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Quote from: michaelbechtold on January 29, 2017, 08:00:48
And it should be possible to put individual presents to the upper or right button bar, displaying the number from the position in the list of presets. Or the first three letters from the present name.
@michaelbechtold - hopefully with events automatically triggering preset changes (sometime in future) there is less need for manual intervention. I can't afford space for buttons on main screen, but have suggested allowing similar additions to the Quick Settings panel.
When a preset is selected I think it would be nice to be quickly returned to the main screen. At present the More Functions screen is displayed.
Quote from: Andrew Heard on January 25, 2017, 10:34:15
has anyone else noticed that with hardware compass enabled map rotation orientation filter has no effect? Whether I have heavy filter or no filter, it makes no difference, the map is rotating as if there is no filter. This behavior seems very recent.
Heavy hardware compass orientation filter setting is now working again in latest beta.
Quote from: john_percy on January 27, 2017, 11:55:24
That change would need a three-position switch (on | off | no change) for each setting which is what the present arrangement achieves.
yes, I suggested this a few days earlier. The present arrangement is a 2-step process - 1) select settings, 2) decide on overriden value. Instead there could be a single list. For boolean settings there could be a 3-way button, but for more complex settings this wouldn't work. A checkbox to override the setting and the actual setting control may be simpler to explain/ more intuitive for users than the current process.
#1175 Presets: with GPS disabled I notice each time I change preset the map is moved to the last GPS position (in this case on tablet it is position from a month ago).

Nice to have map themes now included.

Because each preset can have own independent set of settings I imagine could cause user confusion. Seems user will generally need to have settings identical in each preset (for example I am testing with 3 presets Cycling/ Driving/ Default). There is not going to be large number of settings to choose from so could the initial choosing of set of settings be removed - each preset just has all possible settings? User simply decides on the value of each setting.

Could the list of presets be "moved up one level" for faster access - display each preset in "More functions" rather than More functions > Presets. Or even faster access via Quick settings?
Wow. Nice.
@sonny - maybe create a help topic - I'd vote for your idea. I often find it difficult to spot icons on the map with all the "clutter".
A question unrelated to presets: has anyone else noticed that with hardware compass enabled map rotation orientation filter has no effect? Whether I have heavy filter or no filter, it makes no difference, the map is rotating as if there is no filter. This behavior seems very recent. I normally use heavy filter but is not working. Could it be related to presets? I can't think of any other change. Quite confusing. Thanks for any suggestions.
OK, thanks for clarifying @menion & @slarti76. Should that therefore mean a "default" preset is initially created with all the relevant/ current settings?
For me these "presets" are really setting "overrides". It seems to more accurately describe the new feature. Would you consider renaming presets to overrides?

Currently there doesn't appear to be a way to disable a selected preset. Could there be a checkbox at the top of the main dialog?

It seems for each available boolean setting there are 3 possibilities: don't override, force true, force false. Similar for more complex settings. Maybe if the overridden value is same as default value it is displayed in normal font, and if  overridden value is different to default value it is displayed in stronger font?

At present there are two steps to creating a new preset - 1) select list of settings from list 2) decide on overridden value (which may be same as default value anyway). To make it more obvious to user what "is going on here" could there be just a single dialog/ list. I think Wolfgang commented this was confusing too? For each setting there is an "override" checkbox, and if override=true then value control is enabled, and can be modified, and will be in strong font if different to default value.

If list is ever opened subsequent time for further editing, the overridden values are sorted to/ displayed at top of list to save user scrolling through whole long list.

Maybe in the "top level" selection list of presets below each icon, there can be a list of overridden abbreviated or acronym setting names in small font for quick glance. I imagine for each preset there will only be short list of settings that user would override. A long list would suggest user has misunderstood the purpose of presets.

Just my 2 cents of thoughts after some further usage and reading other forum comments.
If not already obvious to any reader (because my simple question never answered) Presets are found: menu > settings > more functions > Presets.

I like the concept and direction it is heading. Some points I immediately thought:

  • allow selection of map theme
  • allow selection of set of top/right buttons
  • allow change existing preset name
  • allow change existing preset icon
  • I like idea of merging with existing track recording profile
  • after new preset is added the keyboard needs to be closed

I found adding the Map Resolution to presets then changing default eventually crashed my phone - maybe endless loop or recursive call? It was evident that CPU was working 100% as no buttons responded in any other app or Android.
Maybe obvious to everyone else. Release notes link to help topic with much much discussion but not end result. Backup and restore selected settings? Can you please provide just one example.
@menion can you please explain a little how to use/ test new profiles? Will profile be linked to mode of operation?
Quote from: menion on January 13, 2017, 13:58:55
EDIT: anyway I was joking about running outside with notebook. I have heave 17'' one, so it's not simply possible :)
nice - remote debugging. BTW Europe was mentioned on Australian news last night - more severe winter :-[
Quote from: menion on January 12, 2017, 10:42:58
Cannot say that it's easy for me to run outside in -10°C with phone connected to notebook ... :).
@menion - just curious - why do you need notebook for outside test?