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The guiding line shows the distance and azimuth to the next point. So then time had to be to that same point. Anything else would be confusing in my opinion (distance to guided point while time to end of track - no, that wouldn't make sense to me). Since all three items (distance, azimuth, time) are shown together in the Title field, then they all have to refer to the same point. That is why I thought this was almost there already, but if it requires a lot of effort, put this at lowest priority.
I looked through the sort results once again, but I can't see any pattern. There is a small difference from test version, now getting this sequence:
  27/3, 20/3, 18/3, 17/3, ..., 15/3, 14/3, 12/3, 8/3, 7/3, 28/2, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, ..., 7/3,
Compared with some dates moved from the trailing end to the top, but still there is this strange sequence with descending dates down to 28/2, then changing to ascending dates. This is particularly strange since your normal sorting is correct. It has nothing to do with change of month, because I have a new track from 4/4, and that one is listed at the correct place.
I did a quick test with version Same error. I look more into this tomorrow to see if I can find a pattern.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Guiding line issue
April 04, 2011, 23:29:14
In test version this works perfectly! Thanks!
I discovered today a Waypoint guiding feature I was not aware of: Selecting "Guiding" in the Title field displays distance, bearing and estimated TIME to the waypoint. Track guiding doesn't display the time. Would that be possible? I imagine you have all required info and features there already, it is just a question of displayng it for Track guiding too.
I have been testing test release with track guiding on two run exercises today  and realized the following issue (should be an easy fix):

If I am following a created track with guiding turned on, the guiding automatically jumps nicely to the next point when I am within Guiding/"Set next point" of the current point being guided to. Works really great in release

But the issue is when I find it appropriate to pass the current guide point at a distance > "Set next point" value. Then the guiding will never give up the current point. Only way to make it jump to the next point is either to enter a higher "Set next point" value to trigger the jump, and then change back again, or to turn guiding off/on when the next point becomes the closer of the two points. Neither works very well.

So what would be really useful is this:
- if you tap the track (a point on the track), you get a pop-up menu with 3 commands today: "i", "Chart", "Guide Off". Add a new command here - "Next point", which will force the guiding to jump to the next point. I would think that should be very easy to implement, since all functionality is there today. The only thing needed is to let this command force a trigger of the "Set next point" condition.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Guiding line issue
April 03, 2011, 11:27:14
It doesn't work as you describe.

I set "Set next point" = 100. Even if I am several hundred meters away from a point, but that point is the closest one to map center, then turning guiding on always selects the NEXT point on the track. There is no way I can make it select the closest point. I also tried with map center far away back from the first point on the track (so the track was going away from map center). Even then it picked the second point when I turn on guiding.

BTW: I like very much your new "Guide On Reverse". That is very useful if you want to travel the opposite way, e.g. you want to follow the track back to your starting point. Great feature!
Troubles & Questions / Re: Guiding sound issue
April 03, 2011, 11:16:23
Tested with

Works great! Very useful and great features! This must be classified as 100% perfect!

From what has been discussed on the forum recently, seems you have implemented all the features people have requested.

Thanks a lot!
Installed and tested.
I like your Reverse Order implementation!

I have 35 recorded tracks, and tested your reverse sorting feature. Here are my test results:
- normal order sorting is correct for all sort criteria (by name, create date, etc).
- reverse order sorting is correct for all sort criteria EXCEPT for 'Create Date'. In that case I get an order that makes no sense:
   I get the following order of my tracks (they are all in the same category - 'recorded') when sorted reversed by Create Date:
     14/3, 12/3, 8/3, 7/3, 28/2, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, ..., 7/3, 27/3, 20/3, 18/3, 17/3, ..., 15/3
   I get the same result if I reverse the sorting back and forth, so it is consistent. They are sorted correctly if sorted normally (not reversed).

 Hope this can help you identify the problem.
You ask me to try, but there is not such menu entry. Is this a new feature in a version you haven't released yet?
Troubles & Questions / Re: Guiding sound issue
April 02, 2011, 21:15:46
You are referring to a setting called "Beep when you move too far from track". Can't find anything like that in any menu. Is this a new menu entry in a version you have not released yet?

What I noticed is that I got the beep EXACTLY at the same time as the guiding jumped to the next point on the track. Every time. I think I checked about 15 points.  That is fine, I just interpreted the menues differently. So the "Distance for sounds" is only for guiding to one point  and is not used when guiding on a track? Ok, that's fine. Should mention that I create the track with straight lines between the points (i.e. after selecting the track points, I save the track without selcting "Compute Route".

I also tried to pass the point by much more that the distance settings and never got any beep for gone too far (related to the missing menu entry mentioned above?)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Guiding line issue
April 02, 2011, 20:49:02
I noticed the following (GPS is off):
- I place map center (red cross) close to one point and turn on guiding. The guiding then does not select the closest point, but the NEXT point on the track. Did several tests with different tracks and different point with different distances. Same result every time.
Fixed in version 1.3. Now it is perfect! Thanks!
Implemented / Tracks - sorting reverse order?
April 01, 2011, 22:57:40
Today tracks are sorted either from a ->z, from shortest-> longest (distance or time), from oldest -> newest, from fewest points -> most points.
You have the button with three squares and a DOWN arrow to select this sorting menu.

---> Would it be possible to add a similar menu button with an UP arrow to sort in the opposite direction?

That would be particularly useful for looking at the latest tracks. Today, you have to scroll down the whole list of tracks to get to the latest track, since that one is always at the bottom when sorted by date.
Troubles & Questions / Guiding line issue
April 01, 2011, 22:46:03
Case 1) I select one specific point and enable guiding to it. If I now tap the point and select "Hide" from the pop up menu, the guiding line is correctly turned off.
Case 2) I create a track and enable guiding to it. If I now deselect the track in the Tracks list, the guiding line remains on and the only way to turn it off, is to select guiding to a new point and then hide that point again. I assume the guiding line should turn off if the track is deselected.
Case 3) I create a track and enable guiding to it. I have GPS off. If I now have map center (red cross) close to one of the points, the guiding not necessarily selects guiding to that closest point. It rather seems arbitrary which point it picks. I thought guiding from map center should work even with GPS off, or will guiding only pick track points correctly from an active GPS position?