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Other features / Re: Android 11+, changes
December 02, 2021, 18:19:08
Quote from: 0709 on December 02, 2021, 16:27:13
You are right, Tapio. But a lot of flexibility is lost, isn't it? It is no longer very pleasant.
If I have to decide between performance and still-being-able-to-use-all-my-maps, that's much more than "flexibility". For the first time since I'm active in Locus testing-and-giving-feedback, this could be a make-or-break-moment for me. My outdoor phone (XCover Pro) is neither the fastest nor has the most internal memory. I'm not gonna use my "good" phone for outdoor stuff, so I'm not gonna say it's a no-go, will have to see how it performs, but I'm really anxious...
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Other features / Re: Android 11+, changes
November 30, 2021, 08:24:56
Quote from: michaelbechtold on November 29, 2021, 20:45:37
I really have to agree with Michael here. I have no problem to open a Help Desc topic, that's not the point. But this is too slow for this important topic. I have friends for whom I am the "Locus guru", but who would never take the time to log in on the help desk or whatever. And they all have big maps on extSd that they can't move to internal.
And I'm still not even sure from the Manual entry: Does Locus even offer to move all data to extSd instead of intSd on first start with new version? The manual is not explicit on this. I'm honestly not willing to try out Beta this time (even though I always do), because this is obviously a one way street. I would be ok if you say "Google forces my hand, for now you'll just have to do it, and you can move to extSd, but next I will implement way to divide big and small data between intSd and extSd". But making this dependent on a lengthy voting process is very disappointing - and potentially p***ing off many users. As Michael says, don't underestimate the amount of users with cheap phones with small internal SD, slapping a big MicroSD into the slot...
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Other features / Re: Android 11+, changes
November 29, 2021, 10:26:32
Quote from: Menion on November 26, 2021, 19:28:21
"Is it then possible to divide app and data over private directories in internal memory and SD card" - not yet. If there will be bigger interest, I may work on it and this is definitely a doable task.
1000% supported! I have very big non-vector maps (OruxMaps format) on extSd, which won't fit on intSd, but also don't want to take the performance hit to database operations on extSd.
I don't want to spend lifetime getting angry at Google for this change, we few people won't be able to change it. And I don't really care about the actual paths to data (I would care about inability to share this data, but I don't need that, so I'm fine). But if there's any way to make use of the data on int and ext SD at the same time, that would be a big improvement! I would probably wait with updating Locus if you now tell us, you'll tackle this... Thx for considering!
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.3.+ ( 28. 7. 2021 )
September 21, 2021, 10:42:28
I like the new Distance Markers, but disagree with removing the unit. Now they look like tram or metro line numbers. I really liked Josef's proposal with a big number and the unit small in a second line. That looked nicely like a milestone. Please consider...
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Quote from: on May 13, 2021, 09:11:34
I think that new track screen is a bad idea. First of all previously user has choice between small pop-up and roll down, configurable list of options or full screen info. Now it is gone. This huge, half screen has less usefull info than previously smapp pop-up. No info about distance at selected point of track or distance to the end of the track. This data are available four click later at track analyzator. New screen works very bad for me, especialy when accidently tap sany track on screen. Scroll up animation and map shifting is anoying, track planer hidden in 3 dots menu etc. Is there Any chance to get back choice between new and old track detail info?
While I enjoy the new screen, especially the quick availability of a track chart, I understand your point. Menion said he first wants to implement the screen and then think about customization. Imho the customization should have the following aspects:

  • Parts to show/hide
  • Order of parts (below title, of course)
  • Up to where the screen scrolls up initially
With that, you could customize a screen that only shows title and current position info initially, taking much less space, but still offers all the other info with an additional scroll.
Would you agree that'd be a solution?

PS: About the point info: I also proposed that the track chart should spell out the values for distance/altitude of current point in numbers. However, you only need one click on the icon in the lower left to get to the track point details, not four.
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Menion, do you plan to overhaul the waypoints-in-tracks screen? For one thing, I'm definitely not the only one missing bulk delete. Also, I noticed that sometimes deleting doesn't work. Not sure how to reproduce it, but directly after I restarted Locus it's always OK. I think it's more likely to happen on tracks that I just copied.
Anyway, that dialog has some issues, so if you're planning to do something here anyway, please consider adding multi-delete and check the code for deletion... Thx!
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Quote from: Menion on April 28, 2021, 21:24:39
Currently, it is ... correct. App by default specifies a background color that matches the current mode (dark/light). Anyway, there are maps (mainly vector maps with "theme") that have their own definition of the background color. And this is used no matter if dark/light is selected. I was thinking about working with this color as well, but I'm sure that preserving defined background color for vector map is the ideal solution.
Ok, as I said, it's fine with me, was just confusing at first.

Quote1sec delay ... always? There was no change in the latest versions ...
Yes, on my S9 and Tab S5e the speed is normal, but on the XCover Pro it's always a lag of around 1s. I know it's a slower phone - but it's only the main menu... I think it's not new as such, may have been like that since Locus 4 (don't have LM3 installed there anymore, but I'm sure it was never that slow). Could it have to do with the "Gold" Status? Perhaps there's an additional query every time the menu opens?

