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Some versions back the satellite screen had two command buttons at the bottom: "GPS on/off" and "Compass". Why did Compass disappear? That was a quick way to turn on/off map rotation by compass. Now I have to tap myself though Menu/Settings/Sensors/"Use hardware compass" and check/uncheck that box and back to map view. That is 5 steps.

Suggestion: The Rotate button at the bottom menu today has two sub menu commands: "Rotate map" and "Show view".
Could this be changed to the following 4 commands:

   - "North up"
   - "Bearing up"
   - "Rotate by compass"
   - "Show view"

Implemented / Localization menu: show selected units
« on: April 12, 2011, 12:21:25 »
In the menu Settings/Localization there are 4 entries for units (length, altitude, speed, angle). Would it be possible to display the selected unit below each entry head line, i.e. replacing the small text line "Choose default display units", "Distance units for height", etc. by the currently chosen unit? Now I have to go into each one just to see what is selected. I have seen this solution in other apps.

Locus Pro, version 1.4.0

The new guiding command "Nearest" incorrectly forces Guiding On Reverse back to Guiding On.

How to recreate the problem:
  - Create a track (straigt lines) with some few points.
  - Select Guide On Reverse.
  - Move map center closer to another point on the track but with a distance > Guiding/"Set next point".
  - Tap the new command "Nearest". Guiding correctly selects the new track point.
  - Next step goes wrong: move map center closer than Guiding/"Set next point". Guiding incorrectly jumps FORWARD to the next point as if Guiding On were active. It should jump BACK since Guiding On Reverse is active.

If you do not use the "Nearest" command, the Guide On Reverse jumps correctly backward on the track as you get within the Guiding/"Set next point" distance. So it is clear that it is the "Nearest" command that forces the guiding to normal (Guide On).

I discovered today a Waypoint guiding feature I was not aware of: Selecting "Guiding" in the Title field displays distance, bearing and estimated TIME to the waypoint. Track guiding doesn't display the time. Would that be possible? I imagine you have all required info and features there already, it is just a question of displayng it for Track guiding too.

Implemented / Track guiding: manual force jump to next point
« on: April 04, 2011, 20:35:12 »
I have been testing test release with track guiding on two run exercises today  and realized the following issue (should be an easy fix):

If I am following a created track with guiding turned on, the guiding automatically jumps nicely to the next point when I am within Guiding/"Set next point" of the current point being guided to. Works really great in release

But the issue is when I find it appropriate to pass the current guide point at a distance > "Set next point" value. Then the guiding will never give up the current point. Only way to make it jump to the next point is either to enter a higher "Set next point" value to trigger the jump, and then change back again, or to turn guiding off/on when the next point becomes the closer of the two points. Neither works very well.

So what would be really useful is this:
- if you tap the track (a point on the track), you get a pop-up menu with 3 commands today: "i", "Chart", "Guide Off". Add a new command here - "Next point", which will force the guiding to jump to the next point. I would think that should be very easy to implement, since all functionality is there today. The only thing needed is to let this command force a trigger of the "Set next point" condition.

Implemented / Tracks - sorting reverse order?
« on: April 01, 2011, 22:57:40 »
Today tracks are sorted either from a ->z, from shortest-> longest (distance or time), from oldest -> newest, from fewest points -> most points.
You have the button with three squares and a DOWN arrow to select this sorting menu.

---> Would it be possible to add a similar menu button with an UP arrow to sort in the opposite direction?

That would be particularly useful for looking at the latest tracks. Today, you have to scroll down the whole list of tracks to get to the latest track, since that one is always at the bottom when sorted by date.

