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I would do only 2 tests in such case:

1. Internal GPS+Locus, airplane mode, BT off.
2. BT gps+locus, airplane mode, internal gps off.

in that case you can compare these two examples.

internal gps drain more than BT, that's all about it... i think.
once more my two cents...
External BT logger is better if you want to have your track for sure. Using mobile is risky as we all know... interrupting phone calls, other applications etc... all of that can hang or shut down your mobile application, stop logging and so on... We all know that and i am sure that we met those things. In that case external gadget that do only one thing is the best solution for person who wants get his tracks for sure...
I agree that nowadays mobiles have great gps, but if you want only to play with gps and it does not matter if you loose your track then mobile with battery pack is the best choice.
Hi! I am using it that way. Holux rcv-3000 via BT and locus on my LG L9.
Normally with internal gps i can do about few hours with my mobile battery.
when i turn only BT without internal gps, and use it with holux i can record whole day.
But if i got external logger, it can work few days and you can only use locus to check position, so it drain battery as usual.
All recordings are done with logger. There is a small app to download gpx from logger into locus (if you want tracks).
I am always working that way... battery in my mobile last as it not use gps (if no recording with mobile but with logger of course, mobile/locus only for position check and download tracj later, logger can keep few days of recordings)
Other features / Re: Offline POI database
December 13, 2014, 18:20:39
Yea,  it is needed to turn off poi  at all, discussed on g+ too :-) The same, in certain zoom they're is nothing shown but pois:-)
Other features / Re: Offline POI database
December 12, 2014, 21:11:13
It is working fine! Great to have it, but... it is possible to edit coordinates of POI? In my neighbourhood i can see that some pois are not up-to-date and i wanted to change its position but i couldnt. Is there a plan to edit just like any other user points?
afaik thay are working on it, make workaround, tap any of poi, tap its details and close it with 'back' button. It made colors for me or do what Locus says on G+: "Edit any your track and change its appearance (color, etc) and save the changes. This should help with wrong colors."
Hope this help for now...
@gynta: what the difference? input data only, algorithm is the same... i think it should be, shouldn't it? Min is blue, max is red, thats all, what's the difference if input data is named 'speed' or 'altitude changes'? Something is wrong with coloring and zooming, that's all.
I did discuse about it but i think i was not understood:
No problem. You got it.

But... i like to be up-to-date and i have to follow:, and beta group on google+
Is there something else?

p.s. verification pictures on forum are awful, i have to refresh few times to read letters, make tough equation and answer United States :)