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Cabrio, the track details screen when coming from the track manager is technically something different. More of a static window like it was before, but stylistically now like the new track screen you refer to. Menion said it's limited, don't expect changes there.

Just in case you missed it: you know if, in track manager, when you tap on the map preview it directly goes to map view and shows the track?
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New 012 version instantly crashes (often) when:

- tap a track (planned one, from route planner)
- New track screen is open
- Bottom left icon (to point screen)
- Crash
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Quote from: Menion on April 29, 2021, 13:21:22
route name > only recorded. Imported or planned has different names. Also, in the recent version, you may modify the pattern for the name of the recorded track, so ...
There's the timestamp there {t} - I was wondering - will you add more variables? Especially (next) city name is interesting.

Quote from: freischneider on April 29, 2021, 11:38:30
I would love not to see "Best Interval".
Oh yes. Same, also the waypoints symbols aren't useful for me. Maybe at a later stage we can define which elements are shown, while the rest (their fullscreen windows) can be accessed via a submenu.
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@Menion I experienced the same as Andrew! Recording initiated by an intent. I noticed, it wasnt stopped by Tasker, but should have. And so I wanted to stop it manually. Not possible, as Andrew wrote. I stopped Locus, it comes up with that message "recording running", and I think I just dumped the recording with that recycle bin icon, which made the recording stop. Serious problem.
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Looks good.
Menion, you know there's some people asking for customization of the new track screen, are you planning to do so, will it be possible at all?
For me, changing of order, hiding sections comes to mind. And initial visibility (vs. fully dragged out). Eg, one may only interested in seeing the tracks name and stats in the initial view, but not the elev. profile. You could allow to define # of elements which are in the visible area initially.
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Quote from: freischneider on April 25, 2021, 21:02:54
Man kann sich ein G Account für gemeinsamme Apps anlegen zB. Locus. und einen für sich persönlich. Dann geht das auch mit den Spielständen.

Das wäre auch mein Ansatz gewesen. Ich habe mit meiner Frau so einen Account für fas gemeinsame Tablet und auch Google-TV (Chromecast). Familienbibliothek hätte ich für Locus auch gutgefunden. Aber Asamm hat eben anders priorisiert. Silver ist ein großes Angebot, das Gold im Regelfall unnötig macht.

Als PC-Gamerveteran fühle ich mich dank Paras Kommentar mit meinen 49 plötzlich wieder jung 😅

Viel Erfolg, Saturo, im Detail kann ich hier leider nicht helfen.
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Button has an ugly cut shadow. Bottom bar is always on, Fullscreen mode, res. 1080x2244
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Quote from: Menion on April 23, 2021, 10:26:15@tapio
hmm, it may not be connected to dark mode. It looks like that app is unable to pick the correct map for the preview so use the blank map. And because you use dark mode, it is black, nothing more.

Ah no big deal... may be related to my use of an OAM map. I don't use Lomaps because MFv3.
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Some thoughts on trackpoint/track view.

1. Stay in view... When I am in new trackpoint screen and tap the track at some position, I wish it would stay in trackpoint screen and display the selected point.
2. Intuitive toggle button needed, toggle between track screen/trackpoint screen.
3. In trackpoint screen I think there's a lot wasted space. The from start/to end information is important, but not initially visible. I hope for some user config/reorder possibility.
If we can intuitively toggle, there may be no need for the track/folder info in the trackpoint screen.
4.In Trackpoint screen, the statistics section with "To start/to end". If navigating a route, there would be the right place to display track distance and todo elev, relative from current position.
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As for the track screen AND if I am navigating the track... I wish for more nav related information, like

distance from current position until selection
distance to end/from start (cur. selection)
pos elev todo... to end/from start (cur. selection)
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Hennes. You are in all points right about web planner. Gold subscription.

Zoom buttons exist: Search in options, you can enter "zoom" as a search term.

Quit LM: yes, you can add "Exit" to main menu or toolbar.

GPX - strange. I'm also interested. Personally I've linked gpx to LM4 via TotalCommander and yes, LM4 shows the import options here.

In Locus Store you can download elevation data. It downloads the precise 1" data, if available. You can check in the SRTM folder - those files are 24MB. Alternatively you can download manually and put hgt files to data/srtm.
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Audio coach icon is black.
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Search for "zoom buttons" in settings.
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It's on Google PlayStore now. Currently I can enjoy ads (in Locus) 😁
Will there be any technical change when we have the transition from Play Store Beta Channel to stable channel? Technically, a different installation? I ask because I'm lazy, I just wish that it continues to work.
Didn't touch subscriptions yet, do they technically work?
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Quote from: JackRussel on March 22, 2021, 13:45:52Can I use Brouter in LM4 like LM3 ?
Yes you can, external BRouter just as in LM3, so no need to be dissatisfied. You only need silver.
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