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Themes - Vector maps / Re: Train/Metro station icon
« on: February 10, 2015, 14:03:20 »
Internal city theme is quite poor (ehm). Based on your suggestion:
- to hide place of worship in lower zoom-levels
- little bit highlight the subway lines
- to differentiate railway and subway station
- to show subway_entrance


Yes, it would be nice to have them all in all Locus themes.
As underground stations are slightly shifted away from the entrance, we are looking the street level location, personally I do ;) We can be surprised how far some platforms are from the entrance, true.
But the locations of Subway/Railway Stations on old Locus themes, Voluntary or OpenAndroMaps works fine to me, comparing to visited sites.

Subway Lines making visible is a great idea comparing to Railway tracks which are enabled at far zoom.

Locus themes with Locus maps are the best option to me, having plenty of information.
As other third party themes are good too, these are the top on my device, specially colour palette!
But as you said still few details are missing. I will post one example later on as can't remember now.

Themes - Vector maps / Re: Train/Metro station icon
« on: February 08, 2015, 21:17:09 »
...See a screenshot from my Voluntary UK theme (current version at ) which shows the subway/underground lines in red (fainter because they are under ground here) and shows Brixton station as a red circle

Hi John,

Your UK theme is great, right, all Tube (Subway) stations visible as red dots on the map, also same railway stations. I have checked it out in different cities and works nice. I am not sure why my view is different then yours here at Brixton Station, lack of dark grey building on my screen:

Same view with Voluntary UK theme:

Also I found out as it is possible to open chosen POI (Locus') highlighting Subway only or all Railway which show both off them but I would have all stations in default view then using POI db. Your theme is desired example of this need.

Thanks for sharing edit lines, I will do it, cheers.

one question, is the station of Brixton under ground too? Or is it the grey building? If stations are under ground too, we should make them a bit more transparent in our themes, if possible.

Hi Jusc,

The left red dot is 'Brixton Underground Station' (London Subway - aka London Tube, London Underground) which is obviously underground, yes.
The dark greyish rectangle is Station building at street level with escalators going underground to the platforms.

On the right of the screenshot you can find railway station Called Brixton as well in this case.

As subway systems mainly are underground in city centres, outskirts stations usually are overground being part of the same system. From my point of view if using Locus Theme we can see underground lines which show us subway system. Then stations shall be as much visible as possible in my opinion. It might be nice if we would differentiated Subway stations from Railway stations, specially in huge urban areas such London where using the same ticket on both systems is possible.

Themes - Vector maps / Train/Metro station icon
« on: February 07, 2015, 17:28:28 »
Train/Metro station icon.

As mostly these days I am a commuter then a hiker, living in and visiting big cities I found out as using offline maps with Locus Pro there are no Train/Metro stations icons on default db base, only train/metro stations names which are very hard to locate in terms of planning a trip in unknown environment.

As using default Locus city theme and zooming out we can find out for instance how many churches are in cities such London etc. but there is lack of main transportation links which are trains (including metro), when every bus stop is beautifully enabled.

Personally I am okay with places of worship but in my mind there are too many of them (places like London) on daily basis on default db file making a map less readable.

Is it any way to edit manually Locus Themes and get rid of church icon and bring to live Train/metro station one?

Using OpenAndroMaps Elegant City theme Stations are visible, same on online OSM maps.

Also, is it any chance to separate icon design for Rail and Metro? As they don't differ using db POI 'around you'.
But I assume as OSM don't separate it means you can't, can you?


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