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Thanks for the new version, you worked very hard. Can you remove the "active profiles" limitation at some point? E. g., I'd rather display like 6 hiking profiles, but the icons can be misleading, because they are static. I refer to - see attachment.

I also was wondering if a more direct access to the routing profiles would be nice. Currently we have to assign them to a button first, a bit of a static approach. Maybe something like an additional dropdown with profiles to pick from, for the routing profile power users... Especially in "recalculate all" I think it is nice to have.
If the function, whereever it is offered, does not directly draw a point AND make manual profile switching obsolete, I think we do not win much.
I didn't see it before tbh.
Downloaded the beta... it feels weird from UI point of view. Because nothing visibly happens, the finger is on the button, you cannot see the profile change.
I see Menions point but I can see now this solution is something that will hardly be used.
Only solution I see is options for assigning functions to those buttons.
Quote from: poutnikl on April 14, 2020, 16:53:35
Long +  click is currently bringing set of alternative ways of the point selection, similar to one in the navigation dialogue.

But it is the same as in LM3 Pro.

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Yup, and does anybody ever need it there? But I also see, from UI perspective it makes sense.
Quote from: menion on April 14, 2020, 12:22:12It is clearly visible to me how (almost) everyone here thinks... it's expected :) ... "I need this, dot".
Nah, I think most of us are aware about many more aspects like UI clutter, change of functionality vs. user behaviour, multiple wishes resulting in additional options, resulting in software complexity... But it is not useful to always write walls of text.

So my approach now and here is: I WANT THIS, PERIOD 😁
Quote from: Andrew Heard on April 13, 2020, 01:40:18yes, I tried both toggle button positions
I currently have the Alpha installed, Locus\data\brouter method works there as well as in stable.
EDIT: OK, also works in Beta.

@Andrew, are you sure you just didn't put them into the BETAs data-folder? I hate to ask ;-)
I voted "Long click on "+" button: add manual segment between last point > map center"
Because: a) I don't need what's currently on longclick+. and b) I think it is a rather regularly used function and we achieve a lot of convenience. Very good icitiative from lor74cas.

If this is implemented, @Menion can also allow to hide the manual profile just like the other profile types.
...well, and go back, = 6 clicks. I see the point from Lorcas, it's a good point, I also need to use the direct line quite often - but I don't think it's worth another icon.

Maybe longtap on the mode switcher icon would be a solution? Logtap 1: manual draw, longtap 2: return to prior profile.

btw longtap + (add point) brings me... see attachment. I'd prefer Lorcas idea here, logtap+ = manual draw this time.
Menion, you added the option for default POI icons. Should this maybe affect waypoints which are embedded in GPX? Locus picks a black dot as an icon... This is the waypoint format in my imported gpxes:

<wpt lat="51.00066" lon="7.00079"><ele>39</ele><time>2020-04-13T06:09:05Z</time><name><![CDATA[Stop: City]]></name><desc><![CDATA[2020-04-13 08:09:28 MESZ]]></desc></wpt>
Quote from: Žajdlík Josef on April 13, 2020, 07:54:08
In the latest version of Alpha and Beta, is it no longer possible to use automatic route planning from a starting point based on a specified distance?
You mean that automatic route creation tool, indeed it is missing. BTW, something similar, a bit more sophisticated, is here:
In the Alpha, in route planner, track length is always shown correctly. In stable, always the length of a straight line is reported. So that is fixed? Just recognised it... Brouter profiles are in data/brouter, in both stable and alpha.
Quote from: menion on April 10, 2020, 14:21:27What I may suggest is to place own profiles in Locus/data/brouter directory  ;). Give it a try, it should work. Then is no need for profiles included in BRouter itself and all is under full control of Locus Map.
It works and is definitely better now. I put some hand picked brf files there. You could please add data/brouter to the backup, as you know brfs are valuable for some of us, and they are small.
As for the context menu I hope there may be a way for you to simply migrate the popups context menu to the new UI.

How can we terminate the app when started as a service? I can, I can add the exit command to the toolbar, but the average user?
IDK, some apps have something like file->exit. Some can't even handle to save settings etc. because, but idk, swiping the app away is like a, say, task kill on Windows and the app cannot react to that.

I am a conservative PC guy, just pressing HOME and having the os organize task processes is not my style. Loss of control is for Apple users  ;)
At least if Locus is started as a service, there should be an app->Exit function in the main menu. There's lots of space in the bottom marketing row. My personal opinion for any app is, it should always be there.