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Quote from: 0709 on March 22, 2024, 09:23:37- The clock guiding notation mode is already known in Locus map for many years.
Quote from: Graf Geo on March 22, 2024, 09:47:53Maybe you're right.
For sure he is right. 3 times clicking "Navigate please" is not fully fleshed out UI. IMO You either choose "Plan route to" and expect all route planning options in the process. If you want to go the short way, with "Navigate to" you can expect it to start a navigation instantly.

I recommend therefore to rename the menu if that is the concept:

1. Navigate to
2. Plan navigation to

In case of 1., start from GPS position and turn GPS on if necessary.

A simple concept and easy to understand. I also never use guidance.
Heavy changes there, IMO WIP. In the most recent Playstore version there is a menu with "Plan route to" and "Navigate to".

The latter auto creates a route in the route planner. I agree, this should happen totally in the background, otherwise the user would have clicked "Plan route to".

Currently,in the screenshot menu, we decide what we want. But eg after using "Navigate to", followed by another click on a navigation button (top of the route planner), Locus once again asks if guidance or navigation is wanted. That's still not perfect. You tell Locus 3 times that you want to navigate.

Aside from that, that menu is a great thing.
Quote from: Graf Geo on March 20, 2024, 22:53:23Ok, you should have added that.
I hardly ever use it, so I don't care. But it might be more useful there than with (photo) points
Absolutely because if I walk in an area I once was I could quickly review the photos I took in the area.
Quickly is the point here because out in the wild I don't want to tap a lot. Eg. sometimes I remake photos from the same spot I once was, an easy way to look at a picture is helpful. And currently the bottom panel as in my screenshot above just wastes the space which could be used for the photo.
Quote from: Graf Geo on March 20, 2024, 22:04:01I don't see any need for changes here.
Geotagged photos. They're screaming for this change.
Quote from: freischneider on March 20, 2024, 19:02:40The preview larger....yes and no. Then I see less of the other information
But think about it, do you tap a picture to see it? Or to read the address and what else is there... I am convinced primary use case is to see the picture. And its dedicated view is not fun. You cannot directly go to another one.
Yes I'm aware about rotation, pictures aspect ratio etc. It's solvable.
When tapping an image, the primary interest is to view the image. I think if it initially came up with a bigger preview this would already be good enough for previewing. The tiny preview not so much What do you think? I suggest full width stretch (and cut top/bottom to keep initial panel size predictable). IMO this would make picture viewing a much better experience! It's currently a bit lacking and clunky.

Ist Android/Media sichtbar? Locus evtl. dies verwenden lassen.
Address on each shaping point in route planner: needs to be refreshed on shaping point move.
Quote from: Menion on March 14, 2024, 14:39:30Beta version MapGooglePlay_4.21.1.5 RC_1125_beta published!
Resolving of address for every point in route planner, resolve route direction, both beautiful.
Quote from: Menion on March 11, 2024, 22:23:29When using the "Navigate to" function, search is the most logical step from my point of view. If you want to use the screen center - long click on the screen center > bottom panel Navigate to!
Is the difference clear? In our team were votes for merging both start-methods into one, but I consider both as specific use-cases that should remain separated.
Difference clear.

I think we have different opinions because you're coming from a "navigate to an existing point" perspective.

I'm coming from the perspective where you click "navigate to" in the side bar. There is no point in this context. But there's the screen center as the most likely target. So coming from there, you could either a) instantly set screen center as target (I prefer) or b) ask via above screenshot.

So imo 3 use cases. Plain route planner, navigate in point screen, navigate in side panel.

BTW. "long click on the screen center"? Nothing happens and afaik there's the optional address display.
Ich halte es mit 0709: "Da die Speicherung der Bilder und der Datenbank unterschiedlich ist, besteht die Gefahr, dass sie irgendwann getrennt werden."

Bilder mit passenden Metadaten, in Locus "Geotagged photos" nutzen, das reicht doch normalerweise.
Quote from: Menion on March 11, 2024, 09:25:15@Tapio
Choose location > under this menu is quite a lot of options, so I would rather stick with the united system across the app. Anyway, what is unexpected on the "Navigate to" call?

The search is unexpected. I already know where I want to navigate to and don't need the search. Most of the time when I use "Navigate to" I want to nav from gps pos to screen center.

Wouldn't it be more logical if it came up with the screen as attached?
I like the route planner much more now, but that's probably because the new panel with the list can stay hidden now. I must admit I am not seeing its usefulness.

"Navigate to" starts with search, confusing.

Screenshot: Can't you put the "Choose location" options directly into the "..." menu? Opening that sub-window has always been a bit weird. So there the search should be placed.
GPS-Aufzeichnungen sind systembedingt sprunghaft. Die ermittelten Geschwindigkeit sind Ergebnis individueller Algorithmen mit Durchschnitten und Glättungen.

Nähme man die reinen Positionen und Zeiten zwischen ihnen für bare Münze, sähe man recht häufig extreme Werte.

Dann ist zu bedenken, dass Apps schon mal Geschwindigkeiten ins gpx schreiben (deren eigene Abschätzung). Weiß ich nicht genau, ob Locus beim Import selber neu berechnet, ich schätze ja.

Mach' Dir nichts aus ein paar km/h oder Nachkommastellen. Sind irrelevant.