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Tiny thing:
Thanx for the activity "Snowshoeing" - but as the icon now exists, it should be no problem to offer the icon also for tracks folders, or not? It's missing there...
@Geotagged photos:
OK, will keep an eye on it ;)

Another thing:
I don't find the new "Nearest Points" to be working intuitively. When I open it, it shows me all enabled points, really all, even if they're half around the world. Now we can argue about what's "nearest", but I would've at least expected disabled points to show up, too. For me, that would be the main use, finding a point I have somewhere in the DB, but not currently displayed. Right now, I can only hide points from that list, that are shown - when I open the list next time, they're gone...
@Geotagged photos:
I'm either doing something wrong, or there's a bug.
I wanted to try out the new "Geotagged photo" layer, so I opened the new sidebar, tapped on the entry, added my ExtSdCard directory with all my photos, and then activated the layer. Nothing happened. Thought I might have to wait, because I got a lot of pictures (>23K, >5K of them with tags), but nothing changed.
Now I know the tags are ok, because I use F-Stop as my gallery, and there the map view with the pictures works flawlessly.
Any idea?
Quote from: menion on May 21, 2016, 11:45:33
@slarti: new icons ... we will see

Special handling of categorized icons make sense, I was thinking about it some time ago. Little harder to create really easy working solution and it also needs quite some time to make it work properly. Probably easier solution should be some XML file inside zip, that should define these categories. Anyway suggest to copy this idea on help desk , as it's really not task on few minutes and I would like to see if there is some interest or not. Anyway it's doable.
I realized that there is already an idea:
And I already commented on it, sorry I forgot ;)
Anyway, good to bounce that one up - hope et'll be enough for you to consider. Like the XML approach, too!
Menion, thank you very much for the new version, lots of good stuff  ;D

A tiny thing I appreciated are the new track icons - but do you think you could come up with one for simple walking (perhaps the hiking guy without the backpack) and snowshoeing (the hiking guy with sticks and some kind of snowshoes on the feet)?

Also, you added categories, like with the Garmin icons. I wonder, as you obviously have the code to do the categories: Couldn't you add this to the display of user icon libraries. I mean, they're ZIPs, so simple solution would be if the ZIP contains directories, these become the category titles and all icons in that directory go into that category. Deeper nested directories don't need to be handled especially, just flatten the structure. I have a lot of icons in many ZIPs, and ordering them like that would be easy without having to create dozens of separate ZIPs instead.
There might be a problem with GPX export and the paths used there, I can imagine - but I would be fine if the directory names would just be ignored for that. Can't have to icons with same name in one ZIP but different directory, then, but that's a conditions I'm fine with.
Is there a chance for that?
That new feature with the long tap sounds great - always missed something like that.
Which reminds me of another tiny idea I was had but forgot:
In the tracks list, when you tap the icon (track overview), you're taken directly to the map showing the track completely. Wouldn't it make sense to do something similar with a point? Tapping the point icon, doesn't open the point details (like the rest of the line), but enables that point and takes you to the map centered on the point.
Would be more consistent, don't you think?
Quote from: Bucky Kid on March 28, 2016, 10:33:20
I don' know, may be it's specific (for me not )
Anyway it looks ugly. If anybody other dislikes the defocused maps, give a vote.
Disagreed. I know that problem and thought about it, too, but I'd be more annoyed when the zoom level automatically changes because I switch to a map that doesn't have this level. It's especially annoying when "fine-editing" a track.
@Bucky Kid, Andrew Heard:
I can totally confirm the "Change of elevation" problem. The attached track is green all the way up, and then red on the way down!
@Menion: You didn't react to this yet. Should I rather add a Problem to the Helpdesk?
I know, it's a little pointless to discuss about whether the new icons are "good" or "bad" - just a couple things:

  • The folder icon (Points and Tracks screens) looks kinda wrong, like a alpha channel mask. I would prefer an outline version, not solid black.
  • Now that you're designing new icons, I think it would be about time to finally have separate icons for "Points (Data screen)" and "Points of interes (beta)"...
  • I'm with Andrew on the settings screen: All icons look rather similar because the cogwheel is the defining image element. If you want to keep the cogwheel, why not turn it around: Have an overlying cogwheel over what is now the part to the lower right.And here, also, are three identical icons, which confises.
Talking about the floating action button:
In the tracks and points screen, the + may easily hide the 3 dots. In this case, I can collapse/expand some folders to access them, but it's produce a situation where you just can't click the dots.
Btw, the "tap area" of the round button is actually bigger - I have a Note 4 with S Pen, and even if I tap outside of the circle in some pixels distance, it may still register as tap on the button. I assume, it's in fact a square tap area...
Quote from: menion on October 26, 2015, 10:42:25Emails are send in language you use in Locus, so you probably do not use DE in Locus, is it possible? Emails ending with "de" should be send in DE, agree, thanks.
Sorry, but that is dubious at best. It may make sense a lot of times, but when it doesn't, it would be really annoying if the receiver doesn't understand anything. English is still the best bet around the world. And the other thing: Only implement this handling for .de? What about .ch - German, or French, or Italian? And .eu??
Compromise: At least always include the English text as well...
Quote from: Christian on September 18, 2015, 09:12:10
My post was related to the missed quality assurance and to the pseudo-democratic system introduced by you (requests with the most votes will be implemented at first).
I agree about quality assurance, but apart from that the voting system is better than any other system. And if you have a look, not all highly voted requests are implemented. ;)

Quote from: Christian on September 18, 2015, 09:12:10You should better talk with your longterm users instead of say good bye.
If someone feels pushed to write a terminal "so long and thanks for all the fish" here, what else should he answer?

My two cents here:
I didn't really read the story about the map sorting because it didn't affect me and it sounded rather unimportant to me. I still don't quite get why emotions are running wild about this.
Anyway, as a regular user who doesn't try beta versions, I only experienced vast improvements in Locus since I started using it (ca. 1.5 years). Sure, not all my personal complaints and ideas are tackled. But I understand that. If there's ever a real problem, I always experienced Menion fixing it asap, or at least trying hard to reproduce it. I'm a programmer myself (even though not Android), so I know how exhausting this can be.
And from all I hear about Android I can very well imagine that you can easily get some code in that makes your app fail on startup for a number of devices. I experienced this with other apps (not Locus, fortunately), and most developers reacted much slower on these kinds of problems - if at all. With Locus, you can always be sure that if you report a severe crash with a new version, an update will be there within a day or two at most.

Bottom line:
To me it seems that some people are complaining on a very high level and are not giving due credit where credit's due.
Quote from: jajaballard on August 11, 2015, 16:32:31
Selecting folder from extSD works too.
Here, too - thanks!
Quote from: jajaballard on August 10, 2015, 14:11:56
Update with 3.11.1:
De-installation and new installation of 3.11.1:

Changing to the "external" directories is still not working.
After selecting a "Backup" directory on my external SD systems comes back with "Process not successfully"
Tested on Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0
Same here (with 3.11.1) on Note 4, Android 5.0.1, rooted with extSdCard write permissions.
Quote from: gynta on June 04, 2015, 12:02:03
Quote from: menion on June 02, 2015, 20:37:46
And if I change "Share on Facebook" to just "Share", what should happen then, when Locus now allows simply only a "Share on Facebook"? So not "ignored", but because there are currently no other options, just "leaved".
ok, think I understand now. it's because this isn't a file sharing. It's more a special transfer. right?
But wouldn't that be a very technical distinction, one that was explicitly used as argument for a single tab "Offline" in the map chooser? Most users don't care (and don't understand) if and why "Share on Facebook" is different than "Share with Google Earth" (or whatever).