maybe some cross links from the tracks/routes section(s) of the manual into guidance & navigation topics could also be useful.

For example from convert the existing text "can transform a previously recorded track into a route and navigate along it" into actual link?
@menion I've now done first test of with

  • display "idle time"
  • auto turn off screen now check if navigation order
  • improved "idle time" during navigation
I first used idle time=5s, navigation_announcements_times=20, Android sleep=15s, because my ideal behavior is 20s before each navpoint the display is turned on, then remains on for 5s after navpoint. When not navigating Android turns off the display after 15s.

What actually happens is: 20s before each navpoint the display was turned on, but then only 5s later the display is turned off and remained off while passing the navpoint. I passed tens of my navpoints over a few hours while riding - the behavior was totally consistent. So - new changes are not working for this combination of settings.

After a few experiments I eventually used this combination:

idle time=0s (disabled), navigation_announcements_times=25, Android sleep=30s.

What actually happens is: 20s before each navpoint the display is turned on, and 10s after the navpoint the display was turned off. For me this was finally a good behavior.

When I tried these same settings with 3.9.1 Pro the display was turned on for 50s instead of 30s, which for me is not as good because I want to use the display as efficiently as possible.
Quote from: menion on May 28, 2015, 06:53:39
I was able to change breadcrumbs on place visible on Michal screenshot - in top left part of screen.
That's much more useful. Thank you.