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Very helpful in this case is:
apk-signer you can get in play-store.
I have several APK which I do not want to update, To avoid automatic updates or accidental updates by myself I use this APP to sign the APP before installing.

Its too with Android 10 and 8
Why this screen, which needs a lot of time to "move"

This refers too to other changes, i.e. maps and mapvector

When I try to install the 4.5.4 (after uninstall ing 4. 5.5 I receive
Install failed version do wingrade

Device with Android 8.1 and Locus 4.5.5 I have too the shutdown. In all cases locus directoty is set to sdcard
on my Android 10 device (I have avoided to update ;-)) when I want to import a gpx file with some tracks, Locus 4.5.5 shuts down.
With an older device with Android 8.0. and Locus 4.5.4 the import works fine.

I have Locus 4 Gold, but when I select the Theme there is only a screen with the Contour lines on white background.
I tried with and without blend mode an with vector and raster maps.

Hello Menion,
Thank you, I tried your link for the beta, but there ist nothing to download.
testing ist empty
Troubles & Questions / MAPPLANNER elte tracks/points
September 21, 2021, 16:49:32
After a long time not doing a sync with webplanner, I tried it again, fortunately after making a backup and a copy of my database directory.
Well in the webplanner there is some old stuff from my first attempts, with a second device too .
Now I want to sync the actual status to webplanner, and what I see after syncing, the old stuff is back on my device.
It is possible to select sync with a "complete download", what I am missing is to select sync with a "complete upload" overwriting the library of webplanner.
Danke, link bitte suche findet nichts unter FZKOAM
Troubles & Questions / Re: cannot delete track
August 13, 2021, 20:03:24
Thank you for your offer,
I tried several times some things with sqlite tools without success.
It's ridicules because I started in the early 80s with dbase.
Now  it is fixed by reimporting.

Troubles & Questions / Re: cannot delete track
August 12, 2021, 07:33:11
Hello Menion,
1) When I delete the directory I receive the message "deleting" and this stands there for some hours and disappears, but the directory is still there
2) I marked all tracks and the button to delete, after a long time only some tracks were deleted i.e. Number of tracks in the directory is reduced from 145 to 140.

Maybe that there is a problem with the database.
I have now succeeded with the following work around after backup
1) Exporting each directory in one file
2) deleting the tracks databases in explorer
3) Restarting Locus and importing the exported gpx except those which should be deleted.

Troubles & Questions / cannot delete track
August 11, 2021, 14:15:59
I cannot delete tracks, not one by one, not the whole track-directory.
This happens on several devices with LM4, one with Locus date file in internal memory, other date file on external memory.
In both cases, the Locus directory has as per Total Commander "RWX" rights.

I tried to make a backup and restore, delete temporary data.
any Idea
Thank you
Well, I was forced to Android 11 on my Moto g8.
For me the main problem with the 11 is, (This does not concern Locus only) that if your Smartphone, is not rooted, you have no access to the directory SDcard/Android/.  I know now file explorer able to see this directory only if you put the SD car in a card reader on the PC.
With Android 11
I found I way to go back to Android 11, but have now daily the annoying reminders to update.
I spent a lot of time to root the device, but without success.
Please see too:

As I remember, you may now select for Locus as directory on SDCard: SDcard/Locus instead of SDCard/Android/Data/menion.....

wen ich mehrer tracks zum Import auswählen will, word das letzte Markeringskästchen durch den"OK Haken" verdeckt

Locus 4.2.1