Troubles & Questions / Guiding line issue
« on: April 01, 2011, 22:46:03 »
Case 1) I select one specific point and enable guiding to it. If I now tap the point and select "Hide" from the pop up menu, the guiding line is correctly turned off.
Case 2) I create a track and enable guiding to it. If I now deselect the track in the Tracks list, the guiding line remains on and the only way to turn it off, is to select guiding to a new point and then hide that point again. I assume the guiding line should turn off if the track is deselected.
Case 3) I create a track and enable guiding to it. I have GPS off. If I now have map center (red cross) close to one of the points, the guiding not necessarily selects guiding to that closest point. It rather seems arbitrary which point it picks. I thought guiding from map center should work even with GPS off, or will guiding only pick track points correctly from an active GPS position?

Troubles & Questions / Guiding sound issue
« on: April 01, 2011, 22:29:26 »
- If I create a track with guiding on, the guiding sound AND the guiding jump to next point are BOTH triggered by the distance value set in Guiding/"Set next point". The value set in Guiding/"Distance for sound" is ignored. I tried with Guiding/"Set next point" = 100 and Guiding/"Distance for sound" = 150. I tested this on three different tracks I created, each with 5-6 points and followed the guiding distance closely. The above happened consistantly for each point. ALSO - there is no sound for the last point (kind of makes sense in this picture, since there is no next point to jump to and sound is (incorrectly) triggered by the "set next point"). I assume the sound is supposed to be triggered by the Guiding/"Distance for sound", even when guiding on a created track (ref below).

- If I enable guiding to one specifically selected point, THEN Guiding/"Distance for sound" is used to trigger the sound.

The guiding info displayed above the guiding line is a great feature. However it seems to always being displayed at the leftmost end of the line as shown on the screen. So if target is to the left of current position, you have to pan the map until you get the target within the screen to see the guiding info (I know I can select the same guiding info in the Title field, but that is a separate selection). Guiding info should be displayed at the starting end of the line, i.e. your current position, since that is what you normally have centered on the map, and you want to see the updated info as you move.

Troubles & Questions / Setting/Guiding/Set next point ignored
« on: March 25, 2011, 09:47:07 »
I create a route. I set Settings/Guiding/Set next point = 100 meters. I enable guiding and the first point is selected. When setting "Set next point" = 100, the guiding is supposed to jump to the next point for guiding when I am within 100m of the current point. That doesn't happen. I have to get within 10m, and actually have to pass the current point by some few meters, before the guiding jump to the next point. Guiding from point to point would be very, very useful is it worked according to the "Set next point" specification, otherwise not because mostly you won't pass exactly through a point.

Under review / Heart Rate monitoring?
« on: March 22, 2011, 22:35:42 »
There are half a dozen Android Market apps that support connection with a bluetooth based Heart Rate monitor. I am using the Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor with Endomondo and SportsTrackLive. Polar too has one monitor based on bluetooth.

Have you considered implementing such a feature? Or is that a direction you do not want to go? Just curious. Using Endomondo or SportsTrackLive for this is fine for me, but if Locus supported this, then the track log could also store HR. That would mostly be interesting I think if playback of stored tracks was supported.

What do people think?

Implemented / NORTH indicator on rotated map view
« on: March 16, 2011, 22:35:02 »
It would be very useful to have a NORTH indicator on the map when "Rotate map" is selected. I know there is a great compass screen, but then you need to switch back and forth between those two screens.

Locus version 0.9.28.
Settings: Recording interval = 5m and 5s. "Record only during move": unchecked. GPS "TIme between GPS location" = 0. For the Title field, "Track record" is selected.
While recording a track and making stops after start, pressing "i" brings up the status window of the track being recorded.
Three issues:
  1) After pressing REC, the time in the Title field doesn't start running until you actually start moving initially. This time field is later displaying the total time, so it should start running at the moment REC is pressed.
  2) In the "i" status popup window, the "Speed > 0" fields for "Average speed" and "Track time" incorrectly include the stop times. So the "All" the "Speed > 0" fields are displaying the same time, except for an initial difference equal to the time from REC is pressed until you actually start moving the first time. This difference remain the same through the whole recording, ignoring stops.
  3) While stopped, pressing "i" repeatably to bring up an updated "i" window, doesn't update the "All" fields. It should since the time is running.

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