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When viewing a fieldnote in add-on-->long press--->View open the Cache listing as expected.
When closing listing with back button, Locus displays a dialogbox.
Everything operates as normal.
View attached screenshot.
Troubles & Questions / Auto rotation fuzz..
February 26, 2017, 18:27:38
I would want to add Sensor to Orientation Lock.

User case:
The only app on my device that use Landscape is Locus. I activate Auto rotate in notification bar, and navigate.. in a dashboard holder. Leave car, search geocache or whatever. Come back home, disable Auto rotation.
Well, went to playstore, found auto rotate app activated pr. app... activate for Locus only. Hallelujah, this removes the Notification bar step, works like a charm!

Until hitting Hint... bam... Locus crashes hard 😢 (doesn't even manage to display dialogbox)

Possible to add Sensor as an option?

Regards Hallgeir
Free chat / Test your sensors...
August 24, 2016, 18:16:08
Curious about your sensors and sensor-data?
Discovered this a week ago.. searching for a tool to record/collect data over time. Especially barometer, compass, gps etc..

I know...this is for the nerdy ones of us.. ::)