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geocaching refresh problem

1) open geocache from map (imported in locus)
2) do not scroll down to see more cache detail
3) puzzle icon in botton bar > refresh cache (aktualizovat keš)
4) after refresh some parts of cache are missing (D/T, logs, WP, size, attribute, listing,...)
5) you need to swipe down to hide GC detail, click on the cache again and listing will be again visible
Not sure if that's expected behavior but it feels weird to me.

goal: to check the geocaching viewpoint detail
steps to reproduce:
1) click on geocache on the map
2) click on waypoints
3) click on any waypoints (on the name)
4) nothing will happen (just visual confirmation that I clicked on the element)
5) click back using android navigation buttons
6) map is focused on the place where the waypoint is with new point window of the waypoint. (if I did not select to show the WP in step 3 there's nothing on the map, just the location)

I was expecting to jump from step 3 directly to step 6.
Quote from: poutnikl on February 22, 2021, 11:49:53


Are there any plans to add also points/geocaches to the online map? Points/geocaches that I have imported in Locus and I have synced them to cloud? Simple name+icon. This would be great to plan geocaching trips as it will be faster to prepare track online and just sync it back to Locus.

Few weeks ago I found here a link to online (destop-browser) version of locus map. I remember it was OSM map. I planned to check it more closely later but now I can't find the link. Can someone help me and reshare the link? Thanks!
Quote from: Menion on January 25, 2021, 11:29:04
may you please post here a "cache code" of the cache to test? I'm unable to find out the cache on the web site  ::)

Now I can see that the picture is not working on website anyway. My bad. If it isn't a 2 minutes fix let's ignore it :) there's no chance to cover all possible mistakes from cache owners.
Just checked the latest version and I have some strange behavior. There is an image in geocache listing. If I try to click on the image directly from cache detail I got toast message saying "you're missing app in your device for your action". if I click on "more" (to see whole listing) and click on image again I get blank page. Any idea which app I'm missing?
Another comment regarding the logging cache experience.

I was expecting that if I have selected always log cache offline (menu>settings>geocaching>always log offline) then after clicking on Log icon/button Locus will directly jump to Field Notes draft. Now after clicking on log icon I got pop-up with 3 options where I need to select again that I want to log as draft. Is that intended? Video (czech language in locus) here:
with the updated version when I long-press randomly in map (in the middle of the forest, not to POI) Locus will crash

video here
it seems that the issue is when there is a HTML in the waypoint description. simple <b> or <br> makes the links impossible to use.
testing gpx -
Just started to use this beta version and I have few points

1) click on geocache > click on Log cache as draft in bottom ribbon > window for Field note will appear > click on Cancel (don't want to log the cache) > old cache detail shows instead of the new one. I was expecting to be back on map with the new cache detail.

2) click on geocache > click on Waypoints > click on waypoint detail > if there is a link in description it's not possible to select it/click on it. In old cache detail if I long pressed on the link in description I was able to select the link and I got automatically option to open in Google Chrome.
-> it seems it's working when I create a new WP and add url to the description but it's not working if I have cache imported from Geoget and there's more text in the description then just URL

Overall it looks good and looking forward for more testing.
Maps / Re: New vector maps for Locus - feedback
December 25, 2014, 12:04:44
I see. Ok, thanks.
Maps / Re: New vector maps for Locus - feedback
December 24, 2014, 10:24:30
I found a problem with new vector map style. In new style, there's missing names of bus stations from Prague, czech republic. Iam using map from
Quote from: menion on May 27, 2014, 19:54:26
try to log any field note offline and after that display side panel for "Log visit" once more. You should see there also previous field note ;)
I see. Great. And it is possible to add a button somewhere to logging menu to see all current FN's (count and list of them) to easily see, how many caches i found today/this week and easily found cache where i want to edit FN? For example, if i want to edit one cache log after trip with 20+ caches, i have to know the cache name to find the exact cache and then i can edit log. It will be nice to have an option to click and see the list, so i can easily edit logs for example during commuting. I hope you understand what i wanted to say :-)

Odesláno z mého Nexus 5 pomocí Tapatalk

Quote from: menion on May 18, 2014, 22:14:04

1) quick buttons in screen with geocache detail, will be possible in settings > geoaching (at bottom)
2) "Body zájmu" - it's advanced feature planned on July/August probably (we are little in time pressure not so it will take longer then expected). What is in Locus is just testing, so ignore it ...

Finally i had some time to try and it's awesome! Possibility to customize quick buttons is great. And one more  question. Is there a way to edit offline FN? Thanks for working on Locus!

Odesláno z mého Nexus 5 pomocí Tapatalk

Is this version release candidate? I don't mind new side menu, but I really miss one-click hint and fieldnote :-(

After i tried new option in menu (it is possible it's there for a long time)
Body zajmu, i downloaded about 5Mb and this appeared.