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Sorry, i can't help with this topic any more cause AndroidPit not just gave me refund on my purchase but deleted it from my profile. So it's like i never bought Locus Pro at all and i don't think i will rebuy it on AndroidPit for further testing (seems like there are enough users here struggeling with this issue).

I doubt, if i will do a purchase on the google market using my GApps-identity. But for now i think i am awaiting a new official phones firmware and reinstall everything after this. If this happens, i'll set my formerly google-account as default and market-related, so i can even install the previously bought apps again.

Good luck using androidpit-apps and many thanks to menion for  keeping up his  good work!
Quote from: "menion"[...] licence is cached only for a one day! [...]
This sounds bad and AppCenter doesn't appear any more attractive if this is true and really means what you guessed.
Gladly AndroidPit gave me refund for this purchase.

Anyway, thank a lot for this good and fast work! Still got no further problems.
Thank you for your work!

I've just updated to your new version and it started up without license-error message so far. Tried restarting some times, even after killing AppCenter-task. Till now everything seems fine.
I'll keep an eye upon Locus the next few days and will reply again if the errormessage pops up again or not.

Are there any general requirements to prevent license errors mentioned by the AppCenter-Team? E.g. starting Locus after restarting AppCenter every time befor usage.
Quote from: "menion"so If you don't worry, I'll leave it as is ...

This is just "cosmetics", to say.  Would be nice to get this seamless integration to the OS, while Locus is registered for this type of information in (some) Android-systems. As your contacts addon does the job, this is really not this important. But good to know, that i am not alone with this issue  ;)
I got navigation software installed that is also registered this way, and doesn't get the adress. This is really annoying.
Sorry, this was the first (and maybe last) app i bought in the AndroidPit AppCenter. So i can't really tell you if other applications got similar problems on licensing from AppCenter.

Thanks a lot for looking after it!

I informed the service at AndroidPit yesterday and will give you the (translated) answer by PM, if i get one.
I just read about the remarkable licensing mechanisms that Amazon AppStore  is using. They are generating tokens on the bought apps needing to renew from time to time. So you can't be sure, that your apps will still start, if you stay offline for a while on holiday. Hopefully the AppCenter got better mechanisms.

If you are able to tell, what they are doing in the background, please tell us. I'm quite interested in this for decideng wether or not to buy further software in the AppCenter.
OK, that's it... :-(
After yesterdays usage recording a track while doing a nice motorbike-tour Locus Pro suddenly doesn't wanted to start up again for saving the recorded track (<f#ck>).
Today i cannot even start it up successfully from within the "open"-Button in the AndroidPit AppCenter-Software.

So i will  return to the free version and won't buy anything else in this 3rd-party appstore.
Maybe if i get a new official firmware for my Defy in a few months i will set another Google-Account as default, so i can buy Locus Pro directly in the market.
Same issues may come up when using the amazon-appstore if available in europe some time. All these appstores like to renew some license tokens allowing the app to start or not, i think. If they do this to often you won't be able to use youre bought apps offline for some weeks of holiday for instance.

- AndroidPit AppCenter v1.5.6
- Locus Pro v1.4.2
Poorly i could'nt test this issue on the colleagues HTC Desire, because Locus and even his Navigon-Software isn't registered/associated with contacts adresses. He is just able to call Maps from within his adressbook.
So i can't proof if this issue is caused by Locus or my Motorola-Phonebook.
I recently bought Locus Pro at AndroidPit AppCenter (twice). First time i started up Locus Pro getting a message that this software isn't licensed properly (in german version the text of this message is: "Diese Anwendung ist nicht lizenziert. Bitte kaufen Sie die Anwendung aus dem Android Market."). At the same time i get a popup-message "ERROR_COMMUNICATING_WITH_APPCENTER".

The only solution by AndroidPit-support was to check for usage of current AppCenter-version (which i did all the time). I know that i am not alone with this issue when looking into the (german) comments in AndroidPit: see <//>

I'm not sure what mechanism it is that forces this message to show up. At first i decided to reinstall the software which ended up in rebuying it in the AppCenter. before this i deleted all Locus-Content on SD-Card.
After this procedure all went fine...

...till the next day, when suddenly the same error appeared again.
I then started the AppCenter-Software again and after this i could successfully start up Locus Pro.
This happened more and more often and i am afraid, that Locus is getting unreliable if AppCenter has to validate it's license before usage online. In case this would mean, that offline usage of Locus Pro in areas without network can become dubious.

If this problem won't stop i will go back using the standard Locus-Version as my ad-blocker helps me with this a lot -- sorry. This issue relies on the need for a third-party appstore, as my primary Google-Account is a "Google Apps for Business"-account and i couldn't use this for any purchases in the Market. Even the price for Lcus Pro at AndroidPit isn't any better than in the Market.

I am sorry for this long text, but tried to explain it as clearly as possible.
Thank you for your reply. Maybe i didn't make it as clear as it should be in first post.

Adding a waypoint choosing contact from within Locus runs perfectly and shows exact adress-location.
But if i open up my phones adress-book and activating a contacts adress i get some context-menu serving me  navigation or google maps or Locus etc. for resolving this adress.
Everytime i choose Locus from there for any contacts adress Locus will start up showing me the previously named default-coordinates.
Hello all!
Yes, now i do remember what was another reason for me finally buying the superb Pro-Version of Locus: Locating contacts adress never really worked for me in the ad-version so far. Now i did clean install on Pro-version and afterwards reinstalled the contacts-addon...
...still setting my adresses waypoint to default coordinates N1°0.000'|E1°0.000' naming it "GeoData".

Who else got into this problem?
Maybe it's not a problem with resolving the adress by interconnected google search but got to do with my motorola-adressbook (would'nt be the first time error issues are based on this). I will try on a desire next time.
Implemented / Re: Upload Tracks to Sharing Site
April 07, 2011, 16:04:54
I just bought Locus Pro as i was really looking forward to the new diagram feature. I'm very pleased with that so far.
 @menion: Thanks a lot for your good work!!!

Till now there were just few things misssing. One of these is a good interface storing and retreiving tracks online. My choice was "Google Fusion Tables", because the last version of Google MyTracks could deal with this. But this was only implemented unidirectional for uploading the recorded tracks.
There is a combination of apps featuring a good interface accessing your uploaded tracks called "Mirudake MyMap" and "Chizroid" for viewing them (see <//>). By the way - "Chizroid" got a nice track following cursor, highlighting the point in height-diagram corresponding to the nearest track-point to the cursor. For tracking motorbike-tours i often like to retrace the velocity at specific parts of a track. But for this you first got to know where the timestamp of this path could have been, when searching in a normal speed-by-time-diagram.

So this gets quite general and maybe OT, but do you know that there is really not one app for editing tracks? For trimming or cutting parts of GPX-Files containing idle-points i still have to do these work on PC.