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Troubles & Questions / RMAP-files not recognized, why?
« on: February 02, 2015, 21:54:09 »
Is there a new problem with RMAP-Files?

I have used them sometimes and all worked well (last time in summer 2014). I allways put the rmap-files in the directory sdcard1/locus/maps/rmaps/example.rmap

But today (with a new update of Locus?) RMAP files are not recognized. The error is: 'unknown problem' while trying to add the rmap-files during start of Locus Pro.

What is the reason?

android 4.3,
sorry, I can not add an example-rmap-file, because it is bigger than 2 MB (it has ~22 mB).

Ok, I have done it. The KML-Version of my TaraPOIs works!!

The only strange thing ist the size of the symbols, which seems to depend only on the width of the png, not on the height.

regards, Michael

Interesting, I should be able to imitate this example.

Thanks, Michael

I try to build a gpx-file with POIs, which I want to import in Locus (see TaraPOIxForImportIntoLocus.gpx here).

These POIs are shown with a simple standard-symbol (a dot or circle). How to modify the gpx-file, so it contains the information to use other symbols (individual for each POI, perhaps for Spring, river rapid, bridge etc.) ?
The symbols for such diferent items I have already on the SDcardm(as png- or gif-files).
May be a modification of that line: <sym>Information</sym>  ?  (if sym means symbol?)

In the _themes for vectormaps I find lines like this <symbol src="file:../ele_res/s_power_water.png" />
which refer to PNGs with the symbols. But how to get a similar effect in gpx-files?

regards, Michael

Troubles & Questions / Locus deletes Proximity-Alerts in gpx?
« on: March 19, 2014, 10:58:12 »
I try to build a gpx-file with POIs, which I import in Locus (see attached TaraPOIxForImportIntoLocus.gpx). It is shown correctly on the map. Every POI contains the following line:

Now I export the same data into a new gpx-file, created by Locus (this is to investigate a correctly formed Locus-gpx, see attached TaraPOIsLocusExport.gpx).
Here I miss this line. Does Locus ring the bell when moving near a waypoint? I am new to Locus and have not found yet this funktion.
If Locus reads <gpxx:Proximity>100.0</gpxx:Proximity> and makes the Proximity-Alert, then it only 'forgets' to write this line into its own gpx?

regards, Michael

Implemented / Re: Show Name and Altitude of POI
« on: March 19, 2014, 09:23:57 »
Is this feature already implemented? I could not find it (Sorry, I am new to Locus).

Perhaps it is possible for Locus to read

in the gpx-file and follow this wish.

regards, Michael

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