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New beta:
I still have the Geocache listing crash like ballooni.

At least, faster unloading visible points is now really fast. :)
Seems that the new version is official. Got an update
First time in field today with new public beta. Have been in a cache tour. Locus crashed about 10 times.
Active target guiding (Zielführung in German) to a cache. Clicking on another cache on map crashed locus several time ( but not everyone).
Furthermore I get an error when trying to send field notes . 3rd attempt was successful.

Quote from: Viajero Perdido on March 25, 2021, 15:12:35
Hi.  Just did some sofa-testing of the pre-release version.

I looked at a geocache I'd loaded via GPX.  It didn't show the favorite points (shown as "-", likely because not included in GPX), so I went Update.  Now, I couldn't find the section showing favorite points, the top of the scrolling panel I guess.  Had to exit that view and re-tap the geocache to see it.  A bug?

It's a known bug. Somebody reported it before. unfortunately Menion couldn't simulate it. I have it, too.
Quote from: JackRussel on March 24, 2021, 08:15:47
I don`t see LM4. There are Locus Map free and Locus Map Pro. And Locus Map free is 3.50.1

At least here in Playstore

Please read the first post. You have to subscribe to beta channel of Locus Map free
Question to subscription (not clear to me)
Will I get Gold as current Pro user all the time für half the price (12€) or even just one year like the free silver year?
Do I understand right?

I'm a Locus Pro user and am currently using the Beta of V4 from Google Drive.
If I want to use the new "official" Beta from Play store, I have to subscript the Beta channel for the "old" Locus Map "free" and will get the new LM4 (where I have to select which subscription model (base, silver, gold) will fit best for me)?
After installing the Beta, I can delete Pro and Google drive Beta versions, without getting any data loss?
I can't test the sync feature.
Try to start. Log in with Locus account and getting the following:
"Active subscription of locus map premium is required. Code 14199"

Quote from: balloni55 on March 03, 2021, 16:07:03
When i open  a geocache and run "update geocache"
on "updated" cache window most needed infos like: D/T,  size, attribut icons, logs, wpts, listing are gone :-\
After reopening the geocache all infos are available.

Same for me with newest beta
New beta is very laggy for me.
When tapping on a cache, the pop up (from dthe bottom of the display) is coming up very shaky an not as smooth as before.
Quote from: Diddi on February 23, 2021, 11:33:38
Beta 9 is crashing every time I try to Download a pocket query

Still the same error...

Crashing and restarting...
Beta 9 is crashing every time I try to Download a pocket query
I had one other bug in main screen for only one time. After going back from mobile phone screen lock to locus map view (with finger print), there was a gap between the top bar (with coordinates) and the active guide to a cache bar, so that I could see about 1cm of the map.
Forgot to take a screenshot...
Little bug while recording a track:
After some time the icon in the left bottom changed from "active tracking" (pause key) to "start track" (Play key).

Tracking itself was working finde the whole time.