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Yes, we are finally official  :-*

I'll re-organize a few categories on the forum and the new topic for LM4 is here: .

Well, what to say ... is Thanks enough? Maybe not, but it is probably not important. I believe, you here are mostly satisfied with the changes we did last in almost two years. Weather at least in central Europe starting to be really nice so I wish you mainly: stay healthy (families as well) and enjoy at least a little hike & bike adventures. It is something that connects us right?  ;)
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Quote from: Diddi on March 28, 2021, 20:39:27

Furthermore I get an error when trying to send field notes . 3rd attempt was successful.
for your info, this afternoon GS page was down ~2 hours
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Oh finally!!!

Ask me please, when anything is not clear. I've added the first two "FAQs" to this first post. Michal will then summarize all core questions more precisely (with his definitely a lot better English :) ). For now, you'll have to live with my :)

I have only some info from @0709 about not-ideal GPX imports, but to be true, I do not know what is wrong. And you never communicated with me about this before (as I see, you have some German posts, but I do not know German and do not read these topics ...). So if there is something you want to fix and if you are able to give me file + step-by-step instructions to simulate this problem, feel free to create a new topic here or on help desk and I'll gladly look at it ...
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It's on Google PlayStore now. Currently I can enjoy ads (in Locus) 😁
Will there be any technical change when we have the transition from Play Store Beta Channel to stable channel? Technically, a different installation? I ask because I'm lazy, I just wish that it continues to work.
Didn't touch subscriptions yet, do they technically work?
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Hi guys,
I started this topic with the hope, that this or in the worst, the next day will be published new version on Google Play.

But, well, Google is blocking a release (also new Locus Map Pro 3.51.1) because of validation of "Background location" access. We were twice-time rejected and now waits on the result of the third attempt ... so sorry.

Live-tracking is paid only for people, who want to create private groups. So for example, you with Gold subscription may create a private group and invite the rest of the family that does not have any subs > and it is ok!

Yes, Silver is risky, but we are sure, many people won't need the web stuff, so it is a very good option for them.

And yes, package names remain the same, so everything existing will continue correctly (add-ons, tasker tasks, etc...)

If you can, right after you notice that the app crashed, create and send me a bug report. There may be some info about the reason (or may not).

@Andrew Heard
nice comparison :). We focus on the area more related to hike & bike. Car navigations? It is the world on it's own  :).

thanks for the tip. I'll note about it my colleague who created web :).

[CZ]sorry, not yet ... still waiting on the Google (start of this post)
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I'm a pro user and I will go premium.

Anyway, I would suggest that on the comparison page link you start with summarising the different features that you do not get with classic etc but do get with Premium .

Now it is one giant list which I have to click and scroll to see what I'm getting extra premium. I did not find it convincing because I have to scroll through a sea of green that the other versions also offer yet Premium has a lot to offer. To summarise: summarise :-)
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I used the Google Drive v4 version as my main Version and uninstalled LM3. I just hope whatever I will install now (gotta read all the subscription related info) - hope that technically it still works and hope there's no folder chaos.

Looked at the subscriptions, seem very affordable, from my 1-phone-perspective at least. I know there'll be a lot of discussion again though. Stay strong, Menion 😊
I will go for Gold. Do not really need it because I don't do Livetracking or sync/web planner (yet). But full Lomaps is attractive. Silver seems a risk for the business, because reckon it's good enough for most of us.
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Hi guys,
so the version is uploaded on Google Play and waits for some validation process. After that, it will be available as the final version over the Beta test channel, same as Locus Map Free before.

Unsolved topics from last discussion(s):
- accidental long clicks
- crashes on Samsung A11+ devices
- maps as a part of Presets

Final pre-release topic for Locus Map 4:

Final release data is 30. 3. We firstly wanted 23. but rather wait a week and do some more tests & fixes.

I was also testing Promo codes, because I want to give most of you codes to use Gold for some time for free as a small thanks for your amazing help here, but I have some technical problems with it for now, so it will take a few days probably, sorry.
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@Žajdlík Josef
sure it will. This is the point > to have the same data on ALL devices and on the web > for this, a single paid account is needed.

@Frivold, @fraben
appreciate it, thanks guys!

Willy, this is not about GPX format :). We have currently 4 servers for online LoRouter, separate huge servers for LoMaps, for LoPoints and one monster for an online database with backups and some for testing environment. Together with the five developers we currently work on this project (how this happen last year? Hmm) + 4 other people, zipped export cause a probably 0.00001% difference in expenses.

And I repeat it again: nobody will be forced to leave Pro version, so if you do not care about recent change or web stuff, do not use it. I've decided to publish new updates for Locus Map Pro every month together with Locus Map 4, so IT WILL BE correctly updated = fully working.
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I just want to say that I'm looking forward to a new version of Locus Map. I have been using LM4 for a while (demo) and I am very happy.

When it comes to pricing the app, I think you have been quite generous considering that Locus Pro can still be used, and will be maintained further.

I bought the Pro several years back, pretty cheap. And when I think about how much I have enjoyed the app, I think I have paid too little. (Once I even bought some LoCoins that I did not need, just to contribute a little). I understand that it costs to develop the app, and I happily pay some euros a year, in exchange for the program beeing continuously improved and developed.

Thank you for the work you do, and congratulations on the new launch!  :)
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Don't wanna pressure, just for information: Do you have an estimate when sync can be tested again by everyone? Thx!
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I have a subscription query. If LM4 Gold is installed on a tablet and phone with the same account. Will one Gold License will be enough in this case?
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Quote from: Menion on March 18, 2021, 13:00:40
Silver tier is close to the current Locus Map Pro, but gives few bonuses
@Menion, but also appears to take some routing features away?
LM3.50Pro can use offline BRouter or LM "inner", but LM4 silver can't?
LM3.50Pro can generate alternate routes (recalculate route), but LM4 silver can't?

Quote from: lor74cas on March 18, 2021, 16:38:05
I have seen the annual prices: 0/10/24.
Gold tier EU24 --> ~$A40 per year AND no family subscription, that is a disappointing  jump from current LM3 Pro pricing ;-(

I'll be the 1st to admit I've had extremely good value from Locus over the years with one app purchase, a few months of live tracking, and very cheap LoMaps. But if our family currently has say 2 phones, 2 tablets, does that mean 4 x ~$A40 each year? 99% of the time just one phone is used. It's a massive increase on the current situation.
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The point of this discount is to give users who paid for Locus Map Pro, their money "back". So in the case of Silver it is 10€ back (Silver for one year for Free), in the case of Gold it is 12€ back (50% discount for the first year only).
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Diddi, good questions, thanks!

I've improved first post which should now give you all the necessary answers. Your expectation is correct except "deleting Pro & Beta (from Drive)".
a) keep Pro, maybe it will be useful
b) Beta from Google Play simply overwrite Beta from Google Drive. Also, new final versions from Google Play simply overwrite Beta from Google Play. There should not be any problem (I hope).
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