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Having seen this download option for osmand I am wondering whether this would be possible with Locus.

These POI lists are really useful in osmand.
Quote from: "Hyperplane"Remarks on the new vector map download feature:

- I downloaded Switzerland but all zoom levels appear white and blank.

The initial geographical position for this country wasn't set correctly. I had to zoom out to level 14 (300km distance) to locate the map.
Remarks on the new vector map download feature:

- I downloaded Switzerland but all zoom levels appear white and blank.
(For comparison I downloaded czech_republic.osm and all details are visible)
- I cannot cancel, stop and pause/resume the download of vector maps.
- Perhaps vector maps should be kept in the Personal tab separated from the raster maps.

Raster maps
Vector maps

Declined / Re: Desktop Version of Locus
June 16, 2011, 00:04:52
QuoteI however do not consider a pc version a major goal for locus.
Nor do I. I mentioned this just for the sake of technical feasibility.
Declined / Re: Desktop Version of Locus
June 15, 2011, 23:13:07
This could be possible in the future. Run Android on top of Windows as a Virtual Machine.

More here, but still in pre Alpha.  ;)
Implemented / Re: Vector Map Support
June 04, 2011, 11:04:50
Thanks for the "teaser" :) . I am looking forward to further progress.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Google Maps
May 24, 2011, 21:39:38

Please search in the market for "Locus - addon Map Tweak."
Troubles & Questions / Re: Licensing errors
May 23, 2011, 23:20:36
Yup, I am getting bothered by this too. -> "Application not licensed." I am using v1.8.2
QuoteI also agree that the map providers should think about some sort of 'abo' which would allow the smartphone users to legally download tiles for offline use.

I concur. The best solution for all parties involved would be a subscription offered by the map providers allowing us to download a certain data/map volume within a  certain period of time. I would gladly pay a reasonable monthly or annual fee for this.
Hi Mark

Please have a look at this topic here:

You have to recenter the map you are going to use.
By touching the map button for some time a menu appears with a "Center Map" option.

I caused a reproducible crash when trying to delete a previously created point in Locus Pro v1.3.0. The point was created using the "map center" option.
Please find the crash report attached.
Quote from: "berkley"But do a backup of your data when you go back to an older version.
This leads me to question what to backup. :)  Is it sufficient to backup the sdcard/Locus/maps folder only? At present I have only some offline maps.
Perhaps there is a manual in which this procedure is described.
Quote from: "jusc"Just install newer over the previous (via market too). I did it without any problems (loosing my offline maps) a few times.If you are using an older version 0.9.x I think, give Locus time to initialize (for me up to 15 minutes the first time).
OK, I will install it over the previous one. I am using v1.2.
Thanks and Regards

How am I supposed to install this version? Should I first uninstall the old version? Or is it possible to install this version over the previous one?
I don't want to loose my offline maps. My preferred way is to install it via the market by the way.

Thanks and sorry for being off topic.
Quote from: "menion"So you have to move on map manually because I don't know if map is on place you're trying to show or now.
You could just store the last position (Latitude,Longitude) of the corresponding offline map into a Hash map data structure (For example the keys are "Berlin", "Paris" etc. and their values are the positions). So when you switch maps you write the position of the current map and read the position of the map to be switched to. This information from the Hash map can be used to recenter the map automatically.

Otherwise a great program.