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The new version of Tiramisu 4.3 is uploaded in the first post. Make the best use of it. For OAM V5. Some inaccuracies have been corrected.
2 Saturo:
OAM maps do not have data with the bird_hide tag. But you can ask the creator to include it in the maps. Not likely, he adds reluctantly, but you might be able to convince him.
There are similar objects:
amenity=hunting_stand - An open or enclosed platform used by hunters to place themselves at an elevated height above the terrain
man_made=tower + tower:type=observation - Observation tower
They are in Tiramisu.
In the above example, I see that what is intended is displayed quite well. Something you have is different from mine, somewhere a mistake.
Maybe you don't think there's enough contrast in the dark gray stroke with blue dots?

I have OAM downloaded today, Tiramisu from Github, Velo layer selected, it also has "Cycling networks, Easy Tracks", among other things.

And yes! Thanks, I saw that the rendertheme lacks man_made=groyne. Will be added soon.
QuoteShould it work with paths that have both bicycle=designated and foot=designated or only with bicycle=designated alone?
Only a bicycle. (This is the road bike layer. Why are there pedestrian tags?)
Symbol "|" means OR.
Please give a specific example where there is an error.
Ok guys, I agree with you.
Added display of hw=path with bicycle=yes,public,allowed,designated,official,permissive to the Velo layer.
Check if everything is displayed for you.

also "Easy Tracks ^" (hw=track with tracktype=1,2) is enabled by default.

As for hw=track with tracktype = 3 and below, I'm not sure if it should be added to this layer...

Updated code, no release - here
(in the desktop version, click the Code button, select Download zip)
I use a more advanced "Mountain biking" layer. It has everything that the Velo layer is missing, as well as the ability to disable MTB networks, and enable Cycling networks.
Both of your presented examples contain the same type of object - paths.
This is not intended by the creator of Tiramisu, in which Velo means road bike. Highway. And the road bike has nothing to do on the paths.
For a more complete display of these paths, you need to use Hiking or MTB layers. This is the author's intention. I just adapted the theme to modern maps (OAM).
Saturo, thank you for the correct formulation of the question.
To display such tracks, the "Easy Tracks ^" item must be enabled in the Tiramisu-Velo renderteme menu.  By default, it is disabled.
 It is necessary to specify the exact location and the object that is not displayed or is incorrect.
The best way - :) ;)
Quote from: ivan on March 07, 2022, 12:47:38
good morning
congratulations for the work done.
I would like to recommend a change in display priority.
trails that are part of a multi-stage route are displayed with that name.
for example the "Cammino di Dante" is displayed as a CD, the "Cammino di Sant'Antonio" CSA.
thus the main reference is lost, which is the path number.
in the event of an emergency intervention, the primary indication is the number of the path that circumscribes an area much smaller than the entire path.
so too are many who walk the individual paths and not the entire path.
if possible, priority should be given to the path number or even better for example "409 - CD7"
Hi, ivan

It's impossible, I've made sure of it. The REF value is always given preference to the superior route in iwn|nwn|rwn|lwn|own if there is more than one route. And this happens at the stage of formation of the map. If I understand correctly how this is done by the OAM developer. Also, any concatenation, such as "409 - CD7", is not supported in the rules.

Or maybe you have an example render theme for OAM V5 that shows what you want? Then I could see how it's done.
My thanks to the author of this wonderful rendertheme - Maki!

After the post of the author of Tiramisu EOL, this theme has been corrected and developed.

The rendertheme has now been corrected with the latest changes in routes (hiking, MTB, cycling) in OAM with an update date of January 2022e.

Added new POIs, Bike-Park scale IMBA tracks, trails and lots of little things.

Because the theme is designed for a distant outdoor, all icons are always displayed as soon as they appear in the map data and in urban conditions can lead to oversaturation of the map and mutual overlap of icons. Therefore, use layers in the theme menu more actively and turn off unnecessary ones. Still, a topic for areas where POIs are scattered more widely.

From Tobias Kuen's Elevate family of themes, this theme is the closest to the Elements theme.

Quote from: Menion on February 12, 2022, 06:39:26
Hmm, interesting. I've downloaded your latest FzOAM_0_0_2 theme and see no problem. Am I testing the correct theme? Please try also the "Validate" option to check if your theme is correctly installed (long click on the theme in the list).
FzOAM_0_0_2 - for OAM V4+ and there are no problems with it. And it's not.. There were problems with SVG rasterization on maps V3 (lomaps) on third-party themes. Now, on beta version, with V4+ display everything is still fine, V3 is also displayed normally, except for empty tiles that appear randomly on different map zooms.

In the screenshot, two black svg icons (mailbox and post office) are visible in the magnifying glass, which were previously rasterized with an error. Now it rasterizes well. Also visible is the empty area at the bottom of the screenshot. Theme check says - Process successful

This problem occurs on all third-party themes (including Elevate LE and Voluntary LE) with lomaps.
Quote from: Menion on February 11, 2022, 15:56:37
Hi guys, I've just uploaded a new Beta version for the test. It has a united SVG rendering engine across the whole app so all MapsForge versions and also Locus Map itself now use same system.

If possible, give it a try and let me know if all is now correctly rendered. Thank you!
Hi, Menion!
The problem with rasterization of difficult SVGs seems to be gone. But the map is like this:
(cache cleared)
Themes - Vector maps / Re: New style: FzOAM
February 11, 2022, 21:19:14
In December 2021, OpenAndroMaps switched to the new version V5, changed hardware and software, and at the same time improved routes of all kinds, updated marked trails and added new OSMC symbols. To reflect these changes, the marked trails and routes (hiking, MTB, cycling)  FzOAM rendertheme has been updated to version 0.0.2  (now requires OAM V5 maps since January 2022). Also added a translation into Russian of the theme menu.

Further development of the rendertheme will (if any) take place here -
New version of zip in the first post.