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Maps / Mapbox maps
March 31, 2015, 17:08:54
What happened to Mapbox maps? I can zoom only till level 14 then there are black tiles.
Mapbox are the best detailed maps.
Cut part of track works perfectly to me, track editing has become a killer feature in Locus, i always need to delete part of a recorded trail after a walk in the mountains due to errors, now i can delete all the points in a time instead of one by one
New track edit mode is good for Samsung SPen owner, but how to add points? i don't see any possibility

First drag the green dot then tap on the red dots between the green ones, and so on
OK works, very easy with the SPen
OK, 2015 time for a blue version of Locus, but stop implementing Lollipop theme, above all don't implement those stupid lollipop round buttons
I like Locus as it is, really don't need lollipop look...
I get a crash every time i try to edid track points