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1. is initialization during start different? Now loading instead of detailed list, though it was always quite fast

Backup manager
2. content, left to select-button: IMHO text is of no value. Honestly a shortened enumeration missing details instead of a list never makes sense to me. I suggest using a list, maybe in smaller font size if used screen-space is a matter. I suggest to begin with summary like:
Full Backup: NO
Enabled items: 9/10
(item3 not listed as being disabled)

Just an idea.

3. status & details during processing missing. Any processing >1s should provide details about what's going on.

4. I am with Tapio, wording: "loading" during a saving-action is not the best choice

5. Congrats! (just sharing my impressions) :D
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Quote from: Tapio on April 05, 2023, 12:39:35Most recent OAM Germany map vs. LM4 beta - anyone else?
I downloaded Germany-North 04.04.2023 today, zip, v5, and it's working fine with Elevate and with newer LoMaps-MF-beta-theme and VoluntaryUK-MF-beta-theme.
Haven't checked any map-feature though. Citynames and name-priority are somewhat different between themes.
All these different numbers are irritating, V4 here,V5 there, I suggest to call the new beta-themes simply MF-themes, as not being Locus-specific.
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maybe we need backup-presets.. ;D just need to drop this joke

(sure, backup 'settings only' should to be closer to 'full' but without \data\database as some configurations are missing)
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Quote from: Tapio on March 01, 2023, 13:06:20MFV4 Lomaps.
b) When will they be in the store?
AFAIK Menion tried to cover all reg. this in a separate thread
LoMaps + MapsForge V4
See the google-drive-link over there for available maps
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.14.+ ( 1/2023 )
February 01, 2023, 13:23:10
Quote from: luce on February 01, 2023, 08:09:09It's your choice to buy a phone with an immature screen technology, it's not Locus' fault.
I remember joeloc's request and remember me thinking 'that's valid point and an useful enhancement, well known downside of static high-contrast pixel-sections'.
It's always easy if you're not (yet) affected, and as a long time Locus user and community member he just wants to communicate his dissatisfaction about this addressed potential issue, which is understandable.
Permutating positions is not a difficult matter, though functionality needs to get coded, tested and maintained.
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Information / Re: Update of the forum (2022/08)
December 18, 2022, 15:18:51
At the forum mainpage I see a block with recent posts at the very bottom
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using 4.11 as of today

I suggest to pause latest brainstorming on presets for some releases and updated features, until new calls possible, probably Menion and team save existing links, ideas and comments to some MS OneNote or alike. BR
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plannings for introducing custom buttons in dashboards would improve flexibility and if so, I am with tapio, it should be possible to trigger any kind of action with it, like any other digital (UI) or hardware button would do.

@Menion: when optimizations in LoPoints and search get addressed, I suggest to also use some 2 weeks of collecting/sharing ideas, opinions, needs upfront
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- cannot really see a change
- do the buttons have a 1px border of different color? Looks a bit strange, some visual effect
- compass needle - this way ok to me
- blue color of lock-symbol for centering-lock is still of low contrast and super ugly
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.3.+ ( 28. 7. 2021 )
September 04, 2021, 07:37:56
LoPoints-experience and the partially illogical logic noted on page 3 and month ago.
Must be more confusing for people not that experienced with LM though.
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Quote from: freischneider link=topic=7496.msg64864MIUI offers the option of hiding the navigation bar for certain apps. But Locus does not react to this setting.
I suggest to not use those specialties as this might bring nightmares to Menion to deal with all those gimmicks with potential misbehaviours, cornercases, whatever..
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Quote from: Menion on April 23, 2021, 10:26:15
@Andrew Heard
Both "itineraries" have different use-case. In the route planner, it is mainly about the option to see all segments on one screen and the option to change easily it's order. In the active navigation route planner, it is about a common itinerary known from bigger navigation apps. It should be read-only and give quick overview of what will come.
Can't imagine how to merge them to be true  ???
I guess Andrew meant:
- RoutePlanner-iternary being an parameter-list (input, via-points)
- Navigation-iternary being an calculated result-list (output)(containing the via-points as used constraints)
Currently you see the (calculated) results in
- RoutePlanner as drawn route > graphics only
- after starting navigation as route & iternary > graphics + table
even though it's in both situation already calculated.
In RoutePlanner maybe without fetching road-names.
With having the full result you can better decide whether to use it or not..if you started the process of navigation, it's not that easy to step back.
Maybe you are in unknown territory and someone gives you some hints, use a certain  street, whatever..

Currently you have to do some clicks and cannot go back and forth easily.

In my opinion the iternary could gain some structure and styling to clearly differ between input-points and calculated parts between
- shaping point 1
-  road/segment 1
-  road/segment 2
- ..
- shaping point 2
-  road/segment 1
- ...
- shaping point 3

maybe collapsable  :)
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short feedback: after trying several times with each LM4 RCs and drop in vibrations, LM4 final made LocusStore and subscription working. Hallelujah!
Must have been some sort of Easter egg ;) :)
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I also prefer red - well, I must admit I have been conditioned

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Quote from: menion on May 30, 2020, 18:34:09
For almost two days, I see LM Pro on Google Play as published, but it's still not ready for download ...
with me: once an update is released I often do not get it offered as 'update available' the first days but if I go to 'Google Play>My apps & games>Installed>Locus Map Pro' I might get an Update-button (instead of the Open-button) if I switch back and forth several times - so you might get a chance if you try to 'provoke' it > if you know, just try and try, it might work
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