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Quote from: tapio on April 20, 2020, 17:46:02
Quote from: john_percy on April 20, 2020, 17:25:11
That's how I have my files arranged and it works for me.
Same here, best practise as of now.
Thanks John and Tapio.

I guess (! don't know) all files need to have see same filename (identical, 1:1, only extension is different of course) to have the correct relation (common used strategy also Menion used) and priority is then derived from directory-structure, beginning checking nearby, otherwise 1 level up?

Why my question - honestly I have not set it up so far, have been busy with Tasker-wifi-auto-screen-lock and my R1-remote lately ;D Don't want invest time in further topics, better hold my face into sun..
following the posts here and @OAM
to setup offline-search, POI and adress, current best-working-case:
can someone give a compact simple example incl. structure in which way to sort and name the maps & .db the best

   lomaps.db (POIs extended, offline-adress-search possible)
     oam.db (POIs simple, offline-adress-search not possible)

In how far has the naming to be identical in the prefix?

ähh, sorry, alles englisch - gerade ok oder soll ich übersetzen?

- gps-center-button: yeah, happens if being in talk with someone, while biking, no smartphone-mount available, windy, partially one-handed moving+zoom view around, and auto-centering enabled. If you press 5ms after auto-center happens, then BAM :D

- caching: oh well, ok. Honestly, Elevate-Theme is quite heavy in calculation/rendering, due to lot of details of course. While being on the move on vacation I always choosed John's awesome Velocity-theme (part of VoluntaryUK) when speed matters, which is often the case in unknown areas.

- route planner
- attached 2 pics of route planner (256Colours to smaller size)
- pic: if I plan with 'navigation hints' I get (as desired result) a lot of hint-points. Their labels might get annoying while moving view and on-hover. If I choose to not calculate them, the problem is (of course) not there, but also don't get navigation-hints if I continue with route-planner > navigation. So I prefer to calculate them. I don't want to change Basic point labels on-hover (point & tracks > point). Is there a setting around to only show the hint-points as dot without any hover-symbol-labels? If so I feel sorry, you still implemented a lot of customisations, still searched..
- route planner > navigation. Starts navigation. If I stop/end navigation and do route-planning again, the last track is understood as 'saved' and therefore cleared ('retain unsaved plan' activated). Nasty if you get into the situation to need to re-setup and further optimise the last track in route planner.. (still did testing with simple test-routes)
- pic: route planner itinerary: some white space for possible layout-optimisation (sure, HD-display here which might not always the case)

- really love the new LM4-grid-layer, good training in coordinates IMHO ;D

( LM4_925_beta)
Menion, even though without feedback so far, still checking out LM4 8)
Yeah, congrats to the latest enhancements here and there, a lot of route planning, .., very impressive *thumbs up* 8)

- I know there was this BIG discussion about the gps-center-button. Honestly, I don't use 'rotate map' and will never do. I couldn't find an option to finally disable this one(!)-tap-to-enable-map-rotation as this mode will only bring trouble to me, that's for sure.. Can you guide me?

- you noted it somewhere, currenty l don't invest time searching for it - using vector-maps the caching of the rendered view is very small. Moving view across tile-borders (without changing Zoom-level or vector-theme, details etc. ) always forces a re-calculation of already rendered areas, with expensive costs IMHO. example-Vid at

Quote from: lor74cas on April 15, 2020, 11:54:46
I do not understand why this option is the top voted "Long click on "Route type": toggle between "manual" and "selected" routing".
"Toggle" function is a shortcut to change the profile to manual and back, it does not to draw directly a manual point.
I also voted for this top one - stupid me - and I guess this 2nd one might does not fit to most 'need' (> most important) and/or might be a sort of unusual setting, combining/mixing profile and +new-point. Might come in handy though, but is a combo > profile-button (route type) triggers a new-point-action. Still some days for votes. If not, there's hope, as we know, Menion is an expert in finding perfect solutions for special pro-community-needs 8) Maybe a further drop-down-setting (in settings) or new GUI-stuff like pie-menus (e.g. Blender) might help..

edit: added small details
Quote from: balloni55 on February 28, 2020, 07:34:29
Themes window while using "OpenAndroMap V4"
- 3 icons are grayed
Realised that too.
But this is due to a change of the theme-zips, where Tobias (delveloper of Elevate-theme) 'missed' to include Elements.png and Elevate.png, which have to be next to the .xmls in order to let Locus take them, guess so.
I had a look: happens first with Elevate of 2019-09-30 - I am currently using the Elevate 4.4RC, same here.
Copy both pictures from Elevate4_Locus 4.3.2 of 2019-07-08 next to the .xmls and the pictures are shown 8)
Let us inform Tobias soon if he should not be here around..
- pause navigation
when I was on holiday and on the way back from france to germany, I decided to hit a nearby supermarket to save delicious souvenirs. As navigation was over a longer distance and set so far perfect, I just wanted to make everything 'pause, being idle' until I would be back on the track and continue the journey, without any re-calculation or anything. As the traffic was busy and the surrounding unused, I still wished myself a freeze-button.
- being-in-action-button (keep screen on for some attention-time)
being in Paris-rush-hour and traffic I needed to keep the screen on to check the street-possibilities at any time. My current mode was via 'waving' (I love it), but still needed the screen on at that time to have free hands and overview  ::)

