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ah, I got it, thanks, fixed!

It will be a little dynamic process. I've tested it manually on the emulator and more than 5 buttons + 1 menu looks quite bad. We will see ...

- quick "log in" button in the parent cache panel > you know better than me :). I just expected that this may be useful, but let's remove it. It may be added back later when needed.
- creating a waypoint is a little more complex task than it may look. It is currently tightly connected to the "waypoints" screen. So ... oki, done :)

what is the problem with this slider?  ;D. It jumps with certain steps (10 or 25%) and I found it quite easy to set precise value. It sounds like it does not work as expected. May you post a screenshot where may be visible a problem little bit? Thanks!

@Andrew Heard
now ok ... fine. Error 14199 is the worst that may happen. It is the last step when the app handles some negative states and this says something like: "I really do not know what happen. Server does not respond or I do not understand this answer or there is some problem with data ... sorry, do not know". So it may be a serious problem or it may be just a minor issue in my code. When this happens, it may be useful to create quickly a bug report over the system. There may be some more info ...

hmm, your description of how it works is precise. And a good point.
Asking for "discard" when leaving the planner is not ideal I think. I'll do something with it ... thanks!
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thanks for the feedback.

- top bar > maybe later. Agree that on bigger devices, there is enough space for the second panel

- cache logs: button has standard size, so clickable area is the same as for e.g. refresh button. Refresh of logs is problematic because it is not done by Locus Map directly, but it's done over 3rd party app (G4L) > complicated.

- GC side menu: hmm it was opened by a slide from the right. Right, good point. You are this first after a few months of testing who point on this problem, so definitely not a serious issue ... how to solve it, hmm  :P

- missing options in the GC menu? Should not be. You may define two quick buttons to the bottom panel. If defined, these functions are then missing in the top-right menu, so maybe this is your case?

- third shortcut > added to TODO list, thanks

- "more" below listing. Well, as you wrote above, "arrow is too small". I consider listing as very important and also app display longer part of it, so the button below makes sense to me.

- short text in popups > it is a global problem across the whole app, not just here. I'll look at it, thanks.

hmm ... I wrote it somewhere, not clearly, that since the new public Beta test version, we cleared the server database and switched the whole infrastructure to the final production-ready system. So now all data remains on the server like with the regular final version. But, your old app communicates still with a testing server that is already empty. Maybe from here comes a problem? I'm sure it is, there is no other explanation. So please use the new version, thanks.

I'm not sure if Michal wants to be already public, but yes, the work-in-progress manual is already in preparation here.

hmm, I was thinking about this problem before as well and agree, it may be a little more complicated. As you clearly display in the video, the map is visible only in case, point detail is not shown by click on the point directly on the map. This was previously solved by the "map" button in the bottom panel ... so return it back? Hmm ...
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