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I probably fixed this today morning. Locus Map maybe starts instantly, but part of the sync system was already killed, and restoring of this system was done a moment later than another part of the app needed. In the next version it should be ok, thanks!
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visible track > sync > track updated and no longer visible ... good observation, this probably happens. Little more complex to solve, but added to my to-do list, thanks!

The problem with the not visible track during recording should be fixed in the next version. App now uses more aggressive optimization for drawing content on the screen and the track was incorrectly detected as "not visible".

Thanks for the video, appreciate it!
- selection improved: the app will first try to find the nearest active point (green dot). If none is found, the nearest middle point (red dot) will be used. In the current version, sorting by distance from click was not correct.
- invisible handling points > hmm another side-effect of new optimization. Thanks, fixed!

a) yes, that's what I tried to wrote > already implemented

A simple long-tap on the map screen does not display the bottom dialog?

I've never seen a recording button in the system bar when the recording was not active. It technically does not make sense. Any steps to reproduce it?

Permission to "Always use GPS even in the background" is complicated. What you see is best what the app can do. The app should not force users to enable "Use in background" settings, anyway, you should already see a warning dialog with "To navigate or record a track with the display off ..." text. Do you see it when starting recording and this option is disabled?

@Andrew Heard
long tap in point detail is not so simple like in Track editor, I was already looking at it. Anyway, I'll maybe improve it a little bit ...
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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
February 16, 2021, 13:45:44
@Žajdlík Josef
1) I have forwarded this to @voldapet which is the creator of new online LoMap. Dedicated discussion here:
2) Good point. I will discuss this with the rest of team.
3) Recalculating route segment - Yes, this is known limitation which should be solved soon (probably V2).
4) Custom profiles - we definitely want to introduce more advanced options. But this is currently in the phase of collecting ideas and will probably happen not as part of V2.

1) Track editing - Yes, you should be able to load your saved track from MyLibrary into web planner in order to modify current one or save it as new track. This will be implemented in V2. Advanced track editor is not planned (e.g. removing particular points, adding breaks, ...).
2) We are planning quite flexible system of displaying geo information on the map. But this is in "idea" stage. I understand your concern but I do not want to promise we will improve this by some "temporary solution"
3) Zoom - we end in zoom level 19 (the same as OSM). Out ouf curiosity - why do you need higher zoom?

1) I do not understand what hyperlink you would like to have here. We plan (V2) to display LoPoint details in dedicated tab (like MyLibrary).
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@Andrew Heard
thanks for the tests!

- trackpoint timestamp: just scroll down, values should be at the bottom of the dialog

This is a correct observation. Online LoPoints are always included in the online search. We are trying to create a single united search across addresses/points in a single window. Online for now, offline later.

Option not-to-include LoPoints into search > I'll have to think about it ...

Thanks for the info about the crash > you are right, fixed!

Problem with restoring the state before preset was activated > unfortunately, I'm unable to simulate this issue. Does it happen always on your phone?

good point, it was not intended. Re-added, thanks.

I'll try to integrate it better with the currently visible map screen, which should cover the need for zoom & work with the map.

Interesting idea with swiping between interesting points on the track. I'm writing to "consider" list.

The small "i" button is only for testing purposes in the test version, no worry.

positive results, hmm nice, thanks too  ;)

Mini maps are (still) not yet rendered automatically after import, only when the track is created (route planner, track recording) directly in the app. Or manually by a long click on the preview.

Problem with the rendering of the recorded track .. good point > results of the optimizations. TODO

Thank you for the nice and precise report!

- not-synced points? Ah thanks, hopefully, get it.

- "synced tracks are sometimes not displayed after a sync" > visibility of points & tracks is not synced

- Track editor Insert/edit: Cannot select point exactly > as a fallback, still possible to move by the left/right arrows, right?

- Track editor: Insert/edit not working after 1 or 2 edits > I'm unable to simulate this issue in track editor, so video will be needed, thanks.

- Minimum zoom out factor not working > hmm, it has to be a really old problem. This parameter was completely ignored. So test it please in the next version.

- Display hiccups after startup/inactivity > not visible track recording should be fixed now. Do not know about the "Not visible active tracks" problem. How to simulate this? And the problem with "Nothing to display" in map content was already reported by @john_percy, but I was also not yet able to simulate this.

Different size in DB > It's possible. Can't say the exact reason without investigation.

Feature request > multi-export, sorry, not possible now. Too much work.

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The track that is currently being recorded fails to refresh properly when display was off for a while. Only after repeated zoom operations will it appear on the map again.
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Hi slarti76,
you can find the LIDAR based DTMs at
I doubt Asamm would volunteer to host the 25MB/piece data ...
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- publish or not publish? Not for me, but if you think other will find it useful or you just wants to discuss this feature with others, feel free to publish it ...
- show on chart: found and fixed, thanks

I was just looking on this yesterday. The problem was in enabled "Orientation by GPS" in sensors > compass settings. In case of show view, this will be fixed in next version. In case of map rotation, it is intent so map screen will really rotate based on this settings.

- same icons, I know, just need from our graphics to find some free time on it :)
- docs for intents, agree .. fixed
- intent for presets is planned, I'll add it to priority tasks to next bigger version, no need for a task on help desk in this case, thanks.
- and improved track edit screen: wrong wording. I mean page where you edit name/desc/activity for a track. There were changes how screen reacts on back/cancel actions.

thanks, log received. I have no idea why just to you this happen, but consider as fixed.
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