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I'm getting this error frequently when updating a list of geocaches
A 6th bottom button would be great.

I'm able to simulate this bug every time.
See link:

Today i used Locus first time in live actipn.
I had tot think about how to use it in many ways, but that's normal..

One thing i missed: No possibilitiy to change die main coordinates of a cache. In older version i could tap on the coordinate in cache view to change them. Now i could only long tap to copy them to clipoard.

One bug found: See attached image.
When pointing to a cache, the target line is laggy when moving the map.
I like the new beta and the option to put a thord custom Geocaching button in buttom list. ButI thought it would be additionally to the 5 existing buttons...

I love the new way to see main cache below, even when opening a single Waypoint from the map. Really nice!! :)
I have an OnePlus Nord with an 6,44 inch display.

I like every option to customize Locus for myself. So I agree with auric's idea of making this geocache options available on both placed. I could live with menions attachement of the pop up menu, even it is for sure not really pretty :D
Happy to test new version, soon :)
Quote from: Menion on January 11, 2021, 19:50:25
thanks for the feedback.

- top bar > maybe later. Agree that on bigger devices, there is enough space for the second panel

- cache logs: button has standard size, so clickable area is the same as for e.g. refresh button. Refresh of logs is problematic because it is not done by Locus Map directly, but it's done over 3rd party app (G4L) > complicated.

- GC side menu: hmm it was opened by a slide from the right. Right, good point. You are this first after a few months of testing who point on this problem, so definitely not a serious issue ... how to solve it, hmm  :P

- missing options in the GC menu? Should not be. You may define two quick buttons to the bottom panel. If defined, these functions are then missing in the top-right menu, so maybe this is your case?

- third shortcut > added to TODO list, thanks

- "more" below listing. Well, as you wrote above, "arrow is too small". I consider listing as very important and also app display longer part of it, so the button below makes sense to me.

- short text in popups > it is a global problem across the whole app, not just here. I'll look at it, thanks.

Thanks for quick reply.

You're right: option to log is only available, when not selected as shortcut.
I'm not sure why this GC side menu is located on the top right corner behind this icon, that looks like a printer to me  ;D --> Maybe it would make more sense in bottom bar instead of the third shortcut?

Some more small things:

-the 4 "new" attributes are still missing - also in "old" Locus
- geocache icon on map is no more  moved to corrected coordinates, when final is solved with MultiSolver addon

map view:
-in full screen mode, the scale is next to the right corner; when double tapping to show the side bars, it walks to the rightern middle
- I would love to set in geocaching tool wich type off "load all waypoints of visible caches" will be shown on map. Example: When I load all of them, Locus is showing a "final point" additionally to the corrected cacheicon of a mystery cache. So I get everytime I tap on a mystery Cache the option to choose between the cache itself and its final waypoint. Hiding all waypoints is no option, because I like to see possible stages of a multicache next to me.

geocache points data:
If I try to refresh all geocache points in a list, I get this error everytime: "Cannot pass in more than 50 values in the referenceCodes parameter". That's depending to Geocaching4Locus AddOn, I think.
Worked in old Locus Pro like a charm.

Yesterday I saw that there is Locus 4 available for testing. For sure, I had to try  8)

First impressions: Very nice and optimated for one hand use  :)

Missing in my opinion:

top bar in map view:  option to set a second information to the right corner - there is sooo many space next to the coordinates

geocache view: overall nice new look
- I love the "plan to" option  :)

some things I don't like:
- arrow to open logs is too small - I would prefer getting to logs by clicking on the smileys and refresh (download the newest) by replacing the arrow with an sync button like it is next to GCVote
-missing the side menu from the right: the button on the top right corner ist far away from my thumb
- in this side menu there are some menus missing: no option to log + no option to the notes of a cache
--> only possibility to reach these things is a shortcut at the bottom
- I like the new clear look of the bottom bar in geocaches: maybe offer the option to set a third short cut - there is so many space available
- I miss the older option to show the cache or waypoint on map (EDIT:seen the solution above - nice!)
- I dont't like the view of the "More" button under the listing area - should look better with the arrow like above (waypoints + trackables)
- is it possible to not shorten the text in menu if it is to long?: geocache bottom bar: puzzle icon: 2 of the menu entries are shorten by "..." - mybe make the are bigger that all can be displayed


Crashing also when Switching settings for display activating...
Yes. Thats it...
Hope for a fix
There's a bug in cache notes.
If they are not empty and I open them to edit, they are empty from now on and all informations have gone.

Btw: Is it possible to reach the notes editor just by tapping the note in cache listings? It's easier than slide from the right to enter them. ( I know of short cuts in buttom bar but these are used by write log and hintj

Another "bug"? Since some versions, it's no more possible to show all waypoints directly from map view of a cache.
Panels are back. Thank you
Seems thats most settings are still here.
But the wohile side and top panels are empty.

Layout settings broken...
All settings have gone for me, after nightly update....
Why do we see a new copyright Icon on bottom left? Can we disable it?