Yes, once again you find myself trapped in traffic-topics again  :D 8)
@Menion: nice poll  :D *thumb up*

simple points which came into my mind:
- most people are right handed, but also some people are left handed. Holding the phone in the left, those people would prefer + and - (zoom) and maybe other buttons on the left I guess. I am right handed.
- button-layouts will definitely vary from person to person. Some people still need + and - for zoom (often less trained, maybe older persons, friends of button-pushing,..), some are fully happy with pinch/spread or tapping to zoom. At the end things are often customisable as the pros will appreciate extra-space and full view or prefer bottom as it's not in the way of left/right-thumb-gestures (e.g. riding bike and using one hand) and screens are often mounted portrait instead of landscape, so more space at top/bottom
- I am often tipping that fast, that I still have to have certain buttons at defined places, in best case due to my customisation/choice
ne klasse Idee, das hilft! ..bestimmt

Call 'presets_check_1sttimeuse'

Sub presets_check_1sttimeuse
If b_presets_1sttimeuse then
                b_presets_1sttimeuse = false
mbox = MsgBox("You are using presets the 1st time. Before using presets I suggest creating a new preset containing your current settings, so those are preserved and you can easily change back with a single click. Create a new preset?", yes & no)
If (mbox = yes) then
Call 'presets_create_new'
End If
End If
End Sub

ein FAQ-Eintrag ist doch viel zu auffwendig ;D
ich gebe zu, bisher habe ich presets auch noch nicht genutzt  ;D
was irritiert ist, das man die 3 std-presets wählen und bei aktiviertem presets-AdvancedMode diese natürlich auch ändern kann.
Aber eines von den 3 direkt zu benutzen scheint mir fatal, denn dann werden deren Einstellungen übernommen und man kommt nicht mehr easy-peasy zu seinen aktuellen Einstellungen zurück.
Es wäre wahrscheinlich das sinnvollste zu allererst ein neues preset zu erstellen, dabei werden ja die aktuellen Einstellungen übernommen.
Ok, fatal sind andere Sachen, aber vielleicht ärgerlich, überraschend, nervig, plöd..
like often with new betas I had to open GooglePlay > My apps&games > Installed and then manually reopen LocusMapFree several times until the button changed from 'open' to 'update'. So update worked for me some minutes ago.. 8)
(btw had to recreate the homescreen-app-shortcut, easily done of course)
no crash so far ;D
only occasionally cutted names with vector-maps at tileborders, but this is more general and still adressed the recent time AFAIR
Wolfgangs link, dann vorletzter Punkt fast ganz unten.[#sprachversion_der_karte
Wenn dann da (Details>Sprache) einstellbar. Wahrscheinlich aber auch nicht bei einer online-Karte möglich, da müsstest Du eine passende offline-Karte nehmen..
jepp, current version is working fine with V4 maps (download via green-download button), like mentioned under 'Info' the RT5-xml gets loaded.
Missed the change from HiLo to active_RT though, so thx 8)

Quote from: LocusUser#1 on April 26, 2019, 20:02:39
The changes I will no longer in the HiLo theme but only in the follow-up theme "active RT", if interested can download this on Github.
Versionen immer unter inkl. Änderungshistorie.
Wenn Du kannst würde ich immer die aktuellste apk aus der zip installieren, Arndt schreibt ja auch in der readme_apk_api_level.txt:
QuoteBRouter_api28.apk is the version intended for upload on GooglePlay Store
  It is not fully functional due to security restrictions
(android > security > device administration > 'unkwon sources' temporär einschalten dürfte genügen (nutze selbst root))
Andererseits, wenn's tut dann tut's..
Quote from: FriedelXT on July 05, 2019, 13:43:28
Wie kann man denn brouter dazu überreden vorwiegend radwege zu benutzen?
Meinst Du offizielle Radrouten?
Dazu musst Du das Profile anpassen, z.b. Trekking.brf
Dort steht zb. in Zeile 15
assign stick_to_cycleroutes = false   # set to true to just follow cycleroutes
hier musst Du false durch true ersetzen.
Am besten eine umbenannte Kopie Deiner .brf bearbeiten.
Profil in brouter-web testen ist auch immer gut.

Präferenzen gehen ansonsten nur über Anpassung vom costfactor soweit ich weiß, ungewünschte Wegarten müssten höher beaufschlagt werden, ca. Zeile 200+
Quote from: menion on June 21, 2019, 13:25:46
1. why "Optimize raster map resolution" settings do not fit your needs? Raster maps are then rescaled too much? Rescale by DPI use floating point values, but in most cases, it will end on integer value for raster maps. For vector maps, the situation is different and there it is always floating point value that more precisely match device DPI.
I just realise that magnify might not be the thing to use, %-values etc. And I use some raster maps. So I have on and off and both are not suberb to me, as often in life it could be something between, more personal taste or preference. So I still ask myself why I have on and off instead of values or possibilites, quantised steps between maybe.

btw. I often asked myself why 'settings>controlling>map screen>tap and hold to display adress' is not 'tap and hold x secs to display adress', I tap way to often and then tap stuff away... I train myself to make it getting less
Quote from: menion on June 21, 2019, 13:25:46
2. hmm, I'm checking code and app should list all directories in mentioned mapsVector/_themes directory and in every directory search for *.xml files. XML files in the root of the _themes directory should be ignored. Maybe you may zip me _themes directory that does not work as you expect and share it with me? Thanks.
see pics attached. If I put Elevate and VoluntaryUK in separate directories - which is not intended by Tobias or John I guess but by me ;D - both are not usable. The current way is working perfectly and - honestly - still ok, as working, but maybe this can be optimised, each theme-package would have a dedicated directory. Seems like I missed Elevate4.3.1 since 1 week btw :P