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It seems there is a bug in updating cache via API. if i try to update cache, no data will change

Odesláno z mého Nexus 5 pomocí Tapatalk

1. if the log is too long, it doesn't show complete menu, just a part of it.

2. if i try to change icon during adding a new WP, app crash
3. What for is an option to delete log in cache details?
4. Attributes and FP's are fine now, thanks!
5. It is still possible to zoom small map i cache details. (two fingers)

I really like the new screen, thanks for it.
Cache is stored in folder. Folder was created by locus pro. If i open cache styx, it didn't show all attributes ( see screenshot)

Then if i update cache via addon, FP's are still invisible.

Totally agree with Voldik and Petulinka. It should be recognized by type of WP, not by name or prefix. It will be nice to change it. Thanks

Odesláno z mého Nexus 5 pomocí Tapatalk

It seems he's testing app on the pc, this could be the problem

Odesláno z mého Nexus 5 pomocí Tapatalk

New UI didn't show all atributes, it shows only first 10 and rest is non-visible (for ex. cache Styx).
after updating cache info via gc api, it doesn't show favourite points.
It's wierd to have Edit option in Listing tab.
It will be nice to have option to show/hide small map above cache name.
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And if i add new WP and than click on it on map, there's no button to show the related cache.