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Add-ons / Re: Geocaching4Locus - version
« on: April 10, 2014, 17:56:44 »
Thanks for a wonderful app.  I've used it a lot for geocaching.

Recently, I've had an issue downloading caches from  This may be their problem, or me not setting something right.  The problem started sometime within the last several months and/or last several updates of Geocaching4Lucus --- sorry I can't pinpoint it better. 

Here is the issue:  When logged into as a basic account, I get only basic geocaches, as I would expect.  However, when I download caches logged in with my premium account, I seem to get only premium geocaches --- no basic geocaches.  If I remember correctly, I used to get ALL caches when logged into my premium account.

Thanks again for your app.

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