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Troubles & Questions / track database merge ?
« on: January 24, 2019, 15:38:50 »
i have lots of tracks in my database backups, and want to merge 2 different databases. is it possible to merge 2 databases so all the track's from an old database and all the track's in the new database are available?

thanks !

thanks for all the effort!

it's not a big deal really, i just wanted to squash a bug..... but it's looking like it's a phone or filesystem issue, not a bug. I'll keep trying, tomorrow morning.

thanks again :-)

Hmm, weird.

May you give a try to this test (Locus Map Free) version: ?
I've maybe found something, thanks.

nope, it's the same crash with that beta version.

i tried to duplicate on an old rugby pro (i love those old phones!) but it was fine.

if you could try it on a kyocera xd, i can only guess it's device specific problem?

i sent the new bug report and user id via email

i tried two more tests:
1 moved all the "James tog" tracks out of the "James"group
2 edited a track (the popcorn road part) and it worked fine
3 moved "James tog" back from no group into "James" group..... at that point touching any track resulted in a crash.

outside of group named James, all works fine.
inside of ANY named group, it crashes upon touching and track and selecting "more info"


i really need groups, see how many tracks i have ? ;-)

ok this afternoon I'll wipe out the phone and start fresh to see if it helps. this phone hadn't been wiped in over a year.

i sent you a link to Google drive full backup.

thank you for taking a look !

i sent in the bug report.

i now think it has to do with EDITED tracks. if i have any record tracks near any original tracks, and touch either of them, locus will crash. these tracks were edited with locus.

i tested once more, and it appears to be a problem with all duplicated tracks, not just edited tracks.

watch this video, the "copy" was created from the original, and attempting to see full info from either the original or the copy will produce a crash

i have two track databases...

1) group name "James", folder name "tour of Georgia"

2) no group name , folder name "fixes"

if i touch any track in the folder named "tour of Georgia" ,  and then press it again to see more info, locus crashes.

i copied all those 11 tracks into "fixes", and locus operates normally, without crashing.

I've renamed "tour of Georgia"to other names, but it still crashes.
I've edited the tracks in "t o g" to shorten/lengthen them, renamed them, but they will still crash locus of i try the "more info" button.

I've tried restoring old track/waypoint databases, tried older versions of locus, with exactly the same results.

what do i need to do to purge locus of this database error ?

Guidance panel? You mean small panel visible when "Guidance to point" is enabled? Tested and is still there ... maybe settings Guidance > Guidance panel disabled?

turning"on" or off the guidance panel doesn't change its visibility at all here. i can get a system/log dump if you tell me how. a few other people have verified the same action I'm seeing.

the guidance part at the top is not effected by the settings change-

please see attached screenshots

Troubles & Questions / Re: Time stamps in recorded tracks?
« on: September 30, 2018, 13:16:28 »
after a long time..  :D
I recorded a cycle track, which I paused for cup of coffee. Now I wanted to see, at what time I restarted the record. But I can´t find this (any) time information. Maybe I´m blind. 8)

look at the graph, for any amount of time you stopped you should see a flat love for elevation/speed instead of changes. very easy to spot stops this way.

I've noticed the guidance panel has disappeared (the one that was minimal) and the songs for turning on/off the guidance panel have no effect.

thank for squashing these bugs ! :-)

Troubles & Questions / Re: Offline Navigation with bRouter in 3.33.0
« on: September 27, 2018, 18:20:07 »
ditto, i was using graph Hopper and it was fine. brouter caused an irrecoverable crash. then locus would not open again.

You were able to use SD card for point/track database before?? Rooted device? Android 4.1 or 4.2?
Otherwise Locus Map is unable to write into database placed on SD card!

this was on a Android 5.1 device. update 3.32.2 send, no more startup errors anymore!

thank you!

Hmm even with the latest version? And checkbox at the bottom with "Don't ask" make no difference, you always see the exactly same screen?

I couldn't use my locus database on the sdcard anymore, had to switch to the internal (I'm guessing at this point) before I could select "do not ask again".

I'm guessing it could be related to startup from sdcard ?

does this happen also with update 3.32.1 (published maybe two hours ago)?

yes in most recent also. I unmounted my sdcard and rebooted a few times to see if it was a sdcard issue. I'll try again this evening.

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