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Quote from: slarti76 on August 17, 2017, 08:37:33I think they should be kept, but there's definitely space for a lighter blue, like #7777FF would be nice. And while we're at it, a dark gray like #777777 wouldn't hurt either, as would a real dark green like #005500.
Menion, I know that these colors have a very systematic origin (you sent me the PDF), but looking at them in practice, I feel there's some missing that are more likely to be used in "real life".
PS: Being able to define personal custom colors would be the best, of course. Could be displayed as third section after "ZX Spectrum" and "Secondary Colors".
Quote from: Andrew Heard on August 17, 2017, 06:17:04
@menion can one of the blue colors be made more different? a waste of space at present as they look very similar:

I think they should be kept, but there's definitely space for a lighter blue, like #7777FF would be nice. And while we're at it, a dark gray like #777777 wouldn't hurt either, as would a real dark green like #005500.
Menion, I know that these colors have a very systematic origin (you sent me the PDF), but looking at them in practice, I feel there's some missing that are more likely to be used in "real life".
Quote from: menion on July 18, 2017, 00:11:57
@balloni55: complicated task ... what about people (I believe most of users), who does not use "Presets"?
I'd strongly advise against removing customization options just because they're also doubled in the presets feature. As Menion says, many users, especially beginners, won't use presets, so they'll be put off if they don't find an intuitive way to change the buttons or other settings.
Granted, as is obvious even among us power users, the presets feature is easily mistaken for a "profile" feature and therefore misunderstood. However, it is what it is now and should stay like this - once you understand it, it can be extremely useful. But those who don't use it shouldn't "lose" anything!
Quote from: menion on June 13, 2017, 11:40:03
@joeloc , @slarti76 : what should I do to simulate this issue ( how to simply change DPI ), any app from Google Play?
Afaik, it's only possible to do this with root and XPosed framework - very Android-nerdy stuff. ;) For me, it's not important, and I don't think it's worth spending time on. There's much more important things...
Quote from: joeloc on June 11, 2017, 08:39:52
Found the reason. I fake the DPI for Locus App to 620 (instead of default 540 on a Note 4). This works nicely to scale your UI (buttons and everything) to something more reasonable on a moving bicycle, but seems to mess up the cursor calculations somewhat. Weird, because all other parts in Locus scale absolutely fine.
I can confirm this, changing the DPI led to problems with the cursor for ages (ever?). I think I once talked to Menion about it, but I totally understands that this is such an esoteric problem, that he doesn't do anything about it. Have stopped changing the DPI for Locus due to that.

That being said, it's an actual problem that buttons that have reasonable size for "normal" usage are far too small when biking.
@Menion: Did you ever think about this?
Quote from: menion on March 08, 2017, 08:39:38
Selection of activity was removed because it was only confusing settings. Activity is anyway important parameter that affect few things during track record and later post processing. So it is not just about choosing icon, it's about choosing correct activity you will be doing during track recording. If you wants to change "icon" (activity), just create another profile.
OK, I understand now. One more thing: It always was very tedious to create a new profile that just differs a little from an existing one. Couldn't you add the possibility to create a new profile by copying an existing one? If it was then still possible to choose a different activity, it would be very easy to create profiles that share basic stuff like how the track is displayed etc., but different activity. Right now, it's a hassle to create a set of profiles for different activities.
Another thing:
I get that the activity selection was removed from the recording profiles - it didn't have any use, it seems. But now you can't change the profile icon anymore (or I don't see how). Furthermore, when creating a new profile, you still have to select an activity, which now is a bit confusing, as later on the activity isn't mentioned anymore. It's only use now is to choose the icon - but only from the ones defined for activities.
Wouldn't it be better to just add "Choose Icon" to the profile edit dialog, and then offer all icons (just like when choosing the icon for a track folder)?
Quote from last version thread:
Quote@slarti76: thanks for a file. Inside the file already two trackpoints with incorrect time. I was trying to find a place where this may happen, but expect some direct editing of the track shape on the map, I found no link to simple waypoint addin & problem with time. Are you able to simulate this problem directly on (older) recorded track?
Yes, I definitely also edited the track - dunno however, what I did. If I find a way to reproduce, I'll tell you.
Is there a way I can fix such tracks? Would I need to export - fix wrong trackpoints - import?
Hi again,
Surprisingly I could reproduce the second problem :)
Have a look at the attached GPX: I added waypoints after the track was recorded, now the track time is 148h or something, instead of 5h50. And this time, it stays like that, whether I copy or move or export/import the track. I assume the creation time of the waypoints gets into the calculation...
Quote from: menion on February 27, 2017, 12:48:35
Thanks for feedback @slarti76 , unfortunately none of issues I was able to simulate, anyway I'll be watching it ...
I can't reproduce it everytime, either - after it happened, it takes a while before it happens again.
Anyway, I wasn't precise: The message is "Track XXX saved. Warning: Track not stored in database". (Sorry, no screenshot, it's a bit difficult to take before the message disappears...)
And if it helps: I have "Automatic export: GPX" active in all my recording profiles.
Hi there!
Went snowshoeing this weekend, just one minor hassle:
While track recording, when I open the Track Information, Locus several times shows a warning ("Track 2017-02-25 ... not saved"). Of course the track is not saved yet, I'm still recording...
Oh, and I had the strange problem that after adding a waypoint later (after recording finished), the Track Time got longer. But copying or just moving the track to another folder solved this immediately...
Quote from: Andrew Heard on January 24, 2017, 23:51:33
For me these "presets" are really setting "overrides". It seems to more accurately describe the new feature. Would you consider renaming presets to overrides?
But "override" would imply that you could revert these settings - if I understand Menion correctly, that's exactly what is not supposed to be possible.

Quote from: Andrew Heard on January 24, 2017, 23:51:33Currently there doesn't appear to be a way to disable a selected preset. Could there be a checkbox at the top of the main dialog?
Again, I far as I understood Menion, these presets change a collection of settings for good. You can't simply revert - you'd have to create an "inverted" preset. That's why there's no "disable", and that's why "override" is the wrong term, I think.
Quote from: Bucky Kid on November 05, 2016, 07:47:27
Hello. I note a small shortcoming when adding a new track or waypoint. The suggested folder seems to be choosen quite randomly. Should be pre-selected either last used folder from previous add or user preference for default category for new track and waypoint.
Yeah, noticed that too on holiday, kinda forgot about it again. But I also saw no pattern or way to influence the proposed folder. IMHO, should be the last one something was added to.
Quote from: menion on August 03, 2016, 11:36:06
Hehe, don't worry, it's not planned for now ;). When You use it for this case, don't forget to try new similar feature optimized just for tracks .. tap on track, bottom "share" button > track preview.
Yeah, I know - voted for that  8) And like it - but as I said, for connected trips, the screen export is still a great addition.
Quote from: menion on August 02, 2016, 10:56:46
Hmm good point. Btw. surprised that someone still use this feature :).
Please don't think about removing it! :)
It's perfect for making overviews - for example, I made a great overview with all tracks from my Japan trip. You first select just the tracks and points you need, lock the right zoom and then export the screen - voilĂ ! Perfect e.g. for photobooks. I would even like to see it extended with an option to choose the resolution. Actual screen resolution is ok for me, as I have HD phone, but higher is even better. But I understand if the feature is not used very often, it's too much effort.
Anyway, don't remove it...