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Quote from: Graf Geo on Today at 13:07:56
Quote from: Menion on Today at 11:57:07Thank you! Seems to be a good solution for now.

But if someone wants to use the function, the increased times for pending recording (5 min.) might be too long
will be forever debating. 5m definitely sounds too long. just 1 or 2m for me would be great... once reliable. as reported a TTS notification is heard as soon as un-pause, which is not right.
Quote from: slarti76 on Yesterday at 16:02:42
Quote from: Graf Geo on May 24, 2024, 11:30:18New function "Notification on invalid pause and pending recording states"
Where do I find that? I seem to be overlooking the right pointer. Searching in
there is currently no settings for invalid pause, permanently enabled
Quote from: Graf Geo on May 24, 2024, 11:30:18It would be good to have a settings menu similar to the point alert (see screenshot). There you can enable the function and also set the type of notification (sound, beep, text-to-speech). 

more testing: pause recording, disable satellite, ..., resume recording - immediate incorrect message instead waiting for satellite to be enabled.
Quote from: Graf Geo on May 23, 2024, 12:18:32and after about a minute the announcement comes on
@menion can you please explain a little bit more about this new feature? I have read the suggestion webpage) and like the general idea because I've sometimes been in the same situation of pausing then riding on & forgetting to unpause. And because I try to have the display mostly off I don't notice the orange icon anyway (even if large & in the middle of screen). I have LM4 notifications disabled but 4 times yesterday while using LM for navigation & track recording I hear this voice... I had no idea what it was about until I read various comments here (thanks others) (PS. & now reading help suggestion I very much like the idea & was going to suggest years ago). Should TTS be enabled if notifications are disabled? Maybe the TTS first says "Locus Map..."?

Sorry for the muddled comment.
full screen- maybe not perfect but don't get rid of it please
v4.23.1.5 - thanks @menion - the crash when data comms is enabled or disabled has been fixed.
Quote from: Menion on May 20, 2024, 09:22:01Hmm, consumed memory itself is not a problem.
I'm unable to test at present (cycle touring) but continually increasing memory consumption (leak) would eventually become a problem. Sometimes the leak is so slow (bytes over days) in practice won't matter (like prostate cancer).
Quote from: Menion on May 20, 2024, 09:13:32Crash when going online/offline > I think I've got it. You have edited one shared track and a moment later deleted it (probably). The app still tries to work with edited shared track, but it has already been deleted. I'll publish the fixed Beta tomorrow.
@menion - I really hope so, but I think it is more general (for me). And appears unrelated to any current LM4 action. Just happens no matter what I am doing when a change of comms status (on > off > on). And only in recent versions.
installed & tested .4 but still crashing whenever comms enabled or disabled ;-(
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ok thanks, I tried installing .4 but had trouble (reported), will try again
I'm finding very recently when I enable or disable WiFi or mobile data that LM4 crashes each time. I've emailed a crash report. Has anyone else experienced this?
I get a message "app not installed" for latest.4 - working for everyone else?
beware "recalculated height" won't be the same if original track used a pressure sensor
or... slope could be the coloring for the route outline (along sides), with transparent middle so that style of road is still visible/ not obscured?