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  • klick einmal (in der normalen Kartenansicht) oben dahin wo 'Locus Map Pro' steht - dann öffnet sich eine Auswahl. Kartenname ist ganz praktisch, manchmal aufch GPS oder Koordinaten.
  • Deine 1.Karte oben sieht eher nach einer online-Karte aus, also Bild-Kacheln, ist nämlich ziemlich pixelig. Bin hier nicht so firm, nutze hier eher mal Google-Hybrid - ist das vllt. OutdoorActive, dann müsstest Du die mal gekauft haben?
  • links am Kartenrand ist ein blaues Fähnchen/Ettikett - hier kannst Du ein Theme einstellen - das definiert das Erscheinungsbild der Karte.
  • @Rest: Datum der OAM-Karte (03/2019) und Crop von 'Rur': wird eine V3-Karte sein
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Quote from: balloni55 on February 28, 2020, 07:34:29
Themes window while using "OpenAndroMap V4"
- 3 icons are grayed
Realised that too.
But this is due to a change of the theme-zips, where Tobias (delveloper of Elevate-theme) 'missed' to include Elements.png and Elevate.png, which have to be next to the .xmls in order to let Locus take them, guess so.
I had a look: happens first with Elevate of 2019-09-30 - I am currently using the Elevate 4.4RC, same here.
Copy both pictures from Elevate4_Locus 4.3.2 of 2019-07-08 next to the .xmls and the pictures are shown 8)
Let us inform Tobias soon if he should not be here around..
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- pause navigation
when I was on holiday and on the way back from france to germany, I decided to hit a nearby supermarket to save delicious souvenirs. As navigation was over a longer distance and set so far perfect, I just wanted to make everything 'pause, being idle' until I would be back on the track and continue the journey, without any re-calculation or anything. As the traffic was busy and the surrounding unused, I still wished myself a freeze-button.
- being-in-action-button (keep screen on for some attention-time)
being in Paris-rush-hour and traffic I needed to keep the screen on to check the street-possibilities at any time. My current mode was via 'waving' (I love it), but still needed the screen on at that time to have free hands and overview  ::)

Yes, once again you find myself trapped in traffic-topics again  :D 8)
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Quote from: FriedelXT on July 05, 2019, 13:43:28
Wie kann man denn brouter dazu überreden vorwiegend radwege zu benutzen?
Meinst Du offizielle Radrouten?
Dazu musst Du das Profile anpassen, z.b. Trekking.brf
Dort steht zb. in Zeile 15
assign stick_to_cycleroutes = false   # set to true to just follow cycleroutes
hier musst Du false durch true ersetzen.
Am besten eine umbenannte Kopie Deiner .brf bearbeiten.
Profil in brouter-web testen ist auch immer gut.

Präferenzen gehen ansonsten nur über Anpassung vom costfactor soweit ich weiß, ungewünschte Wegarten müssten höher beaufschlagt werden, ca. Zeile 200+
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Quote from: menion on June 17, 2019, 20:06:20I'll have to think about it little more, but old zoom value are from my point of view useful for "geeks", but average user lives in the world of directly visible scale (like "this line" is 300 metres) or in older system of paper maps (1:25k, 1:50k etc.).
Sure, I understand that with raster-maps this is a bit more challenging.
The problem with extraordinary discrete %-values might also be that features like auto-zoom might be different from map to map..
At this point it might make sense to think about preserving some extra space in internally build/used map-arrays, keeping map-dependent-parameters, and integrate an additional internally used map-scale-factor, starting with 100% as same-value-on-each-map, but might come in handy if time tells some tricks needs to be done and different values might be the better never know ;D staying flexibile while changing the structure. Sure, not a new idea and royal thoughts already used by devs 8)
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