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Okay the reinstall seems okay, all maps are working okay sofar. I'm now trying to find out what made the map looking so unsharp so, I'll let you know when I have a bit more time to see where the bug lies...
Yes, all unchecked. I'm now trying to reinstall and see if the problem persist...will let you know
I bought this yesterday and when I loaded it first all maps looked great even when zooming in all looking great.

Then I tried to customise the settings to my requirements and now it seems to be stuck in one resolution setting and I can't get it back to re-adjust the map resolutions acording to the zoom levels even when I zoom right out the the map of Europe I have the same pixelating map images. I have tried to check the settings in Settings->Map->Double sized resolution and have checked 'zoom lock' button on map screen bottom panel. No Success. I've tried Google Maps on Google and it works fine on my phone so, it's not the phone.

Could anyone help me?

really would appreciated it...