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Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] Voluntary UK
« on: May 07, 2015, 13:24:52 »
Works great!

Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] Voluntary UK
« on: April 22, 2015, 20:33:31 »

Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] Voluntary UK
« on: March 23, 2015, 14:14:43 »

Seem it doesn't load at about 1000m - 2000m view on my device. Not sure what zoom value is that.
Also I preferred red points then blue train icons. ;)
Or dots change for icons when zoom in?

Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] Voluntary UK
« on: March 22, 2015, 12:14:29 »
I believe I have found some bug, seems like deciduous wood tiles overlapping coniferous. In that area other themes show coniferous forest only and I think there is no deciduous trees at all if I remember as in Grand Canaria is only/mainly Pinus Canariensis (Canarian Pine) with huge pine cones. ;)

Gran Canaria Island. OpenAndroMaps, London Locus Store Map

Also I really like red bold train stations dots, at let's say, middle zoom in heavily populated areas. (Railway and Tube).

Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] Voluntary UK
« on: March 16, 2015, 20:23:51 »
Works perfect.

Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] Voluntary UK
« on: March 07, 2015, 17:31:26 »
<rule e="any" k="addr:housenumber" v="*" zoom-min="21">
and change zoom-min value p. e to "19" or any other value,

Seems '18' gives me on my HD screen what I need.
So I can play on both of your themes guys now a little bit as I found some fonts are to small in HD, and some labels to big, I know it's matter of needs, so custom work needs be applied here. ;)

Both themes are fantastic!


Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] V-Scale2_Pure
« on: March 07, 2015, 16:17:23 »
Work like a charm!

OpenAndroMaps and Locus Store map

Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Themes] Voluntary UK
« on: March 07, 2015, 14:35:42 »
Looks great to me!

Only one issue, house numbers appear at very high zoom only.

Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] V-Scale2_Pure
« on: March 07, 2015, 14:35:09 »
Yours V-Scale theme makes blue area on Locus Store Poland map on my Galaxy S5, but works fine with Poland OpenAndroMaps map, any tips?

V-Scale 2 27.06.2014
Locus Store - Poland

Themes - Vector maps / Re: Train/Metro station icon
« on: March 06, 2015, 19:36:44 »
The question is, what do you want to see.
In my VScale theme it looks like in Voluntary theme, you see the green park with grey historic building (fort) at layer -1.
Normally this should be wrong, because layer -1 should be underground and invisible on maps.
The only correct theme for this seems to be the Elegant theme.
But I like to see a bit of underground nevertheless.  ;D


As we can't see green area and the Fort contour in Locus theme, on others two are visible, on Elegant it looks as merged (probably you mean this saying as Elegant is correct) but still Fort is visible on my screen. I assume fort is high transparent there.

So I wish to be able to see that yard as on any third party theme which work fine.

Themes - Vector maps / Re: Train/Metro station icon
« on: March 06, 2015, 14:31:02 »
well, fort in Poznan has tag layer=-1 it means that it lays under ground. For this reason is park (the green area) rendered above the fort. You can even see the name of fort because position of labels is not influenced by layer tag.

We're facing to the some problems with tunnels or water streams. We use some workaround for mentioned elements but not for the building or forts.
The only way is to make forests or parks little bit transparent. On the other hand transparent forest areas cause another issue in Slovakia. Some forest areas are overlapped and result is different colour for overlapped regions. So it's little bit complicated to solve it. I mean it is possible but it could cause another complications...

Yes, I understand what you are saying, true.
But this one works fine using third party themes with Locus map:

Locus City Theme,                                       Elegant City XL,                                     Voluntary UK
Locus Vector map - Poland

Seems like that beige colour patch is overlapping the green area only when using Locus Themes.

Themes - Vector maps / Re: Train/Metro station icon
« on: March 06, 2015, 10:52:00 »

If themes updates will apply next week it would be great to solve this issue also:
Parks/Fortifications area in some cities.

Verona/Italy fortification. Locus City theme and OSM online.

Poznań/Poland missing fortification 'patch'. Locus City theme and OSM online.

I was few days ago in Verona - Italy, Locus themes show 'as it is' on OSM, but in Poznań - Poland there are missing some 'layers/patches' of the area, which are present on other third party themes using same Locus Store map, and OSM online as well.

So I'm confused where is a problem, I guess different OSM input?
For Poznań area I found this is Locus theme issue, if I'm correct.

BTW is it any chance for new vector map of Poland as current one is pretty outdated?
I know I can use third party one compiled almost every week, but they don't work with hiking Locus theme, no tourist trails, tracks appear.


Themes - Vector maps / Re: Train/Metro station icon
« on: March 04, 2015, 16:11:56 »

Train/Metro station icon.

Thank you guys. I can't remember why I removed the symbol for railway=station. It's bug but I'm sure that there was any reason for it. I've probably wanted to remove it because I wanted to get rid of red circle from railway platform. Who knows :)  Anyway I'll fix it.

As John already wrote some subway station may not be marked properly. There is another issue. The subway stations that are about 30m under ground can have different entrace in comparison with the the position of the station in the data (I'm not sure if I express correctly). However I'll focus on subway_entrace tag that would be helpful.

Iternal city theme is quite poor (ehm). Based on your sugestion:
- to hide place of workship in lower zoom-levels
- little bit highlight the subway lines
- to differentiate railway and subway station
- to show subway_entrace

I found Bridges Names are missing according to OSM, which is crucial in big cities as well.

- Show Train and Subway stations

When can we expect internal themes changed? :)

I'm sure, soon or later, this issue will be fixed! Thanks for understanding.

No problem at all. ;)

I blame Samsung since Android 4, as they are pretty good with disabling usable options, in that case XT9 On-Off key which used to work perfectly on my ancient 2.3.6 device. Now since Android 4 disabling predictive text is hidden so deep, even if you custom Gear button On, on your keypad is annoying.
For sure there are third party apps for that.

In simply words, typing thinks such web-address with predictive text is complicated, but typing essays such emails or WhatsApp messages, predictive is unbeatable.


Locus can wait, just reported to you.


Search option: ADDRESS & PLACE.

Using Predictive Text On on my Lollipop with 3x4 numeric keyboard there is no something like 'one touch disable predictive text option' as was on old Android systems, then hard to type any city name not spending half a day for doing that.
So I do rotate horizontal screen having QWERTY keyboard being able to type any non dictionary place name. Unfortunately when rotating back to vertical view, Locus clears the search window (from vertical to horizontal same).

Why am I using 3x4 keyboard with predictive text but not QWERTY one? As I use one thumb only typing twice time faster then any QWERTY user (proven;), having my other hand occupied usually.

Anyway, is it any chance to fix that glitch on next version please?

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