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Update to new version removed my current controls in top panel, have to add them back again. It's not a big deal, but it's always a little annoying if you have to redo settings.
Probably you did this so we have to test the new system to set up the controls

And a tiny typo: When opening the new setting "Tracks popup content", the dialog title is "Points popup content". Settings are those for tracks, that's correct, just the title wrong. Somebody copied & pasted  ;)

I just realized that the new flowing of icons between top and right panels offers an easy way to improve display in landscape mode. Please check this out:
I tried two BT-GPS devices (Garmin Glo and GNS 2000), and returned them both.
Main reason was that the precision wasn't better (or even worse) than my Galaxy S4 itself. Especially annoying was that both transmitted a precision that was obviously nonsense (GNS 2000 almost always had <2m), whereas the S4's values are usually reasonably close to reality.
The second reason was that the battery saving effect was much less than I had hoped for. I was surprised to learn that the internal GPS alone doesn't draw that much anyway (put your phone into flight mode and do some GPS logging to check out). Especially when you got mobile network on anyway, the difference is hardly noticeable.
Of course, your experience may be different, especially depending on phone. But obviously, some more or less current high-end phone already has very low power consumption and good precision with internal GPS.
Quote from: Tobias on March 04, 2015, 18:26:16
Quote from: john_percy on March 04, 2015, 10:34:47
There are three possible answers to limiting the vector map symbols:
A different one is the possibility that mapsforge 0.5 style menus could be added to Locus, as discussed here:
This allows adding different map items to categories, which can be switched on and off. Have a look at the preview version of Elevate 3, which isn't compatible with Locus (yet), but I added different groups of switchable POIs:
It can be easily tested with Atlas on the Desktop:
Best regards,
That's all very interesting, but will make things even more complex.
Now we have the ability for the theme creator to define switchable layers, but also, the user wants to be able to turn on/off specific POIs.

I'm wondering if this could be combined:
If the layer mechanism of the themes is integrated in Locus, then it could offer to add user-defined layers that have the same abilities. So no additional/differing logic, "just" (yes, I know...) a GUI to define a layer in the app. The layer could then be stored interchangeably in the same XML format (not in the theme, of course). These user-defined layers would be independent of the theme and could be applied to any theme. Now we only need a quick-layer button for the sidebar, which opens a dialog (which also contains the theme's layers) with layer toggle switches, and we're done  8)
(I hope you can understand what I'm writing...)

I know, this is rather a big development effort, but I think it would be the biggest most useful feature for Locus imaginable (apart from my favorite, the points/tracks sync).
Quote from: menion on March 03, 2015, 10:06:44
Yes, I'm aware of this and I was already thinking about it. But, I just not yet know, how to simply implement it, because I still miss a mouse with two buttons :). There is missing a too to manually by finger select an area, which should be little bit problematic .. hmm, I'll think about it more
Yes, sometimes a mouse is just best...
What about the following:

  • Select point
  • Choose "Edit on map"
  • Tools menu: "Remove from here"
  • Select last point of the part that should be removed
  • Now the same screen appears as when you're removing all points before/after, user has chance to accept or cancel
That sounds rather straightforward to me, but of course you're the develope ;)
Quote from: menion on March 03, 2015, 08:20:02
2. mainly for gynta, finally - . Try to start "Edit location" in bottom menu and you will see. It is not exactly what you wanted, but it is something "between". Not sure if will be clear how to use it.
Well, not only for Gynta ;)
Question: While you're at this, is there a chance you could also include deleting a section from within a track ( I think it's a very related feature and it would be odd if you could add a bunch of trackpoints in the same step, but not delete a bunch at once.
Quote from: menion on February 04, 2015, 22:29:29
guys, do not worry too much and try to understand me, because

"do you know settings "Center cross"? I want to completely remove it" - means I wants to remove this settings (which already happen), not center cross itself.
Yeah, reading it again now, I have to say that was obvious and I jumped to conclusions (because others did before  ;)). So all happy  8)
Quote from: 0709 on February 04, 2015, 18:41:00
QuoteHovering the center cross over a point ?
See menu:
Style on map -> Points Popup -> Basic Setting -> Labels on map:  Never, On hover or Always.
Thanx for pointing me to this. I saw that new setting, but I just assumed "Never" would turn off the popups completely. I was wrong.
Quote from: menion on January 31, 2015, 20:51:14
I'm still waiting for some serious reason.

My reasons are simple - simplifications - do you know settings "Center cross"? I want to completely remove it. Current "map center" has less and less usage. Now it is possible to tap on everything on a map, it is not needed to hover it with center as before. So I'm testing something between old center cross and small black circle (result of mentioned settings). And something between is just smaller center cross. ;). Simple ...
I would also like to add that removing the center cross completely would be a "killer" for me, too.
If you want a serious reason: The finger is never as exact as the cross. I appreciate that almost everything is tappable now on the map screen  but for all kinds of editing, you'll need some sharp tool, not a blunt one like your finger. As long as not all smartphones are like Samsung's Note series, we need the crosshairs!
However, after discovering gyntas map cursors in the shop, I'm totally fine with having a smaller, less intrusive default center cross. Just please drop the idea of removing it altogether - I can't imagine would the upside would be, but the downside would be enormous...
Another thing I would be fine with is if hovering the center cross over a point wouldn't do anything anymore - the old title pop-ups are more disturbing than helpful now anyways.
Other features / Re: New track record widget
November 17, 2014, 10:31:26
I would like to add an idea (already posted this on the help desk:

Shortcuts are an often overlooked feature of Android - but sooo versatile and useful. With all these wishes for customization, I think they point a way out of the complexity. I'd propose that the widget stays more or less like it is now, with the main functions and information - and other stuff that is useful to have accessible on the homescreen could be provided as shortcuts.

For example (as I wrote in the Help Desk), I would really like to be able to set quick waypoints from the homescreen. If that would be available by shortcut, I could decide myself, which types of quick points I need regularly and put them on the homescreen, probably beside the widget. Using some advanced starter widget like Elixir Widgets, I could make my own "favorite Locus functions" widget without having to rely on menion to provide the widget I'm dreaming of - he just has to make the internal intents available as shortcuts.
That's the beauty of Android: No need to invent the wheel (customizable widget) again, just provide your own functions and the user can use a widget app of his/her choice to put it together the way he/she likes  :)

What do you guys think?