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Quote from: menion on January 09, 2017, 13:31:01
Thanks Andrew. I've added to Locus one more check on correct location, so we will see. Otherwise it will have to wait till in middle Europe will better temperature, so I'll check it in the field.
Testing with 3.21.1 Pro. Actually latest test is quite simple, even in winter. Create track where start point is inside building or other Faraday cage so no GPS signal, then direct line to end point 100m away. Now walk to end of track & wait until GPS position is accurate. Disable GPS. Walk to start of track (no GPS signal available), enable GPS, select Locus track > Navigate: observe that Locus "thinks" it is already at end based on the big Navigation icon. I think (on reflection) this has been problem when navigation has not started reliably from mid-track pause (eg lunch or shopping).

Locus incorrectly thinks at end of track already:

Now GPS has position, and 2nd navigation attempt is correct:

Quote from: menion on January 06, 2017, 06:53:44
- you have started navigation before GPS was turned on or after?
I started navigation after GPS was turned on but before any signal - see 3rd screencap

Quote from: menion on January 06, 2017, 06:53:44
- you started navigation from detail of track (then Locus Map search for nearest trackpoint based on your current
Ride to end of route, wait for green GPS icon, turn off Locus. Ride to start of route, turn on Locus, enable GPS but before GPS is green tap on track displayed on main screen map, tap on Navigate/Guide button at bottom, tap on Navigate.

what I will do for more information is make a new simplified "navigation" track with only  2 unique turn instructions, one near each end (eg. start turn=left, end turn=U-turn), then when I commence navigation it is 100% clear from which location the displayed turn instruction is found.
Quote from: menion on January 05, 2017, 18:26:46
Btw. I've just published new beta version this morning so you may try it in future ...
@menion - just tested navigation with but have to report same problem. Here's my test: airplane mode:on, wifi:off, ride to end of route, wait for green GPS icon, turn off Locus. Ride to start of route, turn on Locus, and before GPS is green select the route, choose navigation. I still observe invalid navigation turn instruction before Locus knows the current location.

GPS at end of route:

GPS back near start of route, lat/lon very similar to end of route (as expected):

Navigation to invalid turn because invalid position assumed:

It took a few weeks of different ideas trying to simulate the problem. Really just discovered by accident. Thanks.
@menion - recall issue with commencing navigation mode - sometimes unreliable, sometimes won't start at all even when position directly over route, but couldn't reproduce? I think I have figured out how to reproduce: it seems that navigation mode will commence even when GPS position is not even known, and is instead based on last known GPS position.
Below - last known GPS position was at end of ride (top/ right). I then turned off GPS and went back to home (bottom/ left). I then intentionally shielded phone from valid GPS signal (orange icon) and initiated navigation mode. Locus incorrectly starts navigation based on invalid last known GPS position, and the next turn (U turn) is invalid - this turn is at the end of the route, not the beginning.

Navigation or even guiding mode should not commence until GPS position is valid & icon is green?
Quote from: menion on December 31, 2016, 17:02:37
Anyway, Thanks! and see You all next year. I have partially done a few interesting things, but none is finished, so I hope, this year will be good for some completion ...
I don't know of any other Android app that has such great developers. Best wishes for 2017.
Quote from: 0709 on December 25, 2016, 21:02:14
@ Andrew. Your combination set up in use probably should not show an improvement.
@0709 - I wasn't expecting improvement, I was just reporting that problem is difficult to reproduce, 3 times OK, 1 time NOK. I did finally notice the auto-toggling between navigation and guiding modes, but I didn't have map zoomed out far enough (yet) to see where the far away guiding point was located. I suspect it is guiding towards the finish point instead of start point.
Quote from: Viajero Perdido on December 25, 2016, 18:11:42
I would LOVE for major labels (eg a city) to not disappear at certain zooms, especially when I'm lost over the map and trying to *find* that city.
Quote from: 0709 on December 24, 2016, 17:41:51
Not 100% sure but maybe next suggestion will help ?
Locus, on any navigation track, should promote the Start Point to be a Priority Point. So not a "Navigation Point Straight" as in actual versions. I only have the most positive experience by (manually) adding the Start point to be a  Priority Point.
I performed start of navigation sequence 3 times yesterday, trying to reproduce the problem. But each time it worked properly. @0709 I use navigation settings: auto-recalculation:off, strict route following:off. I don't think Priority Point will help with this combination?
Quote from: menion on December 23, 2016, 10:47:55
I wasn't checking your screenshots precisely. Now seems that on second screenshot, Locus has enabled guidance to some point that is really far away
@menion - nice observation - I missed that too. Very interesting. When I see that live Guidance mode again I'll take more notice. Below is reconstructed map zoomed out to show 2 via points and final point. That guidance line seems to be pointing to either via points or final point - I added black line in approximate direction to explain. Any other suggestion I can help report?

Quote from: menion on December 23, 2016, 08:08:57
@Andrew Heard: Locus is not perfect :). Suggest to tap not on recalculate, but on next "nearest". This is reason why this button exists in navigation menu.
@menion - sure - but you did make recent changes, so I'm just reporting that Locus is still not quite perfect. Once I begin navigation it would be good not to sometimes need another 2 taps (question>nearest) to get it properly working, especially when starting position is so close (< 100m) to the calculated route. I thought Locus should go into Guidance mode until the route is quite close then it automatically switch to Navigation mode? I figure Locus is already periodically performing background "nearest" function until navigation is operational because in one recent test the nav icon switches between question mark & turn-icon a few times until stable?
@menion (sorry I can't find original help topic although wasn't very long ago) you made changes so start of navigation was more reliable - yesterday I did "normal" ride, I used "Navigate To" function, but navigation never commenced, big question mark icon remained, even when I was cycling directly on-track for some time, until I tapped on Recalculate button.

start of navigation:

still guiding although direct over track for 30+ seconds:

gave up waiting so I tapped on Recalculate:

Awesome release. Have a great Christmas and rest without thinking about Locus for a while. That new what3words system looks amazing.
Quote from: menion on December 14, 2016, 15:52:30
So new version published as Beta version on Google Play right now.
@menion - good Christmas present with now working again on my Android 4.4.2 tablet, relief. Also confirm crash with 3D skyplot. Best Christmas wishes to whole hard working Locus team.
Quote from: menion on December 13, 2016, 11:19:07
who had troubles with latest Beta on Android 4.x? May someone (more > better), test this version
Thank you! (in case of same crash, please create me a log)
@menion - crash on Android 4.4.2 with (as previously reported). Now with first run had crash, but then 2nd run it works, although completely default screen, no offline map, no user buttons, I assume config.cfg not read, other data read from test folder. Probably this is not a problem/ was expected. 3.20.1 (Pro) still working. Well done to find the A4.4.2 problem. Thanks.