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The automatic map centering button (leftmost bottom command line) used to stay enabled when you move the map with your finger. That is also what the popup description says (press and hold the button). I do not know when this changed, but at least in version 1.12 the button is turned off if I move the map with my finger. I found it much better the old way, since often you want to just move the map temporarily to see something outside the screen area, and then it was very convenient that the map automatically centered again after 5 seconds as it was before.
Distance rings in version 1.12.0 - thank you so much for listening to my wishes!! Really great! And now the rings are always aligned to the screen, not to the map (then do not rotate with map) - great!

I used this feature when I was out flying yesterday and discovered some small issues. When using either distance rings OR time rings, then no issue, but as I find both rings useful when flying, then the rings may be close and text may overlap. So I would like to propose the following improvements:
 -- time rings: solid line and text on top of ring as today. No changes.
 -- distance rings: dashed line and text below ring. This will make it much easier to separate distance rings from time rings and text will never overlap. If map center is moved 1/4 down, most of the text will fall below the bottom of the screen, but that is ok since the distance rings are static with map scale and I can just move the map up temporarily to see the text. So I think that is better than having overlapping text.
- Distance rings are obviously calculated based on metric units. When I change to nautical miles (which is used in aviation), the rings remain at the same place and the distances changes to non-integer numbers. Would be better if the rings are recalculated to align to integer distance numbers as units are changed. That would make it much easier to estimate distance to points in between the rings.
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
September 06, 2011, 12:14:07
Quote from: "menion"you tried this on road saved with previous locus version right?
Correct. Ok, good to know why. No problem.
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
September 06, 2011, 10:53:53
An issue I discovered today:
I created a CloudMade route some days ago. It navigated fine displaying the name of the road in the top window. Everything correct. However, today I enabled this same route, but now the top window displays "Unknown street" along the whole route. When I turn off guiding to see the red dots, they all are correct displaying the name of the roads, so the information is there.

I tested this issue today by creating a new track along the same road, stored it, restarted Locus and enabled guiding on the saved track. All road names came up correctly on this track.

I have attached the failing track. Hope you can see what the issue is.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Lags during navigation.
September 06, 2011, 10:25:55
You have to set:
  Settings > "GPS and location" > "Time between GPS locations" (last line)= 1s (or the update interval you want).

If you have default setting =0s, this creates problems on some phones, which won't update continuously as supposed to. However, setting this entry =1s ensures the GPS location is really updated with 1s interval.
Troubles & Questions / Creating nav voices problem
September 04, 2011, 09:17:52
I am trying to create nav voices to install in Locus, following posted links like
   viewtopic.php?f=21&t=968 ... e_cmds.htm
I do exactly as described:
    - download zip file from TomTom web
    - extract .vif and .chk files from zip
    - put .vif, .chk, .zip and viftool.1.3.exe in same directory
    - in DOS window I cd to this directory and type (example KenLOUD 06)
               viftool.1.3.exe join 06 KenLoud data06.vif
Then I get error message
     Gathering sound files ....
     entry #0 "After.ogg" (After) is missing
I have tried with 4 different  voices with same error message.
What am I doing wrong?
The text on the time rings ("xx minutes") is map fixed, not screen fixed. Should be opposite. So with locked map orientation (north up) the text is located on top of each ring. Perfect. However, If map rotation is enabled (bearing up or compass orientated), the text location rotates with the map. So if you for example are heading south, the text is up-side-down on the bottom of each time ring.

--> Could the text location be fixed to always be on the top of the rings?

--> Distance rings: I would like to pick up this request again:
     I was out flying yesterday and used time rings. But DISTANCE rings in addition would be an extremely useful feature! Refer link above to earlier post on this subject.
Quote from: "menion"svart: I thought this is already fixed. At least for me this works correctly
It doesn't work correctly on my phone. I just tried it again before I posted my previous reply. Others may also see this issue I guess. However, I can live with the 1s setting, so no big deal.
This must be the ROM, since this feature works fine on my Desire 2.2 with Cyanogen Mod7. Seems value has to be min 15s or so to allow the GPS to turn off, but I am pretty sure this is because it takes the GPS receiver some seconds to lock, and this time may move into the time for the next fix if interval is too small.

However, there is one setting that is not working as expected - an issue I reported a long time ago:the default setting 0s doesn't have any effect. If I set interval = xx seconds and later set interval = 0s, the 0s setting is ignored, rather it keep using the xx setting. In order to get 1s updates, I have to set interval =1s. This is ok, but the default 0s option should be fixed to work since it is a valid setting.
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
August 31, 2011, 22:26:17
After using the latest version one more day, I have some additional comments:

- referring to my previous post: add the following item to the list of additional items that could be selected for display at my suggested new info window at the bottom:
     --- distance travelled
  Such user configurable fields are available at some car navigators and set them apart from competitors. So Locus - please, this is very useful and a great benefit

- taping the large navigation window (turn window): today you get a popup window with two entries: Itinery (which is really nice), and Choose voice. Taping "Choose voice" displays "no voice" + a list of available voices.
   I am suggesting to add one more entry: "Notification Beep" (or maybe "Beep before turn" ?) By selecting this entry, a new popup allows you to set the distance for notification. This will set the entry in Settings > Guiding > Tracks > "Set next point" and enable "guiding sounds". My point here is that it would be much more convenient to set this directly from the turn window as suggested. "No voice" should turn off the guiding sound as well.

- as mentioned above,taping the turn window pops up a window with the two entries "Itinery and "Choose vocie". Please add a 3rd entry "Recalculate" (also refer previous posts) - but maybe this entry could be twice as tall to make it easier to hit while driving.

- off rote: I have noticed several times that if I take another route, the blue guiding line that is supposed to point to the closest point, doesn't do that always. Some times it stops following and get stuck at a point far back. If I tap "Nearest point" it jumps to the true closest point. I have several examples where the blue line says that closest point is more than 1km away, while I actually only have 100 m left from rejoining the route. In those cases I have also noticed that Locus doesn't immediately detects that I am back on route, even though I am right on the route - rather I have to follow the route for several seconds before Locus understands that I am back. You can easily recreate such cases by manually moving the map GPS off).
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
August 30, 2011, 22:46:13
Thanks a lot for the new release 1.11.0 today!!
Really a lot of great improvements!!!

- the guiding sound on each red point: By trying different values in the Settings > Guiding > distance fields , I figured out that it is the Track > "Set next point" that defines the distance for notification sound. Works great!! This is perfect! May be you shoudl modify the description text for that setting to explain that this is also for turn notification.

- the new image for roundabout in the turn window is a great improvement. The number in the middle telling which exit is really great. What about having a corresponding image with a white line in the roundabout and with a white arrow at the right exit?

- turn arrow now changes into a question mark when off route: great! I like that. But the distance below keep running. May be you should turn that off too.

- top window displaying road name: the new feature to select between two modes - name of road I am driving on, or name of road I will turn into - is perfect!!! How great! Love it! Tested. Works great!

- new target/goal symbol in turn window: great! One small detail: if I select the top window to display the road I will turn into at the next turn, this will display "Unknown street" for the last leg. What about displaying the target symbol instead?

- may I suggest a new, very useful feature show another small window along the bottom of the screen (just above the bottom command line) with 3 or 4 fields. Each field can be selected by tapping to display additional information like:
       --- distance to goal
       --- bearing (N, NE, E, SE, etc)
       --- altitude
       --- speed
       --- current time
       --- time to next turn assuming current speed
       --- I guess time to target would be hard to calculate since I guess you do not have info of speed limits on the streets ahead?
       By tapping a field you get a popup window to choose which item to display

- recalculate? Would it be possible to have that as an option when I tap the turn window?

Congratulations with so many great improvments, Menion!!!
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
August 29, 2011, 09:26:32
About voice navigation:
Quote from: "menion"yes, tap on turn arrow
When I do so, I get a popup window saying "Choose voice" and on the line below only one option - "No voice". So no matter where I then tap, I do not get any option to enable voice navigation (have tried with Settings > Guiding > "Guiding sounds" enabled and disabled, but I assume these settings are only for the waypoint/track point sound notifications).
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
August 27, 2011, 07:59:12
Quote from: "phoneguy100"using the voice navigation
I must have missed something here - voice navigation? How do you turn that on? I have checked through all the menues and only guiding sound I can find, is the Setings > Guiding > "Guiding sounds" enable, which only enables beeps when the guiding steps from track point to track point.
Quote from: "menion"So is anyone who had similar issue?
I have no such problems. Tried different maps, zooming, paning. Everything super fast as before. 0 delay. ( I have a Class 10 32GB card)
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
August 24, 2011, 21:54:10
Quote from: "menion"In cloudMade data isn't current name of road, so I get this info from decsription of actual navigation point (to be precise - from previous nav point), so if there will be some problem (like you describe), please send me start and end point of track that goes over some problematic place and I'll compute on my phone and fix this text problem.

Attached is a CloudMade track where the road name displayed in the top navigation window is the name of the road I am currently driving on.

This track also illustrates another issue:
- Guiding sounds: I enabled "Guiding sounds" in Settings > Guiding.  I set Waypoints > "Type of sound notification" = "Beep on distance" amd Tracks > "Type of sound notification" = "Beep when you move too far from track". That caused Locus to beep something  like every 5-10 seconds or so, even though I was on the track. My conclusion from this is that there must be a lot of small track points and no waypoints. And I noticed that with Guiding On, you can see  a lot of small black points with equal distance along the track (see attached track), but the funny thing is that the distance between them is constant independent of zoom. Can you explain what this is?

- From the above I further noticed that the distance displayed in the large turn never shows 0 when at the turn point (red dots), rather is shows about 50-100m still left (try attached track). Why is that? Isn't the distance left calculated to the red dot? Doesn't seem to be.

- The larger red dots with navigation infomation also seem to be track points, not waypoints. Is that correct? Would it be possible to define them as waypoints? That would allow to have "Guiding sounds" enabled and get one beep before each turn. That would be a very useful feature! As I mentioned above, Locus is now beeping all the time.

- Automatic/manual recalculation: I choose another road, there is no way to recalculate other than to actually create the track from scratch. Since Locus knows when you are not on the track (blue arrow pops up), I guess that easily could trigger automatic recalculation. Since this requires internet access, this feature should probaly be user selectable (enable/disable). If disabled, tapping the small guiding popup window could show a new command: "Recalculate route" (from current position).

- When off track (Blue arrow pops up), the turn window continues to show the turns along the computed track as they pass as closest points. That doesn't make sense. I suggest the turn window doesn't show anything if off track (blue arrow). - Or maybe it could change to show the command/symbol "Recalculate"?

- One last thing: as I mentioned in an earlier post, the feature used in Navigon that tapping the top popup window toggles between showing the name of the road you are on and the road you will turn into. Refer pearlier post how to indicate which mode is active.