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How to recreate:
- Set GPS > "Time between GPS locations" to e.g. 30 seconds. I can see the GPS receiver is turned on once every 30 seconds as expected.
- Then set to 0s. ==> The previous value (in this example 30s) is still being used.

I have to set it to 1s to force continuous location updates. Since 0s is the default value, I assume this is supposed to be a valid value and work as continuous updating (i.e. same as 1s), right?

The new
  Settings > Map > Map text size
is excellent! Combined with the "Color on map" setting this is just perfect! Thank you!

I have one small wish: could you enable this "Map text size" also to apply to the scale text? May I also suggest a thicker scale indicator line? And the vertical lines at each end do not seem to have the outline as the horizontal line.

The new Time Rings are really great! It is no problem reading the text ("xx minutes") when standing still, but this is something you typically will read while moving. Then the text often is hard to read by a quick look at the screen, a bit depending upon the map background. Would it be possible to have a white background for the text frame? The user could select the transparency of the text box, so it would be solid white with 0% transparency and invisible with 100% transparency. Just copy the transparency feature you already have today for tracks. May be the magenta font color today is too bright with a white background. Check it out.

The same applies to the scale indicator at the bottom left corner of the map. Would it be possible to implement the same frame box control for the text? Also the black distance line would be easier to see with a wider white outline (seems to be a small white outline for the horizontal part of the line). Or make the distance line much thicker.

I made a canoe trip on a lake and used MyTracks to record the track. In the picture below this MyTracks recorded track is displayed with MyTracks (left) and with Locus (right). I understand there will be noise on the elevation because of inaccuracy of the computed GPS altitude, but MyTracks obviously use a stronger smoothing algorithm, making it more correct. MyTracks reports an accumulated "Elevation Gain" = 137 meters, while Locus reports 649 meters "Uphill Elevation"! This correlates to the way the two applications display the results, but the way Locus computes elevation gain it is not of any interest with results so completely off any meaningful level. I think elevation gain (uphill elevation) is a very interesting number, but Locus has to significantly improve the way it is calculated in order to make it useful and meaningful.


Troubles & Questions / In which directory are tracks stored?
« on: June 15, 2011, 10:47:53 »
I want to make a backup of my tracks. Looking through the directory tree under Locus, I can't find any "tracks" directory. I see directories like "poi" and "maps" etc, and expected to find something like "tracks"?
The only I find is "cache/track_rec". There I found two files with today's date. Since I had a problem with a crashed recording that prevented Locus to start (even after Locus reinstall and reboot if the phone), I deleted those two files in the "cache/track_rec" directory. That solved the start problem, but I lost ALL my recorded tracks too!

So where are the directory/files with the tracks such that I can make a backup?

Troubles & Questions / Merging MyTracks tracks doesn't work
« on: June 05, 2011, 22:42:21 »
I used MyTracks for some track recordings today. Then I selected those trakcs in Locus and hit "Merge tracks". Locus reported  "Action successful" and indeed created a new track - but with 0 points. A bug I guess?

I reported this in a thread some days ago, but case was marked as solved since the map centered again after restarting Locus.

However, today it happened again. Without custom screen the map was centering correctly. When I turned on custom screen, the map stopped centering.
--> I made the map centering again by simply selecting another skin and then back to the first again.
It haven't tested out the sequencing that causes the map to lock, but I can say that I started Locus this morning from scratch (I terminated with Exit yesterday) and enabled custom screen with the existing skin choice. At that point the map got locked.

Today there are 4 custom screens included and I can remember the difference between them. But as the number of custom screens grow, it can be hard to remember the differences. In the list of skins, a unique icon, like the one for MaleSmurf, can help a lot. The other skins are all using the standard Locus Free icon. Please make a unique icon for these as well Also. would it be an idea to double the height of each line in this list, making room for a 4x larger icon (which may be could be a screen shot)?

Locus version 1.8.3: The new version of custom screen MaleSmurf does not keep map centered  when moving. Since map does not move, my position eventually moves out of the screen view. Otherwise it is a great screen. Map correctly keeps centered for the other custom screen that shows map (Simple Map).

This issue - phone hangs while recording a track - has been discussed here at the forum before. Several weeks ago Menion rewrote the recording code and it go silent on the forum after that. Is it really true that nobody else is experiencing hang issues? I can't believe it is only me having serious trouble? This issue drives me crazy. About one out of 3 recordings causes the phone to go completely dead and I have to take out the battery to restart the phone. I once saw this message on the screen as the last message from a dying device: "Application Lotus does not respond".

I have tested track recording during 4 weeks now.
Here ere are my observations:

- not temperature dependent: one person on the forum claimed Desire has a main board overheat problem. That is definitely *not* the problem here. With Locus not running, the phone has never hang even though it has been so hot (inside the car windshield on a sunny day) that I have got a warning message. With Locus recording, it has hang even with free air cooling and 0 degrees C.

- doesn't matter if Locus is installed in internal memory or on the SD card: I have rooted my Desire, so I have moved most apps to the SD card. I later moved Locus back into internal memory to see if it made a difference. 50MB free memory space. Same hang issue.

- doesn't matter if other GPS apps are running: I have tried all kind of combinations. Hang happens just as often even if no other GPS apps are running.

- it ONLY happens when Locus is recording a track.

This is most likely an OS problem, either an Android problem or HTC Sense problem.

I know Menion said some weeks ago that the recording code is not water proof and recommended to use MyTracks or other apps to do track recording. However, I do not find it interesting to use Settings/Track Recording/"Use MyTracks" since it doesn't leave a real time track line on the map, and I do not get the same great features as from Locus recording.

Locus track recording is such a rich, useful and key feature, and everything else is so perfect with Locus now, so it is really sad that this problem is still there. When I go flying, I use Locus for recording, navigation and guiding. It is then really serious that the phone hangs during the flight, and I have to struggle with taking the battery out and restart the phone. Last Saturday I flew 5 legs, and the phone went dead on two out of those 5 recordings.

Any hope for a better world here, Menion?

There is a funny error in Settings/Track Recording/Interval (seconds):
- if I go into the menu, set a new value, and press OK, the settings displays (in yellow) "xx m", i.e. METERS. Now, if I return to the map view and then go back into the menu settings, the field correctly displays "xx s" (seconds). If I just go into the Interval menu again and press Ok for the existing value, the settings menu again shows "xx m".

Troubles & Questions / Chart grid lines hard to see
« on: May 01, 2011, 20:34:26 »
- The chart grid lines are so dimmed that they are really hard to see, even indoors. Outdoors no chance.

- Also, would it be possible to step up the font size of the text along the axis? Indoors not too hard - outdoors in sunshine hard to see.

How to recreate the problem:
- turn off all internet connections (both GPRS and WiFi).
- select an offline map
- create a track. Two points is sufficient. Tap the "Compute route" button (3rd button from left on the track creation menu)
- Locus then complains: "Problem with internet connection"

If I enable internet connection, the "Compute route" completes.
Requirering internet connection when using offline maps can't be correct?

Under review / Categories for tracks just as for points
« on: April 20, 2011, 08:56:10 »
Points are organized in categories, which is very convenient. It would be just as convenient to have tracks organized in categories.

I understand Menion was forced by the map source providers to remove certain map sources from Locus, and that this is the reason behind the new release 1.5.2.
==>  But this is a disaster for Locus! What is left of map sources? Nothing - only OSM!

Is this going to be the future too? Aren't there any solutions to this? This is really, bad, bad news.

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