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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.12.+ ( 09/2022 )
October 18, 2022, 16:09:12
Been away for a long holiday, and noticed an annoying thing: When splitting tracks, Locus assigns the current date/time as creation dt to the new tracks. Which is fine, but then I can't sort correctly anymore. "By creation date" will not sort those tracks (same timestamps), and then falls back to alphabetic.

Is it possible to add "Sort by Start date"? Because in the end, 95% of the time that's what I actually need (5% is alphabetic). Of course, tracks without any timestamped point cannot be sorted like this, but in that case fallback to creation date would be ok, I guess (or alphabetic).
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.12.+ ( 09/2022 )
October 18, 2022, 16:04:46
Were the Android intents removed in 4.12? Didn't see anything in the changelog, perhaps overlooked it. Anyway, my old Tasker tasks didn't work anymore, using Locus Tasker plugin now instead. I assume that is the recommended solution now?!
Quote from: tapio on July 26, 2022, 11:10:30What I was thinking is "function bar in presets" needs another thought. They are complex to maintain. Let's say you have 5 presets which change function bars, but only 2 kinds of function bars. You always have to make function bar changes in any of those, which have the same style. Maybe function bars need an own preset system, just like dashboards. Or possibly make life easier, like copy/paste whole button setup to clipboard.

While I'm dreaming: ;)
Presets for track styles.
For me, track styles don't map 1:1 to folders. In fact, they usually don't map at all. It would be more like
- folder "Holiday 2022"
- different styles for "Biking", "Hiking", "Road Trip", etc.
Right now, I have to keep my own list of track style parameters for different activities.
Quote from: Menion on July 25, 2022, 13:15:46
There is more options on how to improve Presets. I'm still playing in my mind with two
- remember state before applying preset and allow restoring the previous state (already used in the navigation!)
- change the whole concept that you will be always in one active! preset (profile) and will just switch between them
I don't think the second option is a great idea: If implemented like that, every change of a setting *must* also change the active preset. That's definitely not what I want: If e.g. I change the map theme, I still want the original preset theme when I next activate it.
Only solution to this, I think would be that every change puts you in "unsaved preset", which you then can save, or discard when activating another preset. That would actually be cool, but I image it being rather complicated to implement.
Currently, I'm very happy with the existing system.
Quote from: Menion on June 16, 2022, 21:13:12
Hmm removed time&date in the popup is some kind of unwanted side-effect. This feature should be an optional settings in the Settings > Points & tracks > Track label > . This option is anyway missing in the LM4 and seems you did some "reset" of settings so this option was changed to the default "false". Will be fixed in the next app version.
Thx. Talking about "reset of settings": I mentioned this before, but I can confirm now that it happens with every install of a new beta version: Navigation>Select Voice is reset to "Text-to-speech". I always set it to "No voice", and everytime after a new install and I start a navigation, I suddenly hear a voice again, because TTS got reset to default. Not a biggie, just weird nobody else seems to have it (perhaps everyone here uses TTS?)...
I just noticed a change in the Track Editor (aka "Fine-Tuner"): When clicking on a point, the date/time is not shown anymore in the pop-up. Could you please bring that back, at least the time? I really think it's a big step back, I need the time all the time (no pun intended), e.g. to find out where the rest was in a track. Now I need several clicks for the details for every point! The time only takes 5 characters, so I don't really see any reason to get rid of it...
Quote from: CabrioTourer on June 05, 2022, 22:12:11
Quote from: slarti76 on June 03, 2022, 13:59:54
Quote from: CabrioTourer on June 02, 2022, 17:31:27These no go areas are very important to force the route algorithm not to route through Italien villages. Very dangerous in the Alps.
Off topic, but why are Italian Alpine villages dangerous?

Sometimes extremly steep, very narrow in poor condition.
ROTFL, I was actually thinking you were avoiding the villages because of, I don't know, mafia etc. ;)
Can't really imagine that the villages are worse than the actual trails, but then again, I'm mostly hiking in Switzerland...
Quote from: CabrioTourer on June 02, 2022, 17:31:27These no go areas are very important to force the route algorithm not to route through Italien villages. Very dangerous in the Alps.
Off topic, but why are Italian Alpine villages dangerous?
Menion, you can now disregard my previous comment about Map Shading - now in newest beta I can confirm that also the Hill Shading is better in ZL13+, not just the Slope Shading. Thx!

Also, the coloring of Dashboard icons works. In fact, you - on purpose? - made a workaround possible to choose any color for the icons: As they're colored with the current text color, it's possible to choose the desired icon color as text color (e.g. white), then select/reload icon, then choose the (differing) text color (e.g. yellow) - voilĂ .

@Repair: I, like Andrew, also thought at first something was wrong. I really think, "Repair" has the wrong connotations. And "Modify" was perfectly fine...
Anyway, I experienced increased crashes in Editor Repairer. Can't give you any details yet, but I had several crashes in short order when doing some deleting points or editing points and then moving around in the track with the < and > buttons. Just as a heads up - I will give more info if I can manage to reproduce it, but perhaps you changed something and can already check it...
Quote from: CabrioTourer on May 17, 2022, 15:32:36
This will not change route length (still 84.4km) but
calculated time dropped to 1:47h. This should not happen bcs route doesn't changed.
Well, technically the time should be at least a few seconds longer, because a waypoint is supposedly a stopping point, so you have to break and afterwards speed up again.
Ok, joke aside, at least I can understand why the result of the underlying algorithm would not be exactly the same. Of course it makes no sense that it's shorter.
(and yeah, I'm working in the train business, where stop-or-no-stop is quite a factor...)
Quote from: Menion on May 10, 2022, 16:20:49@slarti76
an old problem with the color of icons I've never solved.
I've at least added a quick fix > next time you pick an "Internal icon", it will be colored to match the style of the text.
Thx, sounds to me like a perfectly sufficient solution. In the end, that's what I wanted - custom color is not really necessary. Looking forward to it :)
Quote from: Joska on May 09, 2022, 22:24:12
Hello Slarti
You can use your own icons, i.e. as png-pictures.
But I want to use the built-in icons, they're fine. I don't have the time to screenshot those and change their color with a paint program. Or search for fitting icons. It's not that I don't like the icons, it's just the color...
Quick question about dashboards:
The internal icons are all black, which is not very useful with a darkish gray background for the tiles as I have. No the icons are obviously monochrome, so it should be possible to change color?! Can that be implemented? Or did I overlook something?
Quote from: Menion on May 03, 2022, 13:22:08
Quotebecause many apps get screwed up by the then unusual aspect ratio
Oki and this is also the case for Locus Map?
No, Locus itself handles that well. It's just the matter of what app you're trying to show Locus together with - I mean, if Split Screen were a perfect solution all the time, we wouldn't need PIP at all ;)

Quote from: Menion on May 03, 2022, 13:22:08Hill shading: well I see quite a big difference in the shading of your screenshots. I'm comparing 224356 and 224409 images.
That's what I meant: L12 with 200% Zoom still looks better than L13 with 100% Zoom (well, in the screenshot it's 600% vs. 300%, but the principle applies). And for Slope Shading, it's really better after your change, so I really wonder what's going wrong here...
And another thing: You never reacted to this post of mine:

I checked it again with release, same result: Slope Shading looks much better, Hill Shading no real improvement.