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Ok, I understand. I must admit I haven't read that text carefully enough. Anyway, I thought an online map and the same map downloaded and used offline were exactly the same thing. Ok, so it isn't.
How to recreate the problem:
- turn off all internet connections (both GPRS and WiFi).
- select an offline map
- create a track. Two points is sufficient. Tap the "Compute route" button (3rd button from left on the track creation menu)
- Locus then complains: "Problem with internet connection"

If I enable internet connection, the "Compute route" completes.
Requirering internet connection when using offline maps can't be correct?
Hi Menion!
Always a pleasure to test new Locus versions!
Thank you for a great test version I have used it a lot, both by car and as hiking. Test results:
- POI: now fantastic! Works perfectly in all respects. I love your new red STOP button that pops up on the screen when the alert triggers. Perfect! Also great menu choice: Play once, or Play until stop.
- sorting criteria: now remembered correctly and survice a Locus restart. I notice new tracks are visible at the top of the list. Perfect!
- uphill/downhill accumulated elevation: there is definitely something wrong here. I had a 3 hour hike today in a not very hilly area. But still the track status reports 2130m uphill over distance 6500m. About same for downhill. That is completely impossible. Min altitude was 1246m, max altitude 1503m. I think I have an idea why this goes so wrong: when I look at the chart, I notice the altitude is very "noisy". I am pretty sure this is due to the inaccuracy in the GPS vertical position. Hence Locus is adding up uphill/downhill changes all the time, while there are no altitude changes in the reality. I think you need to add some sort of smoothness filter. The day after tomorrow I am going on an extremely tough hike to a very high peak. I will then compare the results of Locus and MyTracks.
- I found an issue with creating tracks: even though I have selected offline maps, Locus requires internet connection. I have posted this separately under "Troubles and questions"
Points are organized in categories, which is very convenient. It would be just as convenient to have tracks organized in categories.
Some test results of

- new guiding icon upper left corner when guiding is enabled: great! Very useful to have quick access to these commands during guiding. Before you had to tap the track, and that was ok too, but you have to hit it. So I think this new icon is great!
- POI alert:
       Fixed: continues to play while moving closer to POI. Great.
       Issue: no quick way to stop it. Have to go through the POI alert menu, tap edit, uncheck the Play sound box. That is a long process. The POI alert menu should include a "Stop" command. When alert is enabled today, the menu has two commands: Edit and Cancel. Should have a 3rd one: "Stop". Cancel doesn't stop the playing today, and also Cancel is a different thing - that is to disable the POI alert function. Would a "POI alert" icon in upper left corner similar to the Guiding icon be useful?
- elevation: when driving to work today, I turned on track recording on Locus and on MyTracks. They showed very close results, so it seems your vertical information is correct (not doubled as someone indicated).
- point on track: great new feature! Works great!
- sorting choice is not remembered. I choose "sort by create date" and then "reverse order". When I restart Locus, the sorting criterias are not remembered, and I have to redo both to get my latest track on top of the track list. Also, I would think most people would like to see the latest track on the top so they do not have to scroll down to the bottom of the track list, so default "sort by create date" should have latest on top, not at the bottom as it is today.
- Compass button back on the GPS menu: thank you very much!!!
- Menion, if you prefer to put it in the GPS screen, that's fine too. I just thought the other solution was better from a user point of view. May be you just could include the description that today is in the Settings/Sensors/"Use hardware compass".
- "North up" = no rotation. Correct (just as this is used in car navigators)
- Question: who wants this rotation by hand feature? I have looked at this, but can't think of why I would ever want to do that. The phone is never fixed to something that doesn't move or turn, so why rotate maps by hand?
I keep my suggestion of putting this into the rotation button on the main screen, because this is where you make the descission to change the mode. Also, there is a nice posibility to show the chosen mode by changing the rotation symbol. Today this is an arrow symbol in the middle with two curved arrows around it. What about:
- "North up": a big "N" in the symbol with an arrow pointing up
- "Rotate by bearing": a track symbol with an arrow pointing up
- "Rotate by compass": a compass symbol with the two curved arrow around it (like the two arrows today)
- "Show view": an eye with the two curved arrow around it (like the two arrows today)

Maybe this isn't easy to implement? Just an idea.
I understand Menion was forced by the map source providers to remove certain map sources from Locus, and that this is the reason behind the new release 1.5.2.
==>  But this is a disaster for Locus! What is left of map sources? Nothing - only OSM!

Is this going to be the future too? Aren't there any solutions to this? This is really, bad, bad news.
@Betonar: I am not following you. May be I am missing something here.

When you create a waypoint, it is stored in one of the POI categories and as such is available as a POI.
What do you mean by "Go to the POI menu. Tapping the waypoint brings up a pop-up menu with four command buttons -> first button -> second button from left ...."
2nd button from left pops up a submenu with Guide On as one option. I guess this is not what you are referring to?

Are you talking about how to remove the waypoint from the screen? You tap the waypoint, pops up a submenu with 3 commands: Edit, Hide, Delete. Tap Hide.

I do not understand where you are in the menu system.  Please elaborate more precisely your steps.
Go to the POI menu. Tapping the waypoint brings up a pop-up menu with four command buttons. Tap the 2nd from the right (the one with the tools symbol). This pops up a new menu with two commands : "Edit" and "Delete". This is what you are looking for, right?
- "North up": map north aligned with top of you phone ("up")
- "Bearing up": you bearing/heading aligned with top of your phone. Some systems use the term "Track up".

I do not think it is a good idea to have limits for automatic switching between the different modes. I have never seen that before, and have problems seeing the usefulness of the map suddenly switching to a different orientation mode. It will be only confusing, since you don't know what the current mode is without really studying the map's behavious. With the menu and commands I suggested, it would have been very quick to change mode and you would know the actual mode.
"North up" and "Bearing up" are terms used in all car navigation programs, so they should be common terms at least.
I can live with the settings menu. Just an idea.
Some versions back the satellite screen had two command buttons at the bottom: "GPS on/off" and "Compass". Why did Compass disappear? That was a quick way to turn on/off map rotation by compass. Now I have to tap myself though Menu/Settings/Sensors/"Use hardware compass" and check/uncheck that box and back to map view. That is 5 steps.

Suggestion: The Rotate button at the bottom menu today has two sub menu commands: "Rotate map" and "Show view".
Could this be changed to the following 4 commands:

   - "North up"
   - "Bearing up"
   - "Rotate by compass"
   - "Show view"
Impressive release 1.5.1:
- this release is really of high quality. All the issues I reported on 1.4.x have been fixed. Only one small exception:
- still open issue: POI alert, should play sound (user selected sound) until manually stopped. Refer my last post under version 1.4.x, dated 14/4, where I also posted an idea how this couold be done.
You are quick in bug fixing! Thank you!
Regarding issue 5) - POI alert. Yes, "Keep playing until cancelled" is the way it should work. I tried this feature this morning when driving car to my job. Sometimes it played for I guess 5 seconds, sometimes less. As you point out, the POI alert "Cancel" command will turn off this function on a general bases, so that isn't the way to do it.

So the issue is twofold:
 - it stops too early
 - there is no stop command

---> An idea: when playing starts, could it pop up a STOP button on the screen above the POI location (or maybe in a corner)? If you do not tap it, the playing continues for a max time (e.g. 30 seconds) and the STOP button disappears again.

BTW: i think this POI alert is a really great and useful feature! Thank you for implementing it!