Also, the "Map-screen content" sidebar visibly first opens a narrow white strip before the whole thing opens. Perhaps 50px wide. It's definitely not a "move-in effect", it's not smooth, and it's noticable on all my device (with differing speed, though).

I tried to do a screen recording, but you can't see when I tap anything, so it's not that helpful...
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Quote from: Menion on April 16, 2021, 21:55:07
Hi guys,
new version MapGooglePlay_4.0.2.3_1007_beta ready for weekend testing.
Well, played around with the syncing, back and forth, Route Planner, Track Editor - couldn't find any wrong behaviour whatsoever!  ;D ;D ;D
Thx a lot, happy you could squash this bug!

Just one tiny thing about auto-sync again: Somehow my tablet doesn't always notice there were changes. Two situations:

  • Locus stopped on tablet, editing a track on phone, syncing; then start Locus on tablet: No auto-sync, have to sync manually. This I can reproduce on the tablet, but the other way round it seems to work.
  • Locus running on both devices, screen on. I edit on phone, sync, but no auto-sync on tablet. I think it worked once or twice, but I'm not sure. The other way round, it always works.
No idea what could be different. Only thing that comes to mind: My tablet is always in flight mode (no SIM), but with WiFi active (I know, it probably makes no difference, just superstitution that might save some battery). So if auto-sync doesn't run when flight mode is on, not looking at the WiFi state, that might explain it.

But apart from that, I'm happy now  :)

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Quote from: tapio on April 13, 2021, 18:30:39
Beta 4.0.21 version hard crash - but not reproduced yet:

- I created a track with the Route planner with only shaping points
- Saved it
- Opened it again, moved some points
- Saved again.

It was visible on the map. When clicking on it, Locus instantly crashed, Did not manage to open the new track screen. Locus crashed any time I clicked on this track.
Unfortunately I made a mistake and didn't export it, now it is deleted.
That's basically the same that happened to me, just with the addition of the sync problem (which obviously doesn't apply to you, as you made a new track). With me, the track edited with Route Planer also made Locus crash on click.
Menion said he's gonna have a look at it, so fingers crossed he can reproduce...
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Quote from: freischneider on April 11, 2021, 17:19:52
Quote from: slarti76 on April 11, 2021, 15:37:27
Quote from: tapio on April 11, 2021, 07:52:21
In a tracks context, the possibility to create embedded waypoints is needed and expected here (by me at least).
I've also always been arguing for adding that to the Track Editor, but Menion doesn't seem to believe in adding waypoints to tracks once they finished recording ;)
Would be happy to be wrong, though... :)
Do I understand correctly. You want to make a waypoint to a track point. I do not desert for what. Do you have an example?
Well, "Waypoints" tab is part of all tracks. I use them all the time to mark special points and events during a recording. Same could be "general" POIs like "Restaurant", but some like "took off crampons here" are specific to the track. So waypoints make a lot of sense. And sometimes you forget them during recording, but you would like to add them later. While you can do that in the waypoint tab, they now don't have a timestamp anymore, which in cases like my example above are of interest. So adding a waypoint directly to a (timestamped) trackpoint makes a lot of sense. And from reading the threads here, I'm not the only one wishing for this...

QuoteBut what I think about the track point. I create many track points (per language). To maintain OSM later. After uploading, I delete them all again. But I always have to select and delete each one individually (delete also confirm). Please make all selectable.
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    Few more things about the new track details:

    • Thx for making the description selectable & copyable, as I asked for! :) While you're at it, why not make the title selectable, too?
    • As has been noted above, simply having the waypoint icons there is, well, not so helpful. Tapping them should at least show their name, or even center them on screen.
    • Also as noted above, wouldn't mind the description below the title. To save space without the header "Description", and perhaps only max. 2 lines, with a clickable "<more>" to expand if longer
    • Some customization would be nice - I for example would like to slim it down by removing "Best interval"
    • The crossing lines for the "current point" are nice to better gues the values - but why not display the actual values directly, too: "432m / 6.1km".
    • I know, the left-most button takes you directly to the current trackpoint - but there should be the opposite, taking you back to the track.
    Just my 2 cents - probably you already have some of those things in mind...
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Quote from: Andrew Heard on April 01, 2021, 23:13:00
Quote from: slarti76 on April 01, 2021, 08:13:46
but frankly, what do you expect? As long as you didn't log the new device in with any account
@slarti76 - what do you expect? I expect something less confusing - as I tried to explain in step #3 I had logged in with the same account, so Locus should display "My Subscriptions" and not "Go Premium". Anyway, @Menion is aware of the issue. Thanks.
I apologize for the snarky answer from my side. Wasn't my day, shouldn't have written at all.
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Quote from: auric on March 28, 2021, 11:19:48
Quote from: tapio on March 28, 2021, 11:05:24
"Track rec visibility - auto hide"
Set via presets. Rec. button does not hide, at least while recording.

Isn't that exactly what you want? Optionally hide it when it's not recording, but when it is, keep it in view?
My understanding, too.
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A bit older report, but just to confirm: No crashes anymore when opening Sync or returning to Sync dialog after Locus was in the background for a while.
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Good news:
Beta from Play Store doesn't trigger sync anymore if only track preview updated, as discussed. Can put this to rest, thx  :)
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