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Siberia is now a german province...

Maybe Locus shouldn't try to interpret what is in a folder? See screenshot, I have changing oam maps in that OAM folder. Menion you don't want me to put the Czech Republic into that folder 😁

EDIT: Tried it, the Czech Republic wins. Folder is named after the first file in the alphabet. Not useful, I think.
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I remember the width of the sidebar has been discussed. I also like the LM3 size better. IIRC Menion said it will stay as it is. Personally not an issue for me, I have all stuff I need on it... and I have the right sidebar usually hidden.
The oppossite problem would apply for me: more room for icons would leave an ugly gap because the sidebar ends with the last icon. Which is rather unusual.
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Quote from: freischneider on December 29, 2020, 12:42:07
Quote from: Menion on December 29, 2020, 07:42:18
interesting idea! ... hmm, isn't there missing the "Set custom GPS position" feature from Locus Map Pro? It depends on how much is this feature usable and if "toggle" should replace it.
I don't know the 2nd function either. Since nobody has missed them yet, I think very few use them. I think it's good to switch automatically with a long click.
If somebody wants the function at some point, we'll find a solution.
Menion has implemented it, thx. Personally I'd prefer a green toast msg here instead of the vibration.
Shouldn't it also toggle to that center lock state, if the map is currently dragged somewhere else? Except vibrating, it does nothing in that case.
Also I am thinking, the lock icon is not clearly understandable. As for that center icon - Maybe the outer ring should have 4 small, to the center showing arrows. Or alternatively, the letter A (for auto center) could be easier to understand. If I see a lock icon, rather "you can do nothing here" comes to mind, not "the map will auto center every couple of seconds". Just thoughts.

Thanks Menion, Team and Forum - I wish you a great and healthy 2021!

Best regards - Tapio
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As for the map center button. "Hold map" is the only menu option on longtap. A submenu with just one entry feels wrong. I think it would feel very right, if after longtap it toggles the hold state.
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Menion, I just realised that the most frequent question, if following a route and out in the wilds, is not answered by Locus directly:

"Wait. What's the (on track) distance from here until... the next hut?"

This simple question comes up so often... Somebody asks you "how far until...?" The answer could be presented in the trackpoint popup or in the new point info.

Currently I do the maths with values which are presented. E. g. (targets distance from start) minus (currentpos distance from start).
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Quote from: Menion on October 09, 2020, 13:57:03New version just uploaded on Google Drive.
Empty folder on Google Drive.
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Web portal & sync / Re: Locus Map - cloud/sync server
September 08, 2020, 16:15:55
New version, it happened after track deletions.

And let me add: congrats for going public after probably a lot of hard work.
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Web portal & sync / Re: Locus Map - cloud/sync server
September 08, 2020, 15:44:32
Thx for explaining. Don't get me wrong, I trust you, my basic concern usually is, services get exploited and at some point we may find big data dumps available publicly - it always happens here and there... Well it's all about risk management,,, some stuff is OK for me to reside on the other end, other stuff only in encrypted form (with only me as the key owner).

But hey, since Alpha is having its own db here, I just remove "sensitive" folders and then sync.
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Yeah, DIY and a decent Editor, I prefer Microsoft Visual Studio Code, an awesome editor, even many of my diehard Unix people at work like it.
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Quote from: menion on April 14, 2020, 12:22:12It is clearly visible to me how (almost) everyone here thinks... it's expected :) ... "I need this, dot".
Nah, I think most of us are aware about many more aspects like UI clutter, change of functionality vs. user behaviour, multiple wishes resulting in additional options, resulting in software complexity... But it is not useful to always write walls of text.

So my approach now and here is: I WANT THIS, PERIOD 😁
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I voted "Long click on "+" button: add manual segment between last point > map center"
Because: a) I don't need what's currently on longclick+. and b) I think it is a rather regularly used function and we achieve a lot of convenience. Very good icitiative from lor74cas.

If this is implemented, @Menion can also allow to hide the manual profile just like the other profile types.
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Quote from: Žajdlík Josef on April 13, 2020, 07:54:08
In the latest version of Alpha and Beta, is it no longer possible to use automatic route planning from a starting point based on a specified distance?
You mean that automatic route creation tool, indeed it is missing. BTW, something similar, a bit more sophisticated, is here:
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What I see in the test version is not bad. I still can keep the screen free from elements. It's still the complex and capable app I love. Very much appreciate the new point approach. The UI changes I see are a small thing for me. I just wish the poi database, pois in general would get more love.
I must  honestly say my thoughts about Locus Alpha are more and more "after all, not much can change and will change". Not bad for me personally.
I feel Menion is having a hard time to bring changes in software and payment system to life. And I wish them success. Locus = Most important Android app for me.
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Many users, - relatives - including my wife, only use what they see directly.
E. g. if there is a core functionality inside a menu, submenu or wherever, they never use it or know about the existence of it.
Have already experienced it. In an ebook reader, they may never change font. Never change a wordwrap setting. My wife even never changed the ipads brightness.
If they turn wifi off, "internet is broken since a couple of days". Quote of my father-in-law.

I'm usually rather speechless. I think it is quite common that nobody looks what an app/the os is capable of.

imo the worst case user == average case user.
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I didn't follow the whole discussion. As for the bhttons and toolbars, I'm all for maximum flexibility, ie every function can be everywhere. A good default setup for newbies, a good UI for configuration, maybe Ui presets. just my preference.

I agree, stable version is in a good shape, quite perfect.
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