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unfortunately it is not possible to share places with Locus from Google-Maps even after the last update. You don't land anywhere on the African coast anymore, instead nothing happens on the map in Locus.
Joachim Schmidt
Hello Menion,

I've now found out a difference:

(1) If I create a point on the map of the app Google-Maps myself (longer pressure with my finger) and then go to Share, the address search in Locus will indeed open.
(2) But if I first search for a Google Place and then share this place from the search result itself, the address search doesn't open and I end up somewhere on the Locus map near Africa.

I understood the reasons, but still think it's a pity that the very practical Google search no longer exists. Especially during hikes and also when travelling with public transport, one could very quickly see where shopping possibilities, restaurants, overnight accommodations, ice cream parlours etc. are nearby. Is it possible that Locus users did not know this possibility and therefore did not use it?

Best regards


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For example, if I want to send the "Google Place" by mail, Google sends information in the format:

"News Cafe
Linggpl. 17, 36251 Bad Hersfeld
06621 914747".

Locus obviously cannot interpret this correctly.

Hello Menion,
I also have a question to this issue:
If I found a location in the Google app "Maps", it is not possible to import this point into Locus. There is always a place somewhere in Africa displayed. Does that also have something to do with Google's license terms, is there a programming error or do I use the whole thing incorrectly? Conversely, it is no problem to export a point from Locus to "Maps".
Best regards

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since I miss this function very much, I have written a mail to Hana Mlavcová from the Locus team. She replied the following:
"Hello Joachim.
Thank you for your email.
We decided to remove this feature due to lack of interest of our users.
Thank you for your understanding.
Kind regards
I have used this function very often (for example to find food markets on hikes). Furthermore it is not possible to import POIs from Googlemaps directly to Locus. At the moment I can only do this very laboriously with the app "Map Marker" for each POI...
Greetings Joachim
 Danke für das "Wander-Theme". Mit den Gipfelhöhenangaben bei HiLo_V6 aus meiner Sicht nochmals erheblich verbessert!

seit dem letzten Updare (HiLoV5) sind die Wanderwege in der Einstellung "Farbige Wanderwege" besser und klarer sichtbar.

Ein sehr schönes Theme!

Danke für das schöne Theme!!! Nach dem update vom 04.03.16 noch einmal erheblich besser, da alle Wanderwege jetzt transparent dargestellt sind.
Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] HiLo hiking theme
February 20, 2016, 10:32:53
Thank you for the nice theme "HiLo". It looks very good!
The updated theme from 17.02.2016 has only the problem, that the Far-Hiking-routes are not transparent (you can see the kind of way only on extrem zoom levels).