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Quote from: Menion on April 23, 2021, 10:26:15@tapio
hmm, it may not be connected to dark mode. It looks like that app is unable to pick the correct map for the preview so use the blank map. And because you use dark mode, it is black, nothing more.

Ah no big deal... may be related to my use of an OAM map. I don't use Lomaps because MFv3.
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Some thoughts on trackpoint/track view.

1. Stay in view... When I am in new trackpoint screen and tap the track at some position, I wish it would stay in trackpoint screen and display the selected point.
2. Intuitive toggle button needed, toggle between track screen/trackpoint screen.
3. In trackpoint screen I think there's a lot wasted space. The from start/to end information is important, but not initially visible. I hope for some user config/reorder possibility.
If we can intuitively toggle, there may be no need for the track/folder info in the trackpoint screen.
4.In Trackpoint screen, the statistics section with "To start/to end". If navigating a route, there would be the right place to display track distance and todo elev, relative from current position.
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As for the track screen AND if I am navigating the track... I wish for more nav related information, like

distance from current position until selection
distance to end/from start (cur. selection)
pos elev todo... to end/from start (cur. selection)
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Hennes. You are in all points right about web planner. Gold subscription.

Zoom buttons exist: Search in options, you can enter "zoom" as a search term.

Quit LM: yes, you can add "Exit" to main menu or toolbar.

GPX - strange. I'm also interested. Personally I've linked gpx to LM4 via TotalCommander and yes, LM4 shows the import options here.

In Locus Store you can download elevation data. It downloads the precise 1" data, if available. You can check in the SRTM folder - those files are 24MB. Alternatively you can download manually and put hgt files to data/srtm.
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Audio coach icon is black.
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Search for "zoom buttons" in settings.
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It's on Google PlayStore now. Currently I can enjoy ads (in Locus) 😁
Will there be any technical change when we have the transition from Play Store Beta Channel to stable channel? Technically, a different installation? I ask because I'm lazy, I just wish that it continues to work.
Didn't touch subscriptions yet, do they technically work?
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Quote from: JackRussel on March 22, 2021, 13:45:52Can I use Brouter in LM4 like LM3 ?
Yes you can, external BRouter just as in LM3, so no need to be dissatisfied. You only need silver.
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I used the Google Drive v4 version as my main Version and uninstalled LM3. I just hope whatever I will install now (gotta read all the subscription related info) - hope that technically it still works and hope there's no folder chaos.

Looked at the subscriptions, seem very affordable, from my 1-phone-perspective at least. I know there'll be a lot of discussion again though. Stay strong, Menion 😊
I will go for Gold. Do not really need it because I don't do Livetracking or sync/web planner (yet). But full Lomaps is attractive. Silver seems a risk for the business, because reckon it's good enough for most of us.
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"As I remember, Menion wanted to not overstuff the preset system."

Wrong thinking 😁 IMO the preset system should be overstuffed. We use it to batch apply settings. To avoid to visit specific settings. I love to use presets and I totally dislike having to set map or theme manually...
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Die in Tracks eingebetteten Wegpunkte brauchen mehr Zuwendung, ich habe da auch schon oft vieles gefordert. Viele WP löschen... leichteres Einbinden von POI... da ist noch viel Luft nach oben, was Menion aber auch weiß.
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Ah that's what you do. IMO the centering behaviour makes a quick bookmark call already very easy, have a look:
I don't see that problem of the centre getting lost. You tap somewhere on the map, the point information disappears, the map moves perfectly and the poi stays exactly under the centre.
Quote from: luce on March 12, 2021, 19:21:03
Choosing "Quick Bookmarks" from the POI context menu is more intuitive than tapping a POI, swiping the point screen away again, trying not to move the map (because that would change the coordinates) and then tapping "Quick Bookmarks", that's why I made this suggestion.
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Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
February 14, 2021, 12:08:43
You may be right  :)
For me in order to use it on PC, this web planner has to compete with brouter-web - hard task. E.g., web planner starts with a very zoomed out view... wheras in brouter-web I can save and share a track (and many properties) via the glorious URL "command line" system.

I mean like:,HikeBike.HillShading&lonlats=7.954102,51.363207;8.114777,51.333615;8.048172,51.293654;7.91153,51.271317;7.928696,51.337868&pois=7.925949,51.309112,Test&profile=hiking-beta
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4 overall thoughts about new trackpoint screen:

1. Needs zoom
2. Bigger icons please for the nav arrows
3. Is now starving for a possibility to created an embedded WP from the current tp. But additionally "Add embedded WP" should also be in the tracks context menu, because it has a position.
4. TP screen has info button bottom right. Can be removed. That screen has redundant information.
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Menion, didn't you want to make bigger changes to the point system? The trackpoint screen really deserves previous/next buttons, we already talked about it.
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