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I want to edit an existing theme like "Elevate". What I want is, I want to have Parking on top of everything else no matter what. So that I can easily find parking spaces.
Because currently, I changed it to display from ZL15 onwards. But still in some zoom levels "P" symbol  is shown, then in another it is not shown because something else is displayed.

So, how is Priority done? Where do I want to look for documentation. "Mapsforge themes" is that the topic?

Look, there's XML stuff like this...


    <rule e="any" k="amenity" v="parking" zoom-min="15">
<rule e="any" k="access" v="private|destination|acc_no">
<symbol src="file:/ele_res_l/s_parking_private.png" />
<rule e="any" k=" " v="~">
<symbol src="file:/ele_res_l/s_parking.png" />
<rule e="node" k="*" v="*" zoom-min="14">
<caption k="ele" dy="28.1" font-size="9" font-style="bold" fill="#0092DA" stroke="#FFFFFF" stroke-width="2.00" />

Priority is a terrible thing in Locus. Like, on a world map, it does not display "New York City", but it loves to display "Dead dog memorial of an unknown NYC citizen", or "Saint George Kindergarten". etc etc
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Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] Voluntary UK
February 02, 2019, 16:01:12
Great, thx. My favourite hiking theme. The only change I do is giving shelters more attention. View starting at zl15 plus a red symbol 😁
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Bug? Track manager in lock screen, tracks sorted by elev. gain.
Unlock device, bring another app to front, go back to Locus: Track screen says it has no data.
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Quote from: menion on December 18, 2018, 07:18:51Complains about magnifier: I personally found it useful, which is why I do not see problems related to it. Any suggestion how to visualize moving point better?
My most prefered way of moving things is per map center position. Because there we have the best overview and we can zoom. Move per map center: Which is currently too far away.
I think a dedicated "move mode" would be awesome, which, if map center is close to the track, automatically  highlights either waypoints or, if somewhere in the track, the closest trackpoint. Highlight by just hovering it.
In this mode, there should be a hand button, which toggles between holding and releasing that point.
And on releasing, if it was just a trackpoint, auto create a WP. Movement of points by moving map.

Just my 2c. Because I am convinced, moving points - doing track corrections - is most essential.
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I don't see the need for a message. If user taps a preset, he knows that he does it and he sees it is happening. No need to explain. I mean, time wasters could be everywhere. "Hello user, you are now entering the options". "Hello user, you are now leaving the Locus store".

No need for that. We're not Apple users!?!


I also think the confirmation question in Route Planner, "Do you really want to recalculate all" is unnecessary. I mean, until that point, I already expressed my wish twice. I don't need to tell about my will for a third time!  I always think "awww, menion, c'mon, really?" 😁
If user decides against it, he can already exit the prior window where you choose the (brouter) profile. And on top of that, there is Undo.


Is GPSies integration broken? Whatever I search for, I get no results.
I really wish for a good integration. Then with Locus' "favourites" functionality, I wanted to find all tracks around the map center, within a specific range, with specific properties, but the results weren't good. In a way gpsies api supports some stuff, but the presentation did not work. See link below.

If the Locus/Gpsies interface could support track search around map center... something common imo...;jsessionid=7C4F3AA6D484C214F24D0C86762A3E78.fe3?trackTypes=jogging#14_51.28060196654988_9.484033584594727_hikebike
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Quote from: menion on August 06, 2018, 09:18:45
setup of "climbing/descending/flat speeds" is overkill
OK! Hey, Locus already does calculate decent ETAs internally for the temporary track... and also offers it in route planner (Menu -> Travel time) - There is "Bergwandern (mountain hiking)" which would be more appropriate for me for display in the bottom bar.

BTW as you probably know, Germany has a norm for this (DIN 33466):

Up: <u> meters
Down: <d> meters
Horizontal: <h> meters

Conservative assumption - the hiker walks per hour:
300m up
500m down
4km horizontal

a = u/300 + d/500
b = h/4
c = greater value of a and b
d = smaller value of a and b

Walking time: (0.5*c + d) hours
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It has always been like that: When I use the "Favourites" function and call Google Maps (App!) with it and it transfers the map center position:

- Google Maps does center its map to the Locus Center position, but does not add its waypoint (that red balloon symbol). Is there something that can be done on Locus side?

Menion, it is a desire for me to thank you and the people involved super super much many mucho for the most important app on my smartphone :D You are such an important part of the outdoor scene. And still lots of potential customers, I hope. Because in the outdoor world there is so many people having no clue about smartphone navigation, it's weird. If I meet people using their smartphones for this, which is rare, they do it on very basic levels.
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Other features / Re: Offline POI database
July 04, 2017, 06:04:27
Menion, are you working on the POI system? I think the current state is something that can be improved. E.g., loading 100 by 100 is not perfec and rather clunkyt, also loading POIs in a radius around the center is not perfect, while POIs along a track are of interest... Hey, Locus could, as a track option, auto load POIs in a radius around the track... Probably a can of worms :D Are POIs your unloved child ;)?
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wenn ich einen Punkt hinzufüge, habe ich ja Garmin-Icons oder die von Locus mitgelieferten (die hat Menion von

Allesamt völlig Retro und pixelig, da in irgendeiner Vorkriegsauflösung für Endgeräte, die schon vom letzten Kaiser benutzt wurden.

Kennt jemand eine Quelle für bessere Icons, die höher aufgelöst sind? Kommt Locus überhaupt mit höheren Auflösungen klar bzw. skaliert das dann ordentlich?

Sonst muss ich mal versuchen. Ein sehr schöner Algorithmus für comic-artige Bilder, z.B. bei Dwarf Fortress bekannt für das Hochskalieren alter Tilesets. Man bekommt da halt simple PNGs weitgehend ohne Artefakte hochskaliert. Ed gibt da wohl auf Github auch ein Kommandozeilenprogramm, nur ich hab gerade nicht so viel Zeit....


EDIT: Oben original, unten mit Waifu2x hochskaliert 2x.Am besten die Bilder anklicken, weil sie hier im Posting vom Browser nochmal hochskaliert werden.

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