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Yes. Thats it...
Hope for a fix

There's a bug in cache notes.
If they are not empty and I open them to edit, they are empty from now on and all informations have gone.

Btw: Is it possible to reach the notes editor just by tapping the note in cache listings? It's easier than slide from the right to enter them. ( I know of short cuts in buttom bar but these are used by write log and hintj

Another "bug"? Since some versions, it's no more possible to show all waypoints directly from map view of a cache.

Panels are back. Thank you

Seems thats most settings are still here.
But the wohile side and top panels are empty.

Layout settings broken...

All settings have gone for me, after nightly update....

Why do we see a new copyright Icon on bottom left? Can we disable it?

I'm using opera mini.. . Download to Locus was working fine in old version.

Problem with locus url linking at

Die Website unter locus-actions://http/ konnte nicht geladen, weil:


@Diddi: you share a cache with and you see Locus Map itself or an "Import cache to Locus Map", which is Geocaching4Locus application? And what exactly is a problem with it?

The problem is that I cannot forward this Link to a mail or Whatsapp contact. How to send somebody the link the a cache in new version?

But new share screen is buggy. If I try to share link, the phone is asking how to open this... browser or locus itself.

Du hast die Frage gerade selbst beantwortet. Zudem sind die korrigierten Koordinaten dann in den PQs drin

Ich denke die Frage zielt darauf aus Locus heraus die Koordinaten im jeweiligen Listing zu ändern. Leider unterstützt die API das nicht. Mir fehlt die Funktion auch sehr.
Ich würde nach einem absolvierten Multi auch gerne die korrigierten Final Koordinaten direkt updaten. C:geo kann das,  da sie spidern...

Einstellungen  -  Karten -  Bedienleisten&Knöpfe -  Aktivitätenliste


@Diddi: please check menu > settings > maps > panels > left actions panel to define content. Anyway if you wants a hike/show based on double-tap, this is not currently possible.

Hope to see Double tap based option in future.

One bad thing of update this day is that ALL Points of ALL lists are shown.  Thats confusing.  Would be nice to have it chooseable